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Pre Alg (Check my work?)
1.) In which Quadrant is the point (x,y) located if x is negative and y is positive? II III IV (MY ANSWER) I 2.) Point A(5,-10) is reflected over the Y axis. Write the coordinates of A'. (-8,-10) (8,10) (8,-10) MY CHOICE (-8,10) 3.) At the half-tame show, a marching band ...

point E is located at (-2,2) and point F is located at (4,-6). what is the distance between points E and F? A.)Square Rot of 52 B.)Square Roots of 28 C.)10 D.)Square Root of 20

(Check my work?) 1.) Use arrow notation to write a rule that describes the translation of a point from (5,6) to (6,11) A.(x,y) -> (x + 1, y + 5) B.(x,y) -> (x - 1, y - 5) C.(x,y) -> (x - 1, y + 5) D.(X,y) -> (x + 1, y - 5) 2.) Point A(6,-2) is reflected over the x-...

Thank you for your help Ms. Sue, It's greatly appreciated ^-^

I need help to create an addition word problem and a subtraction word problem using fractions. I need to show how to find the solution to each problem. Once I find the solutions to my problems, I have to rewrite the solutions as either a terminating or nonterminating decimal.

7th grade math help quick please
Sinner? I don't see where religion has to come into school work. You should be ashamed putting people under your religious category.