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  1. Polygons on the coordinate plane

    Draw a rectangle on a coordinate plane that has a perimeter of 16 units. Label all the vertica with they coordinate. Then find the area if he rectangle
  2. english 3

    firm and king
  3. Math

    Umm Im in 5th grade and I do not under stand this at all because I don't know what the brakets are and how do you you use them heres the question 108 + 3[15 - (3 + 9)]=?
  4. math

  5. math

    One side of a right triangle is known to be 45 cm long and the opposite angle is measured as 30°, with a possible error of ±1°. (a) Use differentials to estimate the error in computing the length of the hypotenuse. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) &...
  6. Health

    Its c.
  7. math

  8. trig

    sin [sin -1 (7/25) - cos -1 (-8/17)]
  9. Social studies

    What were the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia? What would be a physical description of Mesopotamia? Cultural description of southwest Asia?( main language, religion, resources,etc)
  10. trig

    Points A and B are 150 m apart on one bank of a river. Point C is on the other bank of the river. The line of sight distance from A to C forms an angle and 28 degrees with the AB side of the river bank and the line of sight distance form B to C forms an angle of 56 degrees ...
  11. math algebra