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  1. Pharmacology

    How much tolnaftate powder is in 7% Eucerin cream 105 g?
  2. English-The Great Gatsby

    What is Fitzgeralds message to the reader about women and feminine power?
  3. Sociology

    Is sociology a science? Why or why not?
  4. Sociology

    How is Globalization affecting the lives of college students today?
  5. math

    Write an equation in the form y = mx + b for the line which passes through (6, 5) and (-8, -23).
  6. chemistry

    How can Ka or Kb be used to determine if an acid is strong or weak?
  7. chemistry

    How much 0.020 M Ba(OH)2 is need to titrate 25.0 mL of 0.0030M HCl to the endpoint? I'm so confused; please help!
  8. English

  9. Math-Limits

    How do we evaluate limit of, lim x-> 0 [ln(x+1)/( (2^x) - 1)] I tried using the substitution x+1 = e^k , when x tends to 0 so does k, which gave out, lim k->0 [ k/((2^((e^k) - 1)) -1 ) ] which I simplified into( for the ease of use let e^k =a) lim k->0 [k/( ((2^a)/2...
  10. Math

    Determine the missing coordinate in the ordered pair (?,5/2) so that it will satisfy the given equation. 5x-5y=19
  11. Math

    A total of $924 was collected in registration fees. In addition, another $527 was collected at the concession stand. The costs for the day totaled $895. After subtracting the total costs from the total money collected, how much money was left? The wording on this just confuses...
  12. 5 th grade math

    The living room in the house has an area of 224 square feet and a width of 14 feet. What is the length of the room?
  13. 5 th grade math

    What is the perimeter of the rectangle. --------23yd--------------- on top and the 14 yd down the side in the middle.
  14. Math

    What is the height of a rectangular prism that has a volume of 192 cubic feet and a base with area of 48 square feet?
  15. Math

    What is the Perimeter of the rectangle 23yd on top and 14 yd on the right side
  16. math

    What are two decimals whose product is close to 10?
  17. Math

    Explain: a group of students shared 3 rolls of clay equally. If each student got 1/2 a roll a day. How many students were in the group? Expalin
  18. Algebra2

    At first it costs 10$ per candle, then the price decreases to 9.50$ per candle then it decreases once more to 9$ per candle
  19. Algebra2

    The first candle was sold at 10$ and the store sold 2500 of them. Then they decreased to 9.50$ and sold 2800, they decreased more to 9$ and sold 3100. Find a quadratic formula that will model the profit from this based on price change. What selling price would maximize the ...
  20. Algebra2

    Pepe throws a penny off the empire state building. The penny's height above ground can be modelled using the equation h=-16.1t^2+5t+1250 where t is time in seconds. How high is Pepe when he throws the penny? How many seconds does it take the penny to hit the ground?
  21. Algebra2

    Toto throws a ball up in the air. The height of the ball can be modelled using the equation h=-16.1t^2+73.5t+5.5 where t is time in seconds. At what time will the ball reach its maximum height? What is the maximum height? How long does it take for the ball to hit the ground?
  22. Social Studies

  23. Social Studies

  24. Social Studies

    Battle of Actium Battle of Philippi Battle of Alesia Caesar's Civil War
  25. Social Studies

    There is no text... I stayed home yesterday and my teacher just gave me this paper.
  26. Social Studies

    In which sea battle was Mark Antony defeated by Octavian in 31 BC?
  27. Animal Phys

    It is "an enzyme which catalyzes the cyclization of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) into cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP)"
  28. Animal Phys

    Which of the following is not involved at the cell membrane in a second messenger cascade? A. Adenylyl cyclase B. Guanylyl cyclase C. G protein?coupled receptor D. Calmodulin
  29. Physics

    A swan on a lake goes airborne by flapping its wings and running on top of the water. If the swan must reach a velocity of 6.00 m/s to take off, and it accelerates from rest at an average rate of 0.0350 m/s2, how far will it travel before becoming airborne? 51.4 m 17.1 m 103 m...
  30. MySQL

    Yeah it is something regarding my query and says "`" depends on the version or something like that.
  31. MySQL

    Hi! I'm new to SQL. I was trying to create a new database called database1 in MySQL workbench environment. This version of MySQL is 127.*.*.*:**** When I typed the query as, CREATE SCHEMA `database1` ; and clicked execute the selected scrip or portion....... But it keeps ...
  32. European History

    ok thank you
  33. European History

    of both
  34. European History

    How have issues related to identity changed, especially using the French Religious Wars and the French Algerian conflict? How these issues have changed from the early modern to modern periods.
  35. History

    the early modern period (until the late eighteenth century) and the modern period (1800-to the present)
  36. History

    my question are what's the differences between the early modern period and the modern period during the European exchange. and How did the Europeans reacts when coming in contact with non-european peoples. Thank you!
  37. History

  38. History

    and how Europeans made their mark when coming into contact with non-European peoples and places.... Sorry part of the question was missing... thank you for helping me.
  39. History

    Comparing and contrasting both the early modern period (until the late eighteenth century) and the modern period (1800-to the present
  40. history

    im sorry but im still confuse after reading the article you sent...
  41. English Language

    Thank you!
  42. English Language

    You walk into your room to your bed. Does this means you are on the bed or you just walked near the bed?
  43. Math

    S equals square root of 30 times D times f times n end root Where: S = speed in miles per hour 30 = a constant value used in the equation D = length of the skid marks in feet f = drag factor for the road surface n = braking efficiency as a percent If a car’s speed is 70 ...
  44. character education

    1 is B, not A. 2 is C, you're right. Have a great day & holiday season, Bri :)
  45. Trig

    Thank you very much Steve
  46. Trig

    How do we show (sin 10)^2 + (sin 50)^2 + (sin 70)^2 = 3/2 ??? I can't even think of a way to start this..
  47. Health

    you might want to consider your friends feelings about her weight before writing a paper about her. how do you know she has an eating disorder anyway? being "over-weight" could just run in her family, and anyway, why do you think there is some specific weight to be &...
  48. Politics

    Thank you for answering!
  49. Politics

    The Affordable Care Act policy enables young adults to remain as dependents on their parents’ health insurance until age 26. What is one example of how this policy may be perceived as unethical?
  50. Math/calculus HELPPP

    Yes it did. However, the points I found don't match the answer when I plug x and y back in the equation For ex. Point (0, 4) that works in the equation 3 and 4. Point (-4.25,1.25) does not work in equation 2 and 3. Point (0,-3) does not work in equation 1 and 2 Point (2.75...
  51. Math/calculus HELPPP

    Graph the system of inequalities, and label each with a vertex with its coordinates. y-2x?-3 y+3>?x 3y?2?x?12 2y+x<8 I did graph this but I'm having a hard time to label each vertex with its coordinates.
  52. Math

    Marilyn got a birthday check from her grandmother. She spent half of it on a soccer ball, and then earned $20 mowing a neighbors lawn. She now has $38. How much was her birthday check? A. 38/2=c+20 B. C+38=20/2 C. 2c=38-20 D. C/2+20=38
  53. Physics

    Olympic diver performs a dive from the 10 m platform and achieves a speed of 14 m/s just before entering the water. Neglecting air friction, approximately how many times larger the diver’s speed than the diver would have achieved by performing from a 1 m platform? How ...
  54. Math Help

    I need tomath help
  55. Math

    At a “1/3 off” sale, the sale price of an item is $360. How much money do you save by buying the item on sale? Explain your reasoning clearly.
  56. math

    It takes one machine 25 minutes to pick a bale of cotton and another machine 30 minutes to compete the same job. If both machines are used, how long will it take them to pick a bale of cotton?
  57. pre-algebra

    what number sets does 0.125185623 belong to? I really don't get the concept of number sets such as integers, whole #'s, rational,and irrational. Please help!
  58. Physical chemistry

    13.5ml of hydrogen iodide are produced by the reaction of 8.1ml of hydrogen and 9.3ml of iodine vapor at444°c. Calculate the Kc at this temperature
  59. Physical chemistry

    At a certain temperature 0.1moles of hydrogen gas and 0.1 moles of iodine gas were placed in 1 litre flask. It was found that the concentration of iodine decreased to 0.02moles per litre. Calculate the value of the Kc for the reaction
  60. math

  61. Social studies

    Why is the United states so varied
  62. Physics

    A flat mirror that is 0.85m tall is attached to a wall so that its upper edge is 1.7m above the floor. Use the law of reflection and a ray diagram to determine if this mirror will show a person who is 1.7m tall his or her complete reflection. I don't know how to draw it, ...
  63. math

    One printing press can print 5,000 advertising cards in 12 seconds. Another printing press can print the same number of cards in 7 1 2 seconds. If both presses are used together to print the 5,000 cards, how many seconds will it take them? same with this one but i tried an ide...
  64. math

    A firm advertises for workers to address envelopes. Priscilla says she will work 100 hours. Herb will work for 80 hours. If each can address 10,000 envelopes in the time they work, how long would it take them to address 10,000 envelopes if they work together? i am lost, can ...
  65. physics

    As a hiker in Glacier National Park, you are looking for a way to keep the bears from getting at your supply of food. You find a campground that is near an outcropping of ice from one of the glaciers. Part of the ice outcropping forms a 55.5° slope up to a vertical cliff. ...
  66. Social Studies

    Were those who wanted the cherokees' land influenced by the fact that the cherokee signers the 1835 treaty had acted illegally?
  67. algebra

    Nancy can do a typing job in 8 hours. When Carole helps her, they can do the job together in 5 hours. How many hours would it take Carole to do the job alone? i got that carole can fo it in 13 hours and 20 minutes alone is this right?
  68. Algebra

    i just remembered that it says how many hour so woul it be 55 hours or 56 becuse of the .38
  69. Algebra

    One pump can fill a reservoir in 60 hours. Another pump can fill the same reservoir in 80 hours. A third pump can empty the reservoir in 90 hours. If all three pumps are operating at the same time, how long will it take to fill the reservoir? i got 55.38 hours but i want to ...
  70. Algebra

    Bill can mow the lawn in 2 hours, and his younger brother Tom can mow it in 3 hours. If both brothers mow the lawn together, how many hours will it take them? i got that i would take one hour and 12 minutes
  71. math

    what is 10 times as much as 950?
  72. geometry

    so far i got that angle ACB is equal to 30 degrees because all angles in a traingle quals to 180 degrees is this right
  73. geometry

    this is my last one, in triangle ABC, mesurment of angle CAB is equal to 60 degrees and point D belongs to the line BC and AD is equal to 8 ft. Find the distances from D to the sides of the triangle. honestly i have absolutly no ideaon to how tosolve this can you give me an ...
  74. geometry

    Prove that a triangle with sides : x^2-1, 2x, and x^2 +1 is a right triangle. i substituted the "x"s with 2 and got 5, 4, and 3 and i said that because of the common pythagorean triplets this triangle is a right trianlg is there another way to prove this is a right ...
  75. Geometry

    in triaangle ABC, AB=20 cm, AC=15 cm the length of the altitude AN is 12 cm prove that ABC is a right triangle so far i got that angle ANC is 90 degrees by definition on altitude i got really confused after so can you show me how to answer the question and the soulotion please.
  76. Social Studies

    After studying the behavior of parent and their children, it became evident to Kaye that?
  77. Mathematics

    The second and fifth terms of a geometric progression (g.p) are 1 and 8 respectively. Find the common ratio,first term, and the eight term.
  78. math

    Steven is moving to another city next weekend and wants to rent a moving truck. The rental rates for two companies in his area are shown below. Each company charges an initial fee for renting the truck, plus an additional amount per mile. Calculate how much each company ...
  79. Chemistry

    Write the net ionic equation for the precipitation of zinc carbonate from aqueous solution:
  80. Chemistry

    You need to make an aqueous solution of 0.233 M magnesium nitrate for an experiment in lab, using a 125 mL volumetric flask. How much solid magnesium nitrate should you add? (fill in blank) __ grams
  81. Chemistry

    For an activation energy of 55.0kJ/mol,how much does the temperature have to change from 22 degrees Celsius to produce a doubling of the rate constant?
  82. Chemistry

    Write out the ionic and net ionic equations of Ca(OH)2 + HNO3 ---> Ca(NO3)2 + H2O
  83. Chemistry

    Am I supposed to multiply everything on the right side then divide it by 1800?
  84. Chemistry

    Find the final temperature, given that the initial temperature of a 40 g piece of Aluminum is 25 degrees Celsius and it is heated with 1800 J of heat. The specific heat capacity of Aluminum is 0.903
  85. math

    Jose is wrapping a stack of 100 coins in a paper holder. Each coin is 18 inch thick and has a diameter of 1 inch. How many square inches of paper will Jose need to cover the stack of coins? Use 3.14 for ?. Enter your answer in the box.
  86. Chemistry

    Thank you both!
  87. Chemistry

    A gas mixture is made by combining 7.2 g each of Ar, Ne, and an unknown diatomic gas. At STP, the mixture occupies a volume of 14.30 L. What is the molar mass of the unknown gas? Identify the unknown gas.
  88. Chemistry

    Thank you!
  89. Chemistry

    I apologize for my typo, I meant to write that the temperature increased by 2.8 degrees. Does that change anything or should I still just plug that into the formula?
  90. Chemistry

    When 3.926g of NaOH is added to 100.0mL of water, the temperature of the solution increases by 28 degrees Celsius. Assume the density of the solution to be 1g/mL and specific heat capacity of the solution to be 4.184 J/gK. I'm unsure of which formula to use. I was going to...
  91. Geometry

    During a high school track meet, each race consist of 9 competitors who are randomly assigend lanes from 1 to 9. What is the probability that a runner will draw lanes 1,2, or 3 in the next four races? Answer: Is the answer is 1/729 or 3/729, please help me. Thanks
  92. Social Studies Business

    ad is right
  93. Math check?

    What is the zero of the function? f(x)=x2?x?6x2?8x+15 Enter your answer in the box. -2
  94. math help please check my answer

    ^lol we must have the same question ig? but thank you ms. sue!
  95. math help please check my answer

    A national garden club president thinks 70% of its members plant tulips for the spring. Phone calls were made to 100 members. Of the 91 members who responded, 76 said they plant tulips for the spring. What is the sample proportion? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. ...
  96. trig

    An airplane has an airspeed of 450 kilometers per hour bearing Upper N45E. The wind velocity is 60 kilometers per hour in the direction Upper N30W. Find the resultant vector representing the path of the plane relative to the ground. What is the ground speed of the? plane? What...
  97. financial accounting

    Everett Co. was organized on July 1, 2015. Quarterly financial statements are prepared. The unadjusted and adjusted trial balances as of September 30 are shown below. EVERETT CO. Trial Balance September 30, 2015 Unadjusted Adjusted Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Cash $ 8,744 $ 8,744 Accounts...
  98. financial accounting

    Zumbrunn Company’s income statement contained the condensed information below. ZUMBRUNN COMPANY Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2015 Service revenue $969,400 Operating expenses, excluding depreciation $624,480 Depreciation expense 59,260 Loss on disposal ...
  99. financial accounting

    The Skyline Motel opened for business on May 1, 2015. Its trial balance before adjustment on May 31 is as follows. SKYLINE MOTEL Trial Balance May 31, 2015 Account Number Debit Credit 101 Cash $ 3,537 126 Supplies 2,051 130 Prepaid Insurance 2,304 140 Land 14,070 141 Buildings...
  100. Math - Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid given by rotating the region bounded by the curves y=x^2, x=1, x=2, and y=0 around the y-axis a) Use the shell method b) Use the washer method. Be careful with the radius of the washer at different y.
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