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an improper fraction

what is 420/69? :( help

#10 -3.68

#9 When you multiply two integers with the same signs, the result is always positive. Just multiply the absolute values and make the answer positive

c a d 4. a? d c b a there is ten questions i only put up 8

Add or subtract. 1. (–183) + 289 = (1 point) –472 –106 106 472 2. (–10) – 1 = (1 point) –11 –9 9 11 3. 7 – (–8) = (1 point) –15 –1 1 15 4. At noon, the temperature was 12º. It rose 8º during the afternoon, and ...

I did the answer was 270,but was wrong.

An object is dropped from top of a 430 foot building,it's height in feet at time t seconds is given by polynomial -16t^2+430.find the height of the object when t=5 second.

Because polo was very popular sport and was played by kings and royalty.

Assume you are speeding down the freeway at 75 mph. The car weighs 1500 kg and the effective force of the brakes is 14400 N. The car in front of you suddenly slows down, it takes 3 seconds for the car to do so. Your initial velocity was 33.53 and your final velocity is 0. If ...

A boy lining a railway bridge 49ft. high, sees a train uproaching with uniform speed and attempt to drop a stone down to railway. He releases the stone when engine is 80ft. away from the point below his position and sees the stone hits in the ground just 3 ft. in front of the ...

Your teacher will post them to a discussion board or Your teacher will send them via WebMail.

A student has to score minimum of 40% to pass an exam .if student gets 178 marks and fails the exam by 22 marks, what is the total marks?

8 is b not a


Math help plz??
Bro calm down. Don't say that about yourself. Whatever other people say or do never ever say that about yourself. I'm also wondering about this question any help?

44 is the right answer

100% thx

Find four consecutive even integers such that four times the greatest is 36 more than more than the sum of the other three.Four times a number increased by 5 is 37.Find the number.

Health and physical

I copied and pasted the question from my online HW so i guess the formatting is off or something

10*12*x = 1800 120(x)=1800 1800/120 = 15 height = 15cm

Cristian put a large rock on the bottom of the terrarium he made for his pet turtle. The rock is a right rectangular prism 10 cm wide by 12 cm long. The rock displaces 1800 cm3 of water. How high is the rock? 10times12 times 1800 minus 1800 =214200 ??

B A A B D I got 100% on my test


social studies
i got a 100%

social studies
Thank you?

Some cowboys plan to build a rectangular corral in a canyon. They have 500 feet of fencing to use for three sides of the rectangle (the canyon wall is used for the 4th side). a) What is the maximum area that they can fence in? b) What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

social health. (C.) physical health. (D.)mental and emotional.

Science - Check my answers

Science 6th grade Earth's day and night ANSWERS
j kid is right

B. Comet. Comets are made of ice and rock


Science help,please...
Um.... im learning this in 6th grade, online school and these questions are from a practice.

Check my answers?
all correct

Do all of the online schools have the same questions???? i go to Connections academy and yes that is right

Consumer Math
How many cement blocks are needed to construct a wall 0.5 ft. thick, 6 ft. high, and 60 ft. long if it takes 10 standard cement blocks to make 1 cubic foot of wall?

Do what steve said but instead of x do 6 so, y=2-1/2*6 I think you mixed something up.

Find the distance between the points with polar coordinates (3, 120°) and (0.5, 49°)? Is the answer 2.88?

if 40.0 g of methane gas reacts with 40.0 g of oxygen gas whis it the limiting reactant

Assume the box contains 7 balls: 3 red, 2 blue, and 2 yellow. A ball is drawn and its color noted. If the ball is yellow, it is replaced; otherwise, it is not. A second ball is then drawn and its color is noted. What is the probability that the first ball was yellow, given ...

PROVE: P(( union )[i=1]^(k))=(∑)P(A[i]^ ) ∀ A[i]^ such that (A[i]^ intersect A[]j = ∅ ∀i <>j) ∀k

6th grade math
i am also in 6th

not right

how do you rearrange the equation 2x+y=6 and the equation -3x+4y+5=0 into standard form.

when will a product be positive regardless of the number of factors? & when will a product be negative regardless of the number of factors?

Can you give me a mythological reference to a product? because i can't find any :(

riddle - please help
Get a life