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  1. Trigonometry

    Write the following as an algebraic expression in u, u>0. cos(arctan(u/sqrt2))
  2. English

    6 I? think is D create outline
  3. English

    20. Which of the following is not an objective of synthesizing sources? A. Combining opinions and general statements B. Exploring different points of view C. Reviewing key ideas on a topic D. Understanding the topic in depth 19. Which type of Internet resource would be the ...
  4. Math

    Which of the following expressions is between 10 and 11?
  5. MLA

    7. When a block quotation is used in a research paper, punctuation _______ the parenthetical citation. A. is set off by a comma from B. precedes C. is omitted from D. follows 8. It's necessary to use a/an _______ when a quotation is introduced by a verb. A. colon B. ...
  6. MLA English

    Ma Sue or anyone who can verify my answers please
  7. MLA English

    1. The MLA format for citing a book has four parts, beginning with the author’s name. What appears in the fourth position? A. Place of publication B. Date C. Publisher D. Medium 2. Which of the following is a true statement about an MLA Works Cited page? A. The Works ...
  8. English

    17. For most academic writing, the types of evidence preferred include A. a combination of assertions and first-hand experiences. B. personal observations and opinions. C. facts, statistics, and expert testimony. D. general statements and quotations by well-known individuals...
  9. Statistics

    Billy Isastar, a famous basketball player, is not a very good free throw shooter. He manages to connect on 65% of his attempts. What is the probability that the first free throw Johnny hits in a game is on his fourth attempt? a. .015 b. .028 c. .179 d. .096
  10. pre algebra

    what is the ratio 8 to 60 written as a fraction in lowest terms
  11. chemistry

    Calculate the energy of a photon emitted when an electron in a hydrogen atom undergoes a transition from n=5 to n=1 in J.
  12. math

    Julio's father is 4 times as old as Julio. The sum of their ages is no less than 55. Enter an inequality that can be used to represent this situation in the first box, where x represents Julio's age. Enter the youngest age Julio can be in the second box.
  13. English

    The sentence is filled with verbal irony. If taken literally, the reader would think that the narrator enjoys the beauty of old, blackened brick walls, and is pleased that his window is so close to one as to afford him a good view. Identifying the use of verbal irony in this ...
  14. geometry

  15. physic

  16. Math

    Mark has $12.75 and Chris has $17.00. What fraction of Chris' total does Mark have?
  17. Math

    Cougar Pizza Parlor has just opened up across the street. You are thinking of inviting some friends over for pizza and ordering from Cougar's. You want to get the most pizza for the money. The menu shows the following prices. 6- inch round pizza....$7.50 12- inch round ...
  18. Math

    Is it 12 Kilometers correct or no?
  19. Math

    Warren walked 4 kilometers down east and then 5 kilometers down south. Next, he walked another 4 kilometers down east. Then he turned again, and walked 5 kilometers down south. He stopped there. To the nearest kilometer, how far is he from the starting point?
  20. Math

    There are 15 vegetables in the garden. They are planted in rows of 5. There are 2 carrot plants and 3 potato in each row. How many carrot plants are in the garden? Draw to solve the problem?
  21. chem

  22. Physics

    Thanks so much, Damon! :)
  23. Physics

    Okay, Thanks anyway! :)
  24. Physics- REED

    Reed, could you please help me out with this?
  25. Physics

    Consider eight, eight-cubic centimeter (8 cm3) sugar cubes stacked so that they form a single 2 x 2 x 2 cube. How does the surface area of the single, large cube compare to the total surface area of the individual eight cubes? Report your answer as a ratio. Be sure to show all...
  26. Science

    Thank you so much niki , and everyone
  27. Science

    yes niki can you please help me
  28. Science

    A student is trying to identify the different forms of energy described in the following chart: Form of Energy Description Examples Energy A energy that travels in waves through space light radio waves Energy B energy that depends on the height of an object a person at the top...
  29. Science

    You are creating a carbon cycle poster. which object could you add to the image as another example of combustion of fossil fuels? A. the sun B.a buzzard eating a dead animal C.a person driving a car D.a scientist digging up fossils My answer is A is that correct
  30. Social studies

    Thank you @Ms.Sue
  31. Social studies

    Can you help me @Ms.Sue Im a little confused
  32. Social studies

    explain the reasons for the proclamation of 1763. The proclamation of 1763 was created on October 7, 1763 by king George the III. The proclamation of 1763 was an attempt to avoid the colonial balance with the Native Americans by creating Western boundaries. The King issued the...
  33. Social Studies

    Thank you
  34. Social Studies

    what was the purpose of the constitutional convention held in philadelphia in 1787? A.To sign the treaty of paris B.To select the nation's new president. C. to revise the Articles of Confederation draft a declaration of independence My answer is c @Ms.Sue can you ...
  35. math

    Plot the two points described. Cherries cost $5 for two pounds and $7.50 for 3 pounds.
  36. Biology

    Osmosis is an example of passive transport. How might the results have changed in this lab if the gummy bear had been able to use active transport to move sugars out?
  37. grammar

    Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Harriet couldn’t study for her comma quiz, because she was asked to open the door for the neighbor, whom the dog wouldn’t leave alone in the backyard. Harriet couldn’t study for her comma quiz because she was ...
  38. Algebra

    Thank you, I now noticed that the speed measured in calls per minute doesn't make any sense
  39. Algebra

    which of following best define the two quantities that are measure to find the call rate phone company? A.the quantity of price measured in dollars depends on the quantity of time measured in minutes B. the quantity measured in minutes depends on the quantity of price measured...
  40. Math

  41. math

    The length of a rectangular solid is three times the width and the height is twice the width. Find the volume and the length of its
  42. biology

  43. biology

    Economists were thinking that if the human population grew unchecked, there wouldn’t be enough living space and food for everyone. What was Malthus’ conclusions?
  44. biology

    ‘Biologists’ suggested that organisms have been around for a long time and can change too. What was Larmarck’s conclusions?
  45. Math

    48 1/3 of 48 is 16, 16-4= 12 mints took by Sean 36 mints left in the bowl 1/4 of 36 is 9, 9-3= 6 mints took by Fred 30 mints left 1/2 of 30 is 15, 15-2= 13 mints took by Gene So, There are 48 mints were originally in the bowl.
  46. Math

    48 mints were originally in the bowl. 17-2=15*2=30-3=27/3=9+27=36-4=32/2=18+32=48
  47. Science

    How do lawmaker make good environmental decisions? A. By relying on the short-term benefits of an environmental issue. B. By weighing down the costs and benefits of an environmental issue C. By relying only on the economical impact of an environmental issue D. By relying only ...
  48. Science

    Which kind of pollution is illustrated by a pipe gushing polluted water into a river? A. Point source B. Nonpoint source C. Carbon source. D. Resource source
  49. math

    3/15+10/15=13/15. She saved 2/15.
  50. Geometry

    I asked for help on openstudy and this answer was wrong, so i re-did my answer glad that i got more help or else that problem would've been wrong, if any one wants the link it's. h t t p : / / w i d g e t . o p e n s t u d y . c o m / s t u d y # / u p d a t e s / 5 4 ...
  51. Geometry

    Thanks!! the only information is what i posted,so nope no other information. thank you again
  52. Geometry

    i had to space apart the link because they wouldn't let me send an URL, so to get to the link you have to put it back together without spaces
  53. Geometry

    Help please. I don't know how to solve step by step!! What is the range of possible values for x? The diagram is not to scale. h t t p :/ / i . i m g u r.c o m/ s n S v w .p n g
  54. Check My Anatomy (stuck)

    1) If a person has neither of the two blood antigens, what is his or her blood type? A B O AB (i chose o) 4) Testosterone is produced in the? testes bulbourethral glands prostate glands seminal vesticles (i chose vesticles) 6. What type of cell is capable of digesting and ...
  55. algebra

    A bacteria population splits in 3 every 4 hours. There were initially 8 bacteria in a dish, how many will there be after 12 hours?
  56. physics

    A stone is thrown upward a 20 m/s. It is caught on its way down 5.0 m above where it was thrown. How fast was it going when it was caught?
  57. Math

    A boxs width is 1/4 its length. The perimeter of the box is 30 inches. What are the boxs length and width?
  58. computer literacy

  59. math

  60. 7th grade math

    Tower A is about 1450 feet tall. Tower B is about 4/5 as tall. How tall is the B tower?
  61. math

    Tessa feeds her dog 3 3/4 cups of dog food per day. If she buys a bag of food that has 165 cups how many days will the bag of dog food last?
  62. Financing

    A. How much might a home buyer expect to pay in closing costs on a $220,000 house with a 10% down payment? B. How much would the home buyer have to pay at the time of closing, taking into account closing costs, down payment, and a loan fee of 3 points?
  63. Financing and Budgeting

    They can expect to pay at least 50% of their down payment in closing costs?
  64. Financing and Budgeting

    How much might a home buyer expect to pay in closing costs on a $220,000 house with a 10% down payment?
  65. science

    Thank You Your Welcome!!!!
  66. math

    what is the worlds most musical fish in pizzazz book c
  67. QMB2100

    Chicken Delight claims that 90 percent of its orders are delivered within 10 minutes of the time the order is placed. A sample of 70 orders revealed that 60 were delivered within the promised time. At the .02 significance level, can we conclude that less than 90 percent of ...
  68. Math

    Could the answer be 23
  69. Math

    If a 12ft tree casts a 17ft shadow, what tree height will cast a 28 ft shadow?
  70. Math

  71. Math

  72. Math

    Oh noo i got 6(3a-2)(a+b) correct??
  73. Math

    Factorize the following expressions: 1) 6a(3a-2)+12b(3a-2) I got : (3a-2)(6a+12b) But its not simplified, how do i simplify it
  74. Math

    6a(3a-2) + 12b(3a-2) Is it correct if i multiplied 6a by 3a then 6a by -2 and so on?
  75. Physics

    A girl starts from rest and reaches a walking speed of 1.4 m/s in 3.0 s. She walks at this speed for 6.0 s. Girl then slows down and comes to a stop during a 10.0 -s period. What was her acceleration during each of the 3 time periods? Her acdeleration entire trip!? Ok so i ...
  76. Physics

    Actualy the distance is speed x time
  77. Physics

    Distance 10 m/s and displacement : 9 m/s
  78. Physics

    Ok, her position changed over time since the road is curved. The velocity changed since the direction is changing AccelerTion: theres a change in velocity since the direction changes Direction: changed over time Displacement : difference between 1st and final position
  79. Physics

    Nora rides a bicycle for 5 min on a curvy road at a constant speeed of 10 m/s . Describe noras ride in terms of position, velocity, and acceleration, compare the distance she rides and her displacement.
  80. Physics

    No i should explain why i cant identify his positon
  81. Physics

    A friend tells u he is 30 m from the fountain in the middle of the city. Explain why u cant identify his position from this description. Is it correct to say : cz theres no direction and i don't know where os the exact position of the fountain
  82. Physics

    Nvm :)
  83. Physics

    From were did u get the 70
  84. Physics

    A truck driver travels 55 km in 1 hour. He then drives a speed of 35km/hr for 2 hrs. Next, he drives 175 km in 3 hrs. What was his average speed? Should i add up the total distance and total time taken then solve?
  85. Physics

    Is velocity correct ?
  86. Physics

    Motion is a change in an objects POSITION A change in that (position) over time is?
  87. Math

  88. business

    Post a 150-200 word response to the following question: Internet search engines, such as Google and Bing, have a great deal of influence and control over how we access information online. A new term, search neutrality, proposes that search engines should provide completely ...
  89. vocabulary

    A sentence with offhand oversight prior proclaim
  90. Global

    What were the 2 big parts of ancient economies?
  91. Western Civilization/ Social Science

    How has the two world wars, The Cold War and the Computer Revolution reduced the global economic clout of the Western European Atlantic powers and the U.S.
  92. algebra

    A building is 4 feet higher than twice the height of a tree. Define variable expressions for the height of the building and the height of the tree? A companys profit for the third quarter is 22,300 more than the profit for the first quarter. Define variable expressions for the...
  93. precalculus

    write a formula for the following transformation of Q(t)= 5e^8t. y= 7Q(t-3)
  94. math

    write the exponential function y=71(1.19)^t in the form y=ae^kt. find k accuarate to 4 decimal places. find the exact annual growth rate and the continuous % growth rate accurate to 2 decimal places.
  95. math

    write the exponential function y=40e^0.06t in the form y=ab^t. find b accurate to 4 decimal palces. if t is measured in years, give the % annual growth or decay rate and the continuous % growth or decay rate per year.
  96. trig

    A guy wire runs from the ground to a cell tower. The wire is attached to the cell tower 150 feet above the ground. The angle formed between the wire and the ground is 40° (see figure). (Round your answers to one decimal place.)
  97. precalculus/trigonometry

    Find a formula for the given linear function. The graph of h intersects the graph of y = x^2 at x = -2 and x = 4
  98. Physics

    2.15 seconds
  99. Math

    A box of tacks weighs 120 grams when full, when half full it weighs 70 grams. How many grams does the box weigh when empty?
  100. Math

    A box of tacks weighs 120 grams when full, when half full it weighs 70 grams. How many grams does the box weigh when empty?
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