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Determine the equation of the line through the origin and the point P(10,3) a) r=s(10,3), seR b) x=3t, y=10t, teR c) r=s(-3,10), seR d) r=s(3,10), seR

Could someone please explain on how to do this question step-by-step. Thank you! A bolt is being loosened by a 40 cm wrench. The torque in this situation has a magnitude of 12 J and the force makes an angle of 60 degree with the wrench. What is the magnitude of the force used ...

Two automobiles are travelling on intersecting roads. The first automobile is travelling northeast at 35 km/h. The second automobile begins 7 km north of the first, and it is travelling east at 25 km/h. Assuming that these cars will continue at this rate, will they collide? ...

A line has Cartesian equation 3x-2y+3=0 .Determine a direction vector for a line that is parallel to this line. Could someone explain to me why the answer is direction vector: d=(2,3)

Please verify the answers~ Thank you! 1. Which of the following is the x-intercept of the plane 2x-4z+1=0? a) P(2,0,-4) b) P(0,0,0) c) P(-1/2,0,0) d) P(0,0,1/4) Answer is C. 2. Which of the following is not a direction vector for the plane 3x-2y-z+4=0? a) v(3,-2,-1) b) v(0,-2,...

Calculus and vectors
Verify please and thank you~ 1. Does the line (x-7)/3=(y+8)/6=(z+4)/5 and the point P(10,-2,1) determine a plane? Answer: Yes, it is a plane because when I substituted the point P(10,-2,1) into the equation, I got the coordinates (1,1,1) If the coordinate became to be (0,0,0) ...

Use the cofunction identities to write an expression that is equivalent to each of the following expression. a) sin(pi/6) sin=cos(pi/2 - pi/6) What do I do next?

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