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A 50 N box is pushed 5 m up a 30 degree inclined plane. What work is done on the box?

A force of 5N gives a mass M,an acceleration of 18ms-2qnd a mass m,an acceleration of 24m s-2.what acceleration wouldit give if both the masses were tied together?



in shadowy valleys and rocky ravine where tiny rills meet with rushing streams need it description

to a man walking with a velocity of 3km/h due east the wind appears to blow north .but when he increases the speed to 7km/h due east the wind apeears to blow from north east .what is the actual velocity of the wind?

Physics II AP
You use the equation Vf^2 = Vi^2 + 2ad to solve for acceleration. Vi = 25; Vf = 0 (because it "slows to rest"). When you do that acceleration should come out to be 5 m/s^2. Now use the F=ma formula and plug in 15N for force and 5 m/s^2 for acceleration. Your mass ...

Sum of four consecutive odd numbers is 80. Find numbers

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