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  1. Im very confused and need help- Language Arts

    1. B 2. D 3. A #3. Part A.) Is A Part B.) Is C 4.A 5.1IS A AND 2 IS B 6. A 7.D 8.D 9.A CONNEXUS
  2. Language Arts

  3. Government

    article or story about the changing demographics of legislators who serve in the Congress or state legislatures. Legislatures have changed in many ways since the textbook was first written in 2001. You are to locate examples of these changes and be prepared to discuss whether...
  4. judaism and politics

    relationship between judaism and politics
  5. Ela

    1. B 2. C 3. True 4. C 5. D 6. True 7. A, c , D 8. A,B,C,E, G
  6. Math

    The number of Roberto's baseball cards is 3/4 the number of David's cards. If Roberto gives 1/2 of his cards to David, What will be the ratio of Roberto's cards to David's cards?
  7. Language Arts

    It's a and D people
  8. math

    1. B 2. C 3. B 4. B 5.
  9. LA

    Mrs cratchit
  10. Math

    B C B B
  11. math

    Thanks 100%
  12. Check My Answers for Science!

    1. D 2. B 3. C 4. A 100%
  13. Art

    1. A 2. C 3. B
  14. Math

  15. Math-Geometry

    1. C 2. D 3. D 4. B 5. C 6. D 7. D 8. B 9. B 10. A 11. B 12. D 13. C 14. A 15. C 16. B 17. C 18. A Conexus answers 100% just took it
  16. Language PLZZ HELP ME!!!!!

    U guys are the best. 100%
  17. Math

    1. B 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. C

    Thank you. Moe got 100
  19. science

    1. A 2. C 3. A 4. C 5. C 6. D 7. C 8. C 9. D 10. A 11. B 12. D 13.angiosperm 14. Courtship ritual 15. Umbilical cord You have to do the last few
  20. Science

    Thanks elle
  21. Science

    Awesome red w
  22. Mathematics (I really need help)

    The place value of 4 in 36.54 is how many times the place value of the 4 in 24.81?
  23. Math

    A recipe requires 3 / 4 c ups of nuts for 1 batch of muffins how many batches of muffins can be made using 7 1 / 2 cups of nuts
  24. Math

  25. math

    This guy is wrong^^
  26. Language Arts

    Answers for the eccohing green 1. B 2. B 3. C 4. A 5. D 6. A 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. D 11. C
  27. Science - Please answer as soon as possible

    1. B 2. B 3. A 4. B 5. C 6. D 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. B
  28. Math

    They are correct
  29. Education Tech

    yeah he is right I took it too
  30. Biology: Endotoxin

    Does endotoxin refer to the LPS or to lipid A?
  31. science 3 questions!!

    I now the answer to number 1 and it is Heat pump.
  32. Chemistry

  33. Chem

    Can someone explain the difference or how to tell between internal/external standard, standard addition and how it relates calibration standards?
  34. home economics

    what are the factors to consider when making a cushion ?
  35. com220

  36. com220

    yes i would please. this is my first time beening in this class. thanks
  37. com220

    determine which sources are reliable and which are not. Explain your answers. here is the sources site 3.web site
  38. com220

    What would be a good topic to write about and a good theis sentence to go with it.
  39. com22o

    I have a question for anybody and no it is not home work. Now that you have finished your reseacher paper,for class com22o what advice would you give to students starting this course? what would you do differently if you were just starting this course? what would you focus on...
  40. com220

    thanks i understand know.
  41. com220

    If someone asked, "wouldn't it be simpler just to write your paper than to create a full-sentence outline?" how would you answer this question? explain your response.
  42. math

    That answer makes no sense though the width of the simmulair prism is already 23ft so 3.8ft^3 isn't a bigger number than 23ft also when you multiply the length and the height it will no were be 3.8^3 so good job stupid.
  43. com 140

    thanks Ms. Sue
  44. com 140

    I have a qestion for you. How do you think an individual's attitude, beliefs, and values play into persuasion? Are some of these stronger than others?
  45. com140

    What are some ways in which you can apperar more approachable but still remain professional in business communications.
  46. com140

    What about he use of e-mail? E-mail can be powerful and dangerous at the same time. As a tool for communication, what are the benefits and detractions of email?
  47. com140

    interpersonal communication
  48. com140

    Do you think that interpersonal always uses informal writing?
  49. com140

    Suggest options for presenting information to an audience. Which method do you think is the most effective. Please expplain
  50. com140

    Which guidelines do you think are most important for formatting papers?
  51. com140

    What strategies can you use to incorporate effective visual elements into business presentations? Explain your answer
  52. com140

    Suggest options for presenting information to an audience. Which method do you think is the most effective? Explain your answer.
  53. com140

    What kinds of unwanted reactions might you encounter when trying to convince the business committee to accept your proposal for a new service? What steps can you take to ensure you convey the purpose of your message to the audience?
  54. 140

    Which guidelines appear less important to the message of a business document but more important to the message of an academic paper? Explain your answer
  55. com 140

    In additionto WritePoint and the Plagiarism checker, what other resources are available at the The Center for Writing Excellence? What information do these other resources provide? ?Identify which two online resources may be most useful in building your own writing skills. ...
  56. com140

    What are some other reasons you might seek out a particular authoe or book?
  57. com140

    Would you see you generally only seek out material that you know you are likely to agree with? Do you see nay benefit to reading opposing material?
  58. com 140

    What are some other mthods you can use to establish rapport?
  59. essay

    Where do I go to do an outline of an expositroy essay. Something to go by. please let me know asp. thanks
  60. essay

    can someone give me an good thesis statement that goes with this. Why gas prices keep rising. asp thanks
  61. essay

    I hope so because it is due sunday. I will post it when I get through with it. Thanks for helping me and beinging there for me and for still wanting to read my essay. Thanks alot Ms. Sue.
  62. essay

    thank you I will go to them now.
  63. essay

    Ms. Sue, That's it I don't know how to do a thesis statement. What would be good. What would be good for an introduction and a conclusion.
  64. essay

    thank you
  65. essay

    Ms Sue would you please read my essay and see what you think and feel free do change anything that you want.Here is my essay: What's the real reason why oil and gas prices keep going up? Is due to the less output of oil and gas by the Arab Country and oil and gas is the ...
  66. grammar

    Ms Sue your a good pesron and a good teacher to admitt that you was wrong and I admire you for that. I am still confused. I don't know what is right or wrong on this and I am getting freaked out on this. So please send me some explanation on the answer that you chose please.
  67. grammar

    thank you.
  68. grammar

    Ms Sue is this question right. Using regular and irregular verbs. 6a. I lay my book on the table, but now I cannot find it. 6b. I laid my book on the table, but nowe I cannot find it. I choose b verb form and verb tense.9a. The ancient Egyptians biult pyramids as burial sites ...
  69. grammar

    Ms Sue can you explain your answer like the one's that you correct like 10-23 because I am very confused right now. so will you please explain for me thank you soo much.
  70. grammar

    Verb form and verb tense 8a. Since American Idol premiered on tv, many talented contestants have appeared on the show. 8b. Since American Idol premiered on tv, many talented contestants appeared on the show. My answer is b Identifying antecedents 10a. The antecedent in the ...
  71. english

    Thanks very much. How can I get someone to check the rest of the questions for me.
  72. english

    no I don't see what your are talking about. I think that I have all of the rest wrong too.
  73. english

    I put a for number 4 and I also choose a for number five. I am confused here.
  74. english

    I choose b for nuber 5 I choose a for number 7
  75. english

    4a. John has become a rather good actor. 4b, John has became a rather good actor. Using regular and irregular verbs. I choose b. 5a. Some athletes have taken drug test to prove they are not on steriods. 5b. Some athletes have took drug tests to prove they are not on steriods. ...
  76. grammar

    so you use have when it is singular right that's why I choose b.
  77. grammar

    how come 1 can't be a
  78. grammar

    1a.Did you know a famous animal-rights activist has criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved? 1b. Did you know a famous animal-rights activist have criticized horseracing because of the dangers involved? Subject-verb agreemnet? I choose b. 2a. Peer editing ...
  79. com150

    is there anybody in here on week 9 in this class
  80. english

    don't you need to add your explanation to them showing how you come to that answer.
  81. grammar

    I want to say Five years ago i went somewhere, should there be a comma after Five years ago? As in... Five years ago, I went to.... or Five years ago I went to...
  82. Citing a poem

    could you give me an example of how to cite a poem for example show it like writers last name, first name. place written ...etc Thankyou