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Social Studies.
Describe the impact of Orientalism on Muslim and Arab Americans and list two to three characteristics of Orientalism. My answer. Increases in work-place discrimination is a form of orientalism. Identify issues that reach across racial, ethnic and other divisions and forge ...

When a Knight broke a promise he would feel sorry because he would get his pinky finger cut off

This question has been bothering me. Is twenty five proper or twenty-five?

For x such that 0<x<ƒÎ/2, the expression ã(1-cos^2 x)/sinx + ã(1-sin^2 x)/cosx is equivalent to: 0, 1, 2, -tanx or sin2x Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I didn't write the sentence, it's just on a worksheet.

Is this the correct use of a semicolon? From the harbors of Africa to the forests of Vietnam, mankind has glorified the most horrid of acts; the practice of murder.

International Finance
what is the general formula for figuring out this question? If the dinar devalues against the US dollar by 45%, the US dollar will appreciate against the dinar by...? I'm not getting this at all, and the book is not helping!!

social studies
a formal method whereby people can effect changes in goverb. policy

Eight is the same as the quotient of 16 x.

write an equation thirteen decreased by n is equal to 9.

well, I didn't think there was any parentheses, but if your teacher says there should be, then the only place that would make sense for them to go would be around the the 20 / n

We don't do YOUR WORK
understandable, and I have read through all these posts. and might I remind you that school has changed alot since you were there so you still have no idea.

We don't do YOUR WORK
your all wrong!! Sometimes us kids need help!!! we're under so much pressure, that none of you understand. We just thought it would be nice that for ONCE in our life that the answer was given to us. Sorry for thinking other people could be courteous and nice.

A railway was built from Burma to Thailand during WWII. What is the correct name for this railway? Is it the Siam-Burma Railway? Thanks

what do we call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays?

lol i was stuck too! im soo lucky i found this site tanz to all

lol i got stuck on the same questions and googled them. this helped allot! tanx

Algebra 1
simplify 2/x^2-y^2-1/x^2-3xy+2y^2-3/x^2-xy-2y^2 group like terms, and combine them. I see terms 1/x^2, y^2, and xy terms that can be grouped. We will be happy to critique your work.

A wrecking ball (weight 4140 N) is supported by a boom, which may be assumed to be uniform and has a weight of 2550 N. As the drawing shows, a support cable runs from the top of the boom to the tractor. The angle between the support cable and the horizontal is 32 degrees, and ...

Rohombus ABCD is circumcribed about P and has a perimeter of 32 Fing x. Hmmm. What is Fing x mean? Never mind the 'fing x', I am still trying to find P

(Home) Economics
Using supply and demand analysis, comment upon whether a free market in university education will always lead to higher charges for law at Cambridge than for sociology courses at new universities. Consider how many people will apply to law school (a graduate cirriculum) at one...

Can anyone help I have to write an equation a structural formula for a reaction between the following, having some trouble working it out. Hopefully you can understand the way I have put it. CH2=CH-CH-OH there is a CH3 with single bond under CH next to OH + CH3-CH-CH2-C to one...

AP U.S. History McKinley's campaign manager
what role did MARK HANNA McKinley's campaign manager play in the election and how would he had voted?

U.S. History- McKinley's Campaign
In Mckinley's Campain,two of this campaign themes were "The Currency Question"- the gold standard or free labor AND "Protective Tariffs" summarize these thems and which of theses themes was more significant? This site will give you the information on ...

AP U.S. History Foreign Policy
What were the essential principles of the Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy, and how did he apply them to specific situations? he believed in the more developed nations helping those that were more underdeveloped. He used the army to help countries like Cuba and Puerto ...

AP U.S. History 1920's immigration
Between 1880 and 1925 American society remained true to its core values of liberty, equality and opertunity regaurding immigration issues. Asses the validity of this statement. Ha! whatever! Tons of immigration took place between those years, and the increase in population ...

if you could place a red blood cell in distilled water,what would you see happen to the cell? explain.

proof read bio lab
Hi, it would be greatly appreciated if someone could proofread parts of my bio lab. Introduction VO2 max or maximum oxygen consumption is a value which measures a body’s ability to make the energy required for physical activity. VO2 max measures the maximum volume of ...

Factor theorem states that "x-a is a factor of f(x) if and only if f(a)=0" 1. What is the sufficient condition of the factor theorem? 2. What is the necessary condition of the factor theorem? My answer was x-a is a factor of f(x) for (1.) and f(a)=0 for (2.) but it ...

chemistry - pick a polymer
I need to pick a polymer for my science project. It has to be organic and preferably simple. Some that are already taken are: polyethene, polystyrene, PVC, polyacrylonitrile, DDT , nylon.. Thanks a lot it has been really hard for me to find something. I don't know if you ...

This is related to a biology lab I did. What is the purpose of adding sand to hydrogen peroxide (and put at a glowing splint at the mouth of the tube)? The purpose of this lab was to study the action of the enzyme catalase (potato)on hydrogen peroxide and to determine the ...

given isosceles triangle ABC, line AB = BC, and BD is the angle bisector of isosceles triangle ABC prove AB x DC = BC x AD Aren't the two halves congruent? (SAS) If so, then DC is equal to AD. Don't the ratios AB:AD=BC:DC by corresponding parts? how do i write that out...

got a couple of calculus questions
1. What is the equation of the tangent line to y = 2*x(x - 4)^6 at point (5, 10)? 2. If f(x)=8/(x^2+4) , find the slope of the curve at the point (2, 1). 3. The demand function for an item is given by x=200[1-(p/(p+2))] . At what rate is the demand changing when the price p is...

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