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Ed Tech
What is the rhyme scheme of the following poem? He sat upon his brand new bike Waiting for his best friend Mike. He couldn't wait to ride to school. Others would say his bike is cool. A. a a b b ** B. a b a b C. a b c d D. a a b a A?

what value could be added to 2/15 to make the sum greater then 1/2 A.1/15 B.8/30 C.5/15 D.8/15 D?

Hard Riddles?
I need riddles to stump my friends >:<

math 6th grade
Well, if y=x, you replace the y with any number, but that number is also used in x.

Lol this is late, the answer is 5/12 Ms. Su. Looks like you were wrong.

Hg2+ + 2Cl- → HgCl Mercuric nitrate was standardized by titrating a solution containing 147.6 mg of NaCl(FM 58.44), which required 28.06 ml of Hg(No3)2 solution. Part a: Find the molarity of Hg(No3)2. I already calculated the molarity to be 0.04500 M Part b: When the ...

A mixture of BaCl2.2H2O (FM244.26) and K2SO4 (FM 174.26) is heated at 160C for an hour, causing the water molecules to leave. A sample originally weighing 2.0027 g weighed 1.9021 g after heating. Calculate the mass percent K2SO4 in the sample. In a previous practice example, I...

Consider a mixture of the two solids BaCl2.2H2O (FM 244.26) and KCl (FM 74.551). When the mixture is heated to 160C for 1 hour, the water of crystallization is drive off: BaCl2.2H2O --> BaCl2(s) + 2H2O(g) A sample originally weighing 1.7839g weighed 1.5623g after heating. ...