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  1. Science

    How can we use decompoers to reduce the use of expensive chemical fertilizers in our country
  2. Science

    Insolation refers to the amount of solar energy that reaches a body, such as a planet. the amount of heat energy contained in a beam of sunlight. the imaginary line that runs around Earth's middle. the spherical shape of Earth I don't know this one. The Coriolis ...
  3. ELA

    OK Thanks!
  4. ELA

    What is an appositive phrase?
  5. geography

    Which of the following is the most likely reason the writers of the Constitution did NOT define American citizenship?
  6. Math

    4*4 = 16
  7. geography

    In what hemisphere is zaire located? Is it just the southern or eastern, northern as well? What African country makes up an eastern peninsula? Somalia?
  8. Science

    When an electric current is passed through water during the process of electrolysis two gases are formed. One gas has a boiling point of -183c and the other has a boiling point of -253c has a physical change or a chemical change occurred. Please explain I don't understand
  9. geography

    so would south africa be correct?
  10. geography

    yes, that is what I mean for the first one.
  11. geography

    what do mississippi , ohio and missouri all have in common? Is it that they have the missouri-ohio-mississippi river system that is inland transportation?
  12. geography

    What African country makes up an eastern hemisphere? Algeria?
  13. Math

    Where do I put the parenthesis to make this equation true 13×2+6-4-2=40
  14. Science- Help quickly!

     An electromagnet is different from a permanent magnet because an electromagnet ________. is magnetic can push and pull can attract some metals can turn on and off  Resistance to electricity is measured in ______. watts amps volts ohms .  An electromagnet ...
  15. Physics

    No If both ends are fixed, half a wave for first mode if one end fixed, 1/4 wave does it Google organ pipe frequencies :)
  16. Physics

    Are the resonant frequencies for a string with a loose end the same as the resonant frequencies for a string with a fixed end?
  17. physics

    Lets swing a ball on the end of ONE string and divide call it 2 T You were not told what angle or height so I will say dropped from height h. m g h = (1/2) m v^2 so at the bottom v = sqrt (2gh) then the centripetal acceleration = v^2/R and 2 T = m g + m v^2/R 2 T= m (g + 2 g h...
  18. Math

    Did you graph it? from the first point to the second is VERTICAL from the first point to the third is HORIZONTAL so those two lines are at right angles at the first point so what kind of triangle is it ?
  19. Math

    g is gigs of data R is first company, B is the second R = 4 g + 10 B = 6 g + 6 cost the same when 10 + 4 g = 6 + 6 g if more data, R is cheaper (lower slope)
  20. Physics

    I can not graph here components: East = 20 cos 45 -25 cos 30 -15 cos 60 North = 20 cos 45 + 25 cos 60 - 15 cos 30
  21. Statistics

    An American roulette wheel has 38 slots, of which 18 are black, 18 are red, and 2 are green. When the wheel is spun, the ball is equally likely to come to rest in any of the slots. Gamblers bet on the roulette by placing chips on a table that lays out the numbers and colors of...
  22. Geometry

    P(2,6); Y= 2x +1 I got Y= 2x +2 ------------------------- y = 2 x + b 6 = 2*2 + b b = 2 so agree ====================== P(-1,3); Y= -4x +7 I got Y= -4x -1 ----------------------- 3 = -4 (-1) + b b = -1 so agree again
  23. Geometry

    yes, although I would write #1 as 2y = x + 7 and yes again but again I would write 5y = -x + 20
  24. Geometry

    new slope = -1/old slope so for the first one y = +(1/2) x + b now put in 1 for x and 4 for y to find b Do the second one the same way
  25. Calculus

    whoops, yes
  26. Calculus

    Then you know how to find the slope of each line at that point and find the angle between tan^-1(slope 1 - slope 2)
  27. Calculus

    slope = dy/dx = x^2 + 5 if x = 3 y = 9+15 = 24 so through (3,24) here slope = 9+5 = 14 y = mx+b = 24 = 14(3) +b so b = -18 so y = 14 x - 18 if x = 6 slope = 36+5 = 41 y = 72 + 30 = 102 102 = 41*6 + b b = -144 y = 41 x - 144 so find intersection of lines y = 41 x -144 and y = ...
  28. Science

    If they act through separate points, the object will spin :)
  29. algebra 2

    1 = a b^2 2 = a b^3 a b^3 / a b^2 = 2 so b = 2 1 = a * 4 etc
  30. algebra 2

    Just like the one I did for you below x = 20,000 e^0.9 t
  31. math plz heeeeelp!!!

    just change the sign of y for example a'(2, +5)
  32. alegbra 2

    1,000 * e^(.06 *2) = 1318.26 because dx/dt = .06 x dx/x = .06 dt ln x = .06 t x = e^.06 t + c or x = Xo e^.06 t where Xo is initial amount because e^0 = 1
  33. Calculus

    Which of the following functions grows at the same rate as 3^x as x goes to infinity? a)2^x b)sqrt(3^(x)+4) c)sqrt(6^x) d)sqrt(9^(x)+5^(x)) I tried this, but I'm not sure how to deal with the square roots when using l'hopital's rule. I don't think the answer is...
  34. physics

    I don't know why my answer is wrong for this question. My answer is .8H. If you can help me,please do so because I got stuck at this question for a whole week. Please show me with steps. If you got ignore by the same question, I'm more ignore by it then you. A solid ...
  35. algerbra

    A guy rope is attached to the top of a tent pole. The guy rope is pegged into the ground 7 feet from the tent. If the guy rope is 11 feet long, how long is the tent pole? Round to one decimal place as needed.
  36. Math

    terry takes a bus journey of 9km travelling at an average speed of 36km/h a) calculate the time taken in minutes for the bus journey. He then walks the remaining 2km to his home in 20 minutes. b) calculate his average walking speed in km/h. c) calculate terry's average ...
  37. Math

    Your thoughts on this? What is the question you think they are asking? Example of what I mean: Question: Destiny baked 30 chocolate cookies. She decided to give 15 to her friends. How many does she have left? Question in numbers: 30-15 Answer: 30-15=15. *Ms. Sue's already ...
  38. Science need help ASAP!

    The closer together magnetic field lines are, the _____ the magnetic force. closer farther stronger weaker Magnetic poles always exist in north-south poles. true*** false A(n) _____ is an electric circuit that produces a magnetic field. magnetic battery electromagnet coil ...
  39. Physics

    A tube that is open at only one end will resonate at which of the following? a. all harmonics b. only the fundamental frequency c. the odd harmonics d. the even harmonics I think it is c.
  40. Statistics

    Alec is taking a Statistics class and a Geography class. The probabilities that he passes these two classes are independent. The probability of him passing his Statistics class is 0.95. The probability of him passing his Geography class is 0.74. What is the probability he ...
  41. Social Studis

    does nobody have the answers to the full test?
  42. Social Studis

    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States
  43. Algebra

    the square is outside the parentheses
  44. Algebra

    But wouldn't (6b-2a) already be there? how could you group it?
  45. Algebra

    Simplify by using factoring:(2a+6b)(6b?2a)?(2a+6b)^2 Thanks for helping!
  46. physics

    Two children (m = 34.0 kg each) stand opposite each other on the edge of a merry-go-round. The merry-go-round, which has a mass of 1.60 ? 10^2 kg and a radius of 1.6 m, is spinning at a constant rate of 0.34 rev/s. Treat the two children and the merry-go-round as a system. ...
  47. organic chemistry

    what is the correct structure for 2-ethyl-butane? Is this correct? CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 Underneath the the first ch2 they should be ch3 underneath it/
  48. MATH

    Paul has a package of bubble gum. He can devide his gum equally between two people with no pieces left over. He can also devide his gum equally between three people with no pieces left over. How many pieces of gum could the package contain? Explain how you found your answer.
  49. Science

    There are different types of circuits. A _____ circuit has more than one path through which electricity can flow. series resistor parallel**** short I'm sorry I keep asking questions :")
  50. Science

    Thank you! I can't believe I actually did okay!
  51. Science

    I don't know if anyone saw my questions, so I'll ask again. I'm in need of quick help. prntsc[remove]r.[remove]com/[remove]j6[remove]kl9e The table shows the speed of sound waves in different materials. Sound would travel most quickly through ______. wood****(?) ...
  52. Science again help ASAP

    Hi, I need some help. prntsc[remove]r.[remove]com/[remove]j6[remove]kl9e The table shows the speed of sound waves in different materials. Sound would travel most quickly through ______. wood****(?) water air outer space *Table shown in screenshot, Lightshot is a Secure site* ...
  53. Science please help ASAP

    What is an echo? the absorption of sound waves the transmission of sound waves the reflection of sound waves****(?) the vibration of sound waves Which is an example of the flow of heat through conduction? Hot air rises to the top of a room. A hot-air balloon rises into the sky...
  54. Physics

    An object having a mass of 25 grams revolves uniformly in a horizontal circle. It is attached by a wire 75 cm long to a pin set in the surface. If the box makes two complete revolutions (1 revolution= .5 seconds) per second, find a) its speed b) tension force exerted on it by ...
  55. Math

    First, find the average individual value. 7,300/95 = 76.8421 Z = (score-mean)/SD = (76.8421-80)/12 = ? Find table in the back of your statistics text labeled something like "areas under normal distribution" to find the proportion/probability related to the Z score.
  56. Calculus

    If the series from n=1 to infinity of n^P converges, then which of the following is false? a. P < 1 b. the series from n=1 to inf of n^-P converges c. the integral from n=1 to inf of x^P dx is finite d. the integral from n=1 to inf of x^(P-1) dx is finite e. the integral ...
  57. Calculus

    If f is a vector-valued function defined by f(t) = (e^(2t), lnt), then what is f ''' (t)? A. 8e^(2t) - 2/t^3 B. (e^(2t), -2/t^3) C. (4e^(2t), -1/t^2) D. (8e^(2t), 2/t^3) E. 4e^(2t)/t^3 I think it is D.
  58. Physics

    If you are traveling 25 m/s A) What acceleration is necessary to stop you in 40 meters? B) What force would stop you if you are driving a 2000 kg car? C) What is the coefficient of friction between your tires and the road?
  59. physics

    A car traveling at 35 m/s suddenly accelerates to a new speed of 56.5 m/s in a time of 5.0 seconds. A) What is its acceleration? B) If the car had a mass of 2200 kg, what was the applied traction force necessary for it to accelerate? Assume NO resistance!
  60. BIO

    or what do they have to do differently as compared to larger birds
  61. BIO

    WHY IS it harder for smaller birds to maintain their body temperature (link to SA and volume). I would think that the larger you are the more heat you lose no?
  62. precalc

    how does the value of "a" affect Lemniscate curves? Does it just affect how far the curve is stretched to both sides? Also when you graph an archimedes spiral for r = theta theta is greater than or equal to 0 theta >_ 0: How would the windows on a graphing calc be...
  63. sceince

    Johnny just learned about ecosystems in his class at school. At dinner, he explains to his parents that we live in an ecosystem and they are a mix of biotic and abiotic factors. He then tells them an ecosystem can still survive even if one small thing is missing such as ...
  64. Physics

    If ? n=0 to inf of 3x^n/n! is a Taylor series that converges to f(x) for all real x, what is the value of f ''(0)?
  65. Physics

    Does the mass of a block oscillating on a spring affect the block's average speed?
  66. physics

    Can somebody please shows me how to get to the answer key,06H? A thin, spherical shell of mass m and radius R rolls down a parabolic path PQR from height H without slipping (assume R ? H) as shown in the figure below. Path PQ is rough (and so the cylinder will roll on that ...
  67. Physics

    A rocket weighs 539,000 N. What is a.) its mass and b.) force of thrust that must be exerted to make the rocket accelerate upward at a rate of 24 m/s^2 ?
  68. Science

    I got the question done, but, I meant the slide is too slow, I didn't copy and paste so I made an error, sorry that it makes no sense :"D
  69. Science

    The children at a local park think the slide is too slippery. There is too much friction. W hat could you do to decrease the amount of friction on the slide? *writing question* I don't want the answer,just some help finding it. Please, please answer ASAP!
  70. Chemistry

    (a) Calculate the standard free-energy change (?G°) for the following oxidation-reduction reaction. Cu(s) + Br2(aq) ? Cu2+(aq) + 2 Br?(aq) (b) Calculate the equilibrium constant for this reaction at 298 K.
  71. science

    Jim weighs 200N. The bottom of his trainers have an area of 0.08m2.
  72. Science

    Ah, the last "😊" was a smiley emoji. The first is italicized words.
  73. Science

    *Note that I most likely will have more questions throughout the day An object that moved as a result of a machine working is called the_______. effort load*** output mass A knife is an example of a(n) _______. inclined plane wedge***** (?) lever ...
  74. Social Studies

  75. physics

    there are 500g of cobalt to 60 that has a half life of 5years ,how many grams of cobalt are remained after 15years
  76. Physics

    How come heat engines are more efficient when run at high temperatures?
  77. chemistry

    how could you show experimentally that the molecular formula of propene is C3H6, not CH2?
  78. world history -geography

    What river near the city of Manaus is a tributary of the Amazon River? Is it the Negro River or the Solimoes river because they both look like they are tributaries, but the Negro River is closer to Manaus? Thank you!
  79. Calculus

    If tangents to the curve defined by y=x^2+4 ln x are parallel to the line defined by by y-6x+3=0, determine the points where the tangents touch the curve. y’=2x+4/x 2x+4/x=6 What do I do next?
  80. 1/3 4/5-17

    (x/3)+ (4/5)x = 17 multiply both sides by 15 5 x + 12 x = 255 17 x = 255 x = 15
  81. Math

    A company makes women's shoes. The price of the duty-free sale of a pair of shoes is set at 180 €. The total production cost C (x), in euros, is expressed as a function of the number x of pairs of shoes sold by: C x () = + 1.5 1 x x5 +1350 2 with x ? [] 10; 80 c. In ...
  82. Physics

    omega = v/R = 15 m/s / 112 m = 0.134 radians (not meters) /s m Ac = m v^2/R = 0.65 * m *g so at slip v^2/R = .65 g 225/R = .65 g R = 225/ .65 g = 225 / (.65*9.81) = 35.3 meters
  83. Calculus

    Find the terminal point given the vector <3, -2> and an initial point of (-6,10).
  84. English

    What does rhetoric have to do with democracy? How did the influence of rhetoric spread throughout the world?
  85. Calculus

    An object moves in the xy-plane so that its velocity vector for 0 <= t <= 10 is (?(36-6t), 4t). Which of these statements is true about the object at t = 1? A. The object is at rest. B. The speed of the object is ?30 + 4. C. The object is speeding up. D. The object is ...
  86. Calculus

    The position vector of an object that is moving in the xy-plane is (t+cost, t^3-75t) for t on [0, 2pi]. At which value of y does the object's path have a horizontal tangent? I think this is the value at which dy/dt=0, or at t=5. At t=5, y= -250.
  87. English

    Thank you!
  88. English

    Can someone give my examples of famous speeches with repetition in them? for example? "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King. Thanks! ~
  89. math

    We do not do your homework for you. Although it might take more effort to do the work on your own, you will profit more from your effort. We will be happy to evaluate your work though. However, I will start you out. Ho: male = female Ha: male ? female or if you assume that ...
  90. Chemistry

    Barium Sulfide is BaS
  91. Statistics

    Suppose flights at a large metropolitan airport are on-time 68% of the time and late 32% of the time. We want to use a table of random digits to simulate flight status (on-time or late), so we'll assign 01, 02, … , 68 to represent on-time flights, and 69, 70, …...
  92. geography

    What river near the city of Manaus is a tributary of the Amazon River? What two capital cities lie near the Congo/ Democratic Republic of the Congo border? Brazzaville and Kinshasa??
  93. math

    When starting an automobile insurance plan, there are many factors that will determine the premium paid by the policyholder. Part one: What are some of the coverage choices (options and levels of coverage) the policyholder can make that would lead to a lower premium? Part two...
  94. math

    Nellie is 25 years old and just starting her retirement savings. Which breakdown of investments would a financial adviser most likely suggest for Nellie at this point in time? A. 0% high-risk, 20% medium-risk, 80% low-risk B. 10% high-risk, 20% medium-risk, 70% low-risk C. 25...
  95. math

    Solve the inequality and describe the solution set. y – 6 ? 12
  96. Chemistry

    The standard reduction potential for Cr3+(aq) is ?0.74 V. The half-reaction for the reduction of Cr3+(aq) is the following. Cr3+(aq) + 3 e? ? Cr(s) The standard reduction potential for Ni2+(aq) is ?0.26 V. The half-reaction for the reduction of Ni2+(aq) is the following. Ni2+(...
  97. Science

    A = dV/dt change in velocity / change in time V in meters / seconds or m/s A in meters/ second squared or m/s^2
  98. Science

    Which formula is used to calculate acceleration? Time divided by change in speed Time x change in speed Change in speed divided by time Change in speed x time Help ? Thanks, Anonymous
  99. Science

    //[remove]prntscr.[remove]com/[remove]j4jmwi (PICTURE IS IN SCREENSHOT)  Which statement is correct? Land animals are quicker than animals that fly Insects can not move as quickly as land animals Some birds can move more quickly than some land animals*** All birds can ...
  100. math

    A family from Hong Kong is visiting the United States. Their first stop is a bank, where the following exchange rate is posted: USD to HKD= 7.78. On this day, how many U.S. dollars will the family get for 10 of their Hong Kong Dollars? Round to the nearest cent.
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