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(256/729)/(32/27) =8/27 cube root of 8/27 r =2/3 4th term * 2/3 answer is 64/81

there are 28 students in a class 16 are girls what fraction are boys

Case Study..... Judy was 18 when the terrible crash happend. While judi was returning home from work, a driver ran a red light and smashed into the drivers side of judis car. she was unconcious when she arrived at the hospital. swelling in the brain required removal ofskull ...

A season of football scores falls in a normal distribution with a mean of 35 and standard deviation of 6. What is the probability that a score was between 29 and 41?

poloynomial function
Write a polynomial function f of least degree that has rational coefficients, a leading coefficient of 1, and the given zeros. 1) -2, -1, 1 2) i, 4 3) i, 2 - √3 4) 1, 4, 1 + √2

In a set of 400 values, the mean is 121 and the standard deviation is 14. Estimate how many values fall in between each interval a) 107 - 135 b)93 - 149 c) 79 - 163

A concentration cell based on the following half reaction at 317 K (Cu^2+) + (2e-) --> (Cu) SRP = 0.34 V Has initial concentrations of 1.33 M Cu2+, 0.393 M Cu2+, and a potential of 0.01665 V at these conditions. After 4.1 hours the new potential of the cell is found to be 0...

A store marks up items 42.5% to allow for profit. If an item costs a store $24.40, what will its selling price be?

Select all cases where the substance shown has a molecular dipole. CH4 methane CH3CH2CH2CH3 butane ICl iodine chloride H2Se hydrogen selenide CH3CHO acetaldehyde CH3OCH2CH3 methylethylether None

indentify 3 aspects of a good HCI

state 2 advantages of having modules in a library file

force is a quantity made up of?weight and speed?time and acceleration?magnitude and direction?mass and velocity?

I'm currently reading "Botany of Desire" and there are a couple questions that i'm unsure about. please help me because i'm very bad at critical reading. 1. why did Pollan find Chapman so significant to the history of the United States? 2. How does Bill ...