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  1. MATH

    How do I find the intercept with y=?4x and y=x^2/4
  2. Math

    Simplify: (2a+1)-(4a+2)
  3. Science

    The amount of heat released when 2.8g of ethane is completely burnt in excess of oxygen is 200kj what will be the heat of combustion of ethane? Answer plz...
  4. Armametic

    A train moving 66m long overtakes another train of 88m long,moving in the same direction in 0.168 min if the second train is moving at 30 km at what speed is the frist train moving
  5. Vectors

    Consider the 2 lines with equations (x+8)/1=(y+4)/3= (z-2)/1 and (x,y,z)=(3,3,3)+t (4,-1,-1), tER. Find the point of intersection of the lines. So I that these 2 lines are perpendicular because if you do the dot product of their direction vectors you get zero. L1: x=-8+s y=-4+...
  6. Physics

    Ah, that angle I meant to call A I actually called T
  7. Physics

    call the angle A normal force on roadway = m g cos T so max friction force = 0.45 * m g cos T component of weight down roadway = m g sin T when the friction force = m g sin T, wooosh 0.45 m g cos T = m g sin T or sin T/cos T = tan T = 0.45
  8. Algebra

    A tank is filling with water from a natural spring. Three days ago the water was four feet deep, and yesterday the water was eight feet deep. Assume that the water depth continues to rise at this same rate after today
  9. Chemistry

    in H2O, there are 8 neutrons (in O) per water MOLECULE of water. neutrons=8*numberofMOLECULESWater
  10. science

    finding pulling force: 7.35cos10 up the plane finding pulling normal force: 7.35sin10 upwards finding total normal force; 12sin20-7.35sin10 finding friction= mu*(above normal force) work done by pulling: 7.35cos10*2 work absorbed by friction: mu(above normal force)*2 KE= ...
  11. math

    typo You can not find values for a , y and b from two equations. Either y is b or b is y.
  12. Vectors

    Where did you get (-15/14) from? Isn't it (-1/14)?
  13. Vectors

    The angle between the vectors a=(6,-2,3) and b=(1,p,-2) is cos^-1(-1/14). Determine the value of p. |a|=sqrt(6^2+(-2)^2+3^2)=7 |b|=sqrt(1^2+p^2+(-2)^2)=5+p^2 theta=cos(cos^-1(-1/14))=-1/14 a x b = (4-3p,15,6p+2) a x b = |a||b|cos(theta) a x b = -sqrt(5/2) + p I'm not ...
  14. Calculus

    change in up velocity/time = -32 ft/s / s original up velocity = 64 so when will the velocity up be zero??? v up = 64 - 32 t 0 = 64 - 32 t t = 2 sconds
  15. MATH

    How does y=((h/(R-r))(R-r) become x=R-((R-r)/h)y
  16. Math

    Construct triangle ABC in which/AB/=7cm,/AC/=9.5cm and B line A,C=120 degree.Measure /BC/
  17. English

    thank you
  18. English

    Homework task (essay): to compare and contrast how Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird and Tate Taylor's film The Help represent experiences within society. Would the structure be something like this (if not, please correct): Introduction Thesis statement Body ...
  19. Pre-Calc

    Good, I get it now
  20. Pre-Calc

    A rectangle has an area represented by the expression x^2-7x-8 = a The shortest side can be represented as x - k What is the value of K?
  21. Calculus

    hey y+4x=0 is a straight line y = -4x + 0 in form y = m x + b -4 is the slope !!!!
  22. Calculus

    y = (-4) x, slope is -4 so where is dy/dx = -4 dy/dx = 3 x^2 - 8x so where is 3 x^2 - 8 x + 4 = 0 ??? solve quadratic hummm, not hard because we know 3*2 + 2 = 8 (3x-2)(x-2) = 0 x = 2/3 or x = 2 go back and get y values from original cubic curve
  23. Calculus

    Find the points on the curve y=x^3-4x^2+1 where the tangent is parallel to y+4x=0. y'=3x^2-8x y+4x=3x^2-8x y=3x^2-12x y=3x(x-4) Ya... I need some help The answers are (2, -7) (2/3, -67/27)
  24. econ 1150

    Using the data under D1 and D2, calculate the cross elasticity of Lorena’s demand for golf at all three prices. (To do this, apply the midpoints approach to the cross elasticity of demand.) Instructions: Round your answer to two decimal places. If you are entering any ...
  25. Maths

  26. Maths

    A student cycles a distance of 63 km in less than 3 hours. What is the average speed?
  27. Economics

    I agree with you.
  28. History

    NEED RECOMENED WEBSITES TO HELP!!!! Describe how the Enlightenment impacted absolute monarchies and government practices in Europe. How did this change the perceptions of individuals and their roles within society?
  29. Math

    sorry sin = 1/2 at ?/6 and at 5 ?/6
  30. Math

    If you mean cos(? ) sin(? ) ? (1/ 2) cos(? ) = 0 that is cos(? ) [ sin(? ) - 0.5 ] this is true if cos(? ) = 0 or if sin(? ) = 0.5 cos is zero at ?/2 and at 3?/2 sin is zero at 0 and at ? ( and at 2? which is zero again of course)
  31. chemistry

    1.7g of sodium oxalate was dissolved in 250ml of distilled water. Calculate the molarity and normality of the solution
  32. English

    Need help reading it and writing the essay
  33. English

    1) Identify the three components/puzzle pieces that you believe are most critical to the formation of a worldview. Refer to the textbook Foundations of Christian Thought: Faith, Learning, and the Christian Worldview to help identify these components. (You can google the book) ...
  34. English

    I have to get someone elses opinion not mines
  35. English

    In your own opinion 1. How do objectives assist a student in completing the assignment? 2. Describe what needs to be done for the assignment found in a sample syllabus? 3. If you were to complete the assignment found in a sample syllabus, how would you set aside time to ensure...
  36. History

    Talk abut loaded questions, this one and the Bush Homeland security one.
  37. Calculus

    If the graph of the function y-(ax^2+b)/(x^2+cx+4) has vertical asymptotes x=1,x=4, a horizontal asymptote of y=2 and x-intercepts at x=+-2, find a, b and c. Answers: a=2, b=-8 and c=-5 I found a and b but I'm having trouble finding c. I made y=0 and x=2 0=(4a+b)/(4+2c+4) ...
  38. Chemistry

    Acetanilide is soluble in ethanol (alcohol). Sand is not.
  39. Chemistry

    The purpose of crystallization is to remind impurities. So, I doubt if that is what happend. My guess is that you messed up on your calculations and your initial weight of acetanililde was incorrectly begin with.
  40. physics

    call F = force exerted on car by tires through engine power total horizontal force on car = force exerted by tires - resistive force = F - 160 so F - 160 = m a F = 160 + 1200*0.2 = 160 +240 = 400 N power = 400 * speed = 400 * 10 = 4000 Joules/second or Watts
  41. Science

    1 J = (1 kg ) ( 1 m/s^2) ( 1 m) = (1 kg)(1 m^2)/( s^2) but 1 kg = 0.1 *kg 1000 m = 1 m* so 1 m = 0.001 m* and 1 m^2 = 10^-6 m*^2 60 s = 1 s* so 1 s = (1/60) s* and 1 s^2 = (1/3600) s*^2 then 1 J = (0.1 *kg)(10^-6 m*^2) (3.6*10^6) /s*^2 = 0.36 *kg m*^2 /s*^2
  42. Chemistry

    9.0000 x 10^2
  43. calculus2

    like pi/3 = 60 degrees and pi/6 = 30 degrees :)
  44. analytical chemistry

    Calculate the ph during the titration of 20.0ml 0.5000M ethanoic acid Ka=0.0000175 with 0.500M NaOH after the addition of 0.0ml and 10.0ml NaOH
  45. math

    btw the object is a rectangle
  46. math

    what is the surface area of 16ft on the bottom 8ft on the right and 5ft on the left???????????????
  47. Math

    Austin must choose a number between 67 and 113 that is a multiple of 3, 8 and 12. Write all the numbers that he could choose. If there is more than one number, separate them with commas.
  48. maths

    leanne put 6 counters into a bag she took out some counters from the bag but not all of them. what is the ratio of the number of counters taken out from the bag to the number of the counters left in the bag. make a list of all the possible ratios using the table below
  49. Economic

    Fmcg in 900 word
  50. math

    Today my daughter's age is one sixth of my age. If I was 40 years old two years back, what is my daughter's age today?
  51. Ethics

    What would Immanual Kant say about this situation? Your friend is in the hospital and the doctor informs you that your friend has a terminal illness and has only three months to live but with no pain or suffering. Since the doctor has not revealed this information to your ...
  52. Ethics

    I forgot to say but what is the problem using Kant's ethics? anyways: Imagine a Nazi knocked on my door asking if were housing any jews. Some of the Jews were hiding the attic and some were hiding in the basement. Both hiding spots have secret trap doors that the Nazis ...
  53. Ethics

    what is the problem of conflicting duties?
  54. Physics

    this is the information i was given, it is confusing since the teacher didnt explain it at all... - speed of light = 3x10^8 m/s - 1nm= 10^-9 m the problem i have to solve is... A laser has a wavelength of 2.5 nm. What is the frequency in Hz? (Type your response in scientific ...
  55. Physics

    and it's probably a spring, not a string, anyway.
  56. Physics

    A string 20cm long is stretched to 25cm by a load. What will be it's length when stretched by a load of 100N assuming that the elastic limit is not reached
  57. math

    it takes joh 2 hours to finish working in a yard, mark can work on the same yard for 3 hours. how long will it take both of them if they work as a team?
  58. Differential equations

    (X+y) dx + xdy =0
  59. Chemistry

    It could be answer choice B, but I do agree that the answer choices are awful. Just so you know, the electronegativity of Carbon is not unusually high, but high enough. I don't like answer choice B either, but extra electrons just sounds so wrong. I am curious to know what...
  60. Math

    The area of a rectangular poster is 30 square inches if the width of the poster is 5 in how tall is the poster
  61. maths

    Mr. Gupta bought some bags of cement , each weighing 49.7 Kg . If the total weight of all the bags is 1143.1 Kg , How many bags did he buy ?
  62. English

    "in" means within the three hours allotted or allowed, less than but no more than three hours. "for three hours" means he filled all three hours with the work. Number one and number two imply that he has been working for three hours, but is not finished yet...
  63. Math

    Rajesh distributed his capital 1/2 of the capital to his wife 1/3 to his son & remaining 50000 to his daughter.find total amount of his capital
  64. English

    I chose C as the correct answer, was I right or is more than one correct?
  65. English

    Which of the following sentences is a Normative Claim and why? a. The third baseman dropped the ball. b. The outfielder hit a homerun. c. The second baseman should not have dropped the ball. d. The pitcher committed an error.
  66. Chemistry

    The mole fraction of oxygen molecules in dry air is 0.2095. Daltons Law: Po2/90=.2095 Po2=18.8 kPa This is a follow up from yesterday, how did you get the mole fraction? I don't get it
  67. English

    What do Direct duties mean for Immanual Kant?
  68. Chemistry

    How did you get the mole fraction?
  69. Chemistry

    A sample of dry air at 28 degress celcius in a sealed flask has a pressure of 90kPa. Which is the most likely the partial pressure of Oxygen, O2(g) in the flask? a) 70kPa b) 19kPa c) 3Pa d) 0.8kPa Can you explain how you got this answer?
  70. algebra

    what are the anwsers?
  71. English

    what is the distinction between direct and indirect duties?
  72. Ethics

    what consequences does the principle of equality have for defenders of animal rights?
  73. English

    why is speciesism important for Singer’s animal rights view?
  74. Social Studies

    How did Asian societies influence trade and exploration during the Age of Discovery?
  75. math

    the bill you pay is $720 a year.if you pay it monthly, you will pay $70/month. thats a monthly $840 each year.  How much would you need to save each month?
  76. history

    Which describes the situation in Yugoslavia following the fall of the Soviet Union? Able to practice religion again, Yugoslavians worshipped openly until Protestant infighting exploded into a genocidal war. Post-Communist Yugoslavia experienced an intellectual and cultural ...
  77. Ethics

    Does the outcome go against the Potentiality Argument and/or the Future like our Argument against abortion? A woman married seven years discovers she has multiple sclerosis. She stops using birth control pills because they aggravate the illness. In spite of reasonable ...
  78. Statistics

    Solve this statistic question? A survey of 250 lobster fishermen found that they catch an average of 32.0 pounds of lobster per day with a standard deviation of 4.0 pounds. If a random sample of 36 lobster fishermen is selected, what is the probability that their average catch...
  79. Chemistry

    Potassium chlorate decomposes according to the following equation: 2KCIO3(s)= 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g) what volume of a gas can be produced by the decomposition of 12.6g of potassium chlorate measured under the following conditions? a) at STP b) at SATP
  80. science

    In astronomy the term perihelion refers to the point in the orbit of an asteroid, comet, or planet when it is closest to the sun. Aphelion refers to the point when the object is farthest away from the sun. research facts about the dwarf planet Ceres. calculate the average ...
  81. Algebra

    8x - 4y when x = 2 and y and y = 3
  82. math

    55. there are 3.75 pounds of tomatoes. the one you plan to buy is $3.79/lb.  How much will it cost?
  83. Algebra

    The sale price of apples at a local grocery store is $1.35 for the first kind and $1.10 for each additional pound. Which function rule shows how the cost of apples,y, depends on the number of pounds, x?
  84. Statistics

    Retired workers and disabled workers both receive Social Security benefits. What information would we need to test the claim that the difference in monthly benefits between the two groups is greater than $30 at the 0.05 level of significance? Write out the hypotheses and ...
  85. math

    Your car insurance bill is $600 per year if you pay it all up front.  However, if you pay it monthly, you will pay $60/month which is $720 each year.  You would like to save up each month so that you can pay for the insurance annually.  How much would you need ...
  86. English

    I have to find a problem with this argument if there is one. Is there a problem with the argument? : Dr. Jack Kevorkian helped people that were terminally ill. He helped them by ending their suffering by ending their lives the way the patients wanted. The common misconception ...
  87. Ethics

    What would be an example of Involuntary euthanasia?
  88. computer

    You can add text in Microsoft paint, just press the A icon.
  89. math

    my answers are 1. B 2. A,B
  90. math

    1. Your property taxes come due annually and generally cost about $2,300. You decide that you would like to put a monthly amount aside to be prepared for when this bill comes. How much should you put aside each month? About $192 each month About $230 each month About $384 each...
  91. Math

    1. One morning you decide to purchase 300 shares of a stock at $6.31/sh.  At the end of the day, you sell all of the shares for $8.24/sh.  How much did you make or lose?  One morning you decide to purchase 300 shares of a stock at $6.31/sh.  What ...
  92. Psychology

    why does every human being seek eudaimonia?
  93. business

    Ms.Sue, I don't understand myself. When I asked she said to be creative.
  94. Language Arts

    Jane Hopper/El Wheeler ILYSM FRIENDS DON'T LIE
  95. Language Arts

    Jane Hopper/El Wheeler ILYSM FRIENDS DON'T LIE
  96. physics

    A fisherman's scale stretches 2.1 cm when a 2.3-kg fish hangs from it. What will be the frequency of vibration if the fish is pulled down 3.8 cm more and released so that it vibrates up and down? if you answer please show your work.
  97. Math

    ohhh I see. Thanks!
  98. Math

  99. Math

    i really don't know
  100. Math

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