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  1. geometry

    If m = 6.25 cm and n = 10 cm, what is the measure of angle ?
  2. Math

    Error Analysis: A friend says that the retail price of an item with a wholesale price of $80 is $100 after a markup of 125%. Describ and correct the error in the person's statement.
  3. English

    I read A partial rememberance of a puerto rican childhood. I'm suppose to be writing a essay but I need a thesis to do an outline.
  4. English

    Women is going crazy that a man doesn't care for her so it is driving her crazy. Men do harsh things like abusing their wife.
  5. English

    I am writing a paper and I was wondering does this sound like a good thesis? Cofer shows not only the crazyness women but also shows how men can be harsh.
  6. Chemistry PLEASE HELP!!

    energy from glucose is obtained from this equation when it is oxidized in the body C6H12O6 + 6O2 --> 6CO2 + 6H2O What is the catalyst in this equation?
  7. English

    isn't the question actually something like "You're walking home alone when you....." ??
  8. algebra 1b

    time= distance/speed Because the time used to travel is the same (regardless of the difference in distance) we can set the freight trains time equal to the passenger train's time. Let's start off with the freight train. The distance is 310. It says the speed is 18 mph ...
  9. physics

    A 6.5 g bullet leaves the muzzle of a rifle with a speed of 347 m/s. What total constant force is exerted on the bullet while it is traveling down the 0.83 m long barrel of the rifle?
  10. physics

    The sum of two forces, one having a magni- tude of 2 N acting due west and other having a magnitude of 8 N acting due north is?
  11. physics

    A blimp is traveling due North at 80km/hr with respect to the air, while the wind is blowing from northeast at 25km/hr with respect to the ground. What is the velocity of the blimp with respect to the ground? Thanks.
  12. Chemistry

    1) Prepare 100mL of 10%w/w HCl from 37%concentrated HCl(density of 37%HCl =1.19g/ml) 2) Prepare 100mL of 10%w/v HCl from 37% concentrated HCl(density of 37%HCl=1.19g/ml) Can you please show the calculation steps for 1) & 2)? Is 10%w/v HCl the same as 10%w/w HCl? Thanks.
  13. English - thank you ms sue i will wait

    i will wait and thanks a lot
  14. English - please help i had posted 3 times and no

    please can you make correction in my short story. i am very bad at grammar and even my parents does not khnow english well. can you proof reed my short story. Love-Hate story “Happy birthday Khushi”, her family said as they came to her room at midnight. “Thank ...
  15. eng lit

    please proof read my short story please and make some correction Love-Hate story “Happy birthday Khushi”, her family said as they came to her room at midnight. “Thank you, Mom, Dad and my lovely sister”, Khushi said with a huge smile. Khushi laid down on ...
  16. Chemistry

    Oh, sorry. 25 g of Zinc and 30 g of sulfur. I already found that Zinc is the limiting reagent, but I'm stuck on the rest.
  17. Chemistry

    Zinc and sulfur react to form zinc sulfide according to the equation Zn+S=>ZnS a) How many grams of ZnS will be formed? b) How many grams of the excess reactant will remain after the reaction is over?
  18. Physics help.

    If a curve with a radius of 94.5 m is perfectly banked for a car traveling 72.4 km/h, what must be the coefficient of static friction for a car not to skid when traveling at 96.4 km/h?
  19. Biology

    The genes for hair color and eye color are linked
  20. Math

    r=40-2t shows the relationship between the average rate of speed, r, of a car in meters per second, and the time, t,in seconds, as the car slows down.
  21. College Physics

    A Fraunhofer diffration pattern is produced on a screen 210cm from a single slit. The distance from the center of the central maximum to the first-order maximum is 7560 times the wavelength (lambda). Calculate slit width. Answer in __m
  22. College Physics

    The lines in a grating are uniformly spaced at 1530 nm. Calculate the angular separation of the second order bright fringes between light of wavelength 600nm and 603.11nm. Answer in __mrad
  23. statistics

    f someone scored two Standard Deviations above the Mean on a standardized test where the Mean = 100 and the Standard Deviation = 15, then that person’s numerical score would be…? A. 125 B. 130 C. 160 D. 90th Percentile
  24. English

    The contestants, Malcolm and (she,her) listened carefully to the first question.
  25. Chidren,Families,and Society

    Larry is a very aggressive four-year-old child.he watches many television programs that contain's most likely that
  26. history

    Help needed! I'm comparing France and the USA. If France had the Paris vs. Versaille conflict with regards to the city capital. As much as capitals showed the unity amongst the people, it also produced conflicts between different sectors of society. What did the United ...
  27. Chemistry

    How to prepare 100mL of 3% w/w Hydrogen Peroxide from 30% w/w Hydrogen Peroxide?Specific Gravity of 30%w/w Hydrogen Peroxide is 1.11g/mL. Can you please show the calculation steps? Thanks.
  28. history

    okay. thank you :)
  29. history

    Thank you. :) Though I was thinking, should it be "full potential"? or just the potential.. I mean, urban life is still moving forward so there's no way of telling that it has reached its full potential, right? :) Or maybe I'm just overthinking.
  30. history

    Well, basically, here is what I've got so far.. I believe that the industrial revolution promoted urban life. To a certain point, people would a associate urban living to better living. Migration from rural areas to urban areas was popular back then. During the industrial ...
  31. history

    Cities and urban areas were a source of economic opportunities in the post-Medieval Western world. How was the full potential of Western cities and urban areas in this regard was realized during the Industrial Revolution?
  32. Chilsren,Families,and Society

    18.Which of the following statements implies rules of confidentality?A.You can tell the librarian that you heard that Joey's father was arrested for drug use.B.Parents must give permission to release school records to the child's therapist at the community clinic. C. ...
  33. Chemistry

    How do I prepare 100mL of 10g/L HCl from concentrated HCl(37%HCl, density 1.19g/mL) Is it 2.28mL of conc HCl dilute to 100mL with water? Please show the calculation steps.
  34. physics

    t(s)=0.0,1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0,6.0,7.0 v(m/s)=0.0,4.6,8.9,13.4,18.0,22.9,27.6,32.0 find the area underneath the graph between t=2.0s and t=6.0s, i know i will have to break this down into two separate shapes, a rectangle and a triangle then add them together, i just don't ...
  35. online

    I bought car for $32.000. Interest 11%. What my payment and how long will take?
  36. math

    The product of two consecutive intergers is 56. Find the intergers.
  37. Math

  38. Engineering/Chemistry

    m_dot = 2000 kg/h q = 111600 kJ/h T_final = 95C C_p = 3.9 kJ/(kgC) equation: q = m_dot*c_p*(T_initial-T_final) plug in all the value and solve for T_initial *NOTE* remeber deta_T both in C and K is the same. So don't worry
  39. Science

    Can u help me find a picture of a sea sponge budding ?
  40. chemistry

    Aluminum metal generates H2 gas when dropped into 6.00 M HCl. Calculate the mass of H2 that will form from the complete reaction of 0.365 g Al with 8.40 mL of 6.00 M HCl.
  41. math

    Determine the values of k for which the function f(x)= 4x^2-3x+2kx+1 has two zeros , check these values in the original equation
  42. math

    Determine the values of k for which the function f(x)= 4x^2-3x+2kx+1 has two zeros , check these values in the original equation
  43. math

    Factor completely x(x+1)^2-4(x+1) (2x+3)^2-9
  44. math

    solve the equation (1/4)^x = (1/8)^2x-1 solve the equation 3^-x+2=27^x-4
  45. science

    Why is a pizza cutter handle a lever?
  46. bio

    sorry i meant arteries
  47. bio

    name three major blood vessels that branch off the aortic arch and the body part the blood is carried to name two major artries that branch off the dorsal aorta and the organ they carry blood to
  48. bio

    for a fetal pig why is it difficult to find the urinary bladder by describing the specific location ? what structures in the umbilical cord remove waste materials from a fetal mammal?
  49. bio

    The fetal pig does not have functional lungs, since the lungs are not being used is there any need to transport blood tot he lungs before the fetus is born
  50. bio

    I did a pig dissection , but i am not to sure about these questions, any help would be great ! 1. The lungs of a fetal pig serve as a protection for what important body organ 2. The respiratory system is located on the ventral side of the pigs body, what 3 ways is the tract ...
  51. math

    in 2nd year Adam owed $ 977.53, in the 3rd year he owed $ 1036.18 and in the 4th year he owed $1098.35 how much was the loan originally, and determine the future value of the loan after 10 years
  52. math

    Loan #1 Year Amount owed 1 $3796 2 $3942 3 $4088 Loan # 2 Year Amount owed 1 $977.53 2 $1036.18 3 1098.35 For loan #1 is simple interest. Loan #2 is compound interest How much was each loan originally Determine the future value of each loan after 10 years No one has answered ...
  53. math

    Vlad purchased some furniture for his apartment. The total cost was $ 2943.37. He paid $ 850 down and financed the rest for 18 months. At the end of the finance period .Vlad owed 4 2147.28 . What annual interest rate, compounded monthly , was he being charged ? Round your ...
  54. math

    oh sorry 6%/a
  55. math

    Sally invests some money at 65/a compounded annually. After 5 years . she takes the principal and interest and reinvests it all at 7.2%/a compounded quarterly for 6 more years. At the end of this time, her investment is worth $ 14 784.56 . How much did Sally originally invest?
  56. Math

    on the day Rachel was born, her grandparents deposited $ 500 into a savings account that earns 4.8%/a compounded monthly . They deposited the same amount on her 5th, 15th, and 10th birthdays. determine the balance in the account on Rachel's 18th birthday
  57. Math

    oh sorry 45%/a
  58. Math

    Bermie deposited $ 4000 into an account that pays 45/a compounded quarterly during the first year. The interest rate on this account is then increased by o.2% each year. Calculate the balance in Bernie's account after three years.
  59. Math

    Sara buys a washer and a dryer for $2112.She pays $500 and borrows the remaining amount. A year and a half later she pays off the loan, which compounded semi-annually, was Sara being charged.
  60. physics

    Thank you very much! I appreciate your help! :)
  61. physics

    A student rides on a train traveling at Vt = 36ikm/hr (with the respect to the ground). What are the speed and the velocity of the student with respect to the ground if he runs at 5.0im/s? -5.0 m/s? 5.0j m/s perpendicular to the direction of motion of the train?
  62. Math

    Tia is investing $ 2500 that she would like to grow to $ 6000 in 10 years, at what annual interest rate compounded quaterly must Tia invest her money
  63. math

    Nazir saved $900 to buy a plasma tv, he borrowed the rest at an interest rate of 18%/a compounded monthy, 2 years later he paid $ 1420.50 for the principal and the interest, how much did the tv originally cost
  64. Math

    Dieter deposists $ 9000 inoan account that pays 10%/a compunded quarterly, after 3 threes the inerest rate changes to 9%/a compounded semi-annually, calculate the value of his investments 2 years after this change
  65. Math

    Sima invests $ 4240.00 in the first year, $ 4494.40 in the second year , and $ 4764.06 in the third year , how much did sima invest
  66. math

    A simple fractal tree Grows in stages. A each new stage, two new line segments branch out from each segment at the top of the tree. The first five stages are shown. How many line segments need to be drawn to create stage 20? Stage 1- 1 Stage 2 - 3 Stage 3 - 7 Stage 4 -15 Stage...
  67. Math

    George invests $ 15 000 at 7.2%/a compounded monthly . How long will it take for his investment to grow to $ 34 000
  68. Math

    Serena wanst to borrow $15 000 an pay it back in 10 years. Interest rates are so high, so the bank makes her 2 offers option 1 - borrow the money at 12%/a compounded quarterly for the full term option 2 -Borrow the money at 12%/a compunded quarterly for 5 years and then ...
  69. math

    How long would you have to invest $5300 at 7.2%/a simple interest to earn $1200 interest
  70. math

    How much money must be invested at 6.3%/a simple interest to earn $250 in interest each month
  71. world religions

    I really need help with thses questions ! Any help would be great true or false- Moses was a wealthy egyptian what is Yavneh and why was it so important?
  72. calculus

    find the area of the region enclosed by y=squareroot of x, the line tangent to y= squareroot of x at x=4 and the x-axis
  73. math

    the 65th term in a geometric sequence is 8000, and the 69th term is 500. find the 64th term
  74. math

    the 10th term of an arithmetic series is 34, and the sum of the first 20 terms is 710, determine the 25th term.
  75. math

    in the video game gemetric constructors a number of the shapes have to be arranged into a predefined form , in level 1, you are given 3 min 20s to complete the task, at each level afterward, a fixed number of seconds are removed from the time until, at level 20 , 1 min 45s are...
  76. math

    Jamal got a job working on a assembly line in a toy factory, on the 20th day of work, he assembled 137 toys, he noticed that since he started , every day he assembed 3 more toys then the day before , how many toys did jamal assemble all together during his first 20 days
  77. To Annie: Re: Penn Foster

    I"ve been asking for help to see if my anaswers were correct, the work was my own .I'm not the only student asking for alittle help. This isn't cheating!!!!
  78. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    6. to say that all African American males are fast runners is an example of A.prejudice B.sexism C.sterotype D.bias
  79. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    D.keep the lines of communication open between teachers, students, and parents.
  80. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    Would the answer to question 11.,be D ?
  81. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    I think the answer is C
  82. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    11.As a teacher in an ESL classroom,it's within your responsibilities to parents one-on-one to discuss their child's progress B.provide language translation for the teacher when reequested C.determine when an ESL, student is ready to be mainstreamed into a "...
  83. Penn Foster, Language and Other Barries

    11.As a teacher aide in an ESL classroom,it's within your responsibility to
  84. physical science

    pour a liter of water at 40 c into a liter of water at 20 and the final temperature of the two becomes about____________________c
  85. Language and Other Barries

    8.In general,the best type of multicultural classroom materials are those that
  86. Early Child Educationand After-School Day Care

    Whi are pre-primer programs desinged for?
  87. physics

    calculate the distance it traveled before it is brought to rest from 44 km/h if the speed of a truck going south is reduced from 80 km/h to 44 km/h in a distance of 250 m.
  88. spanish

    can anyone answer these questions i have to say all of them tomorrow in spanish. 1. ¿Cuántos estudiantes hay en la clase de español? 2. ¿Hay cuadernos en tu mochila? 3. ¿Qué es? 4. ¿Quién es? 5. ¿De quién es...
  89. can you please look over my answers? clauses

  90. Math

    Sarah throws rocks into a quarry lake from the top of a 67 foot high wall. The chart gives the horizontal distance, x (in feet), the rock has travled from Sarah and the height, y (in feet), of the rock above the lake. The chart is: |distance, x:|9| 19| 36|50| |height, y: |75....
  91. English III

    are you doing odyssey ware to?? i just had this same question pop up
  92. Teacher Aide in the Special Education Setting

    When tutoring learning challenged settings,learning challenged students are most often placed in A.resource rooms B.the nurse's office C.self-contained classrooms D.phychiatric clinics
  93. social studies, Anthro psych , and soc

    In the movie Shawshank redemption, how did the prison in the film try to rehabilitate its inmates, was it successful? Provide 3 examples of ways in which the prison guards enforced compliance to prison rules, were the enforcements necessary or effective? Why was Red ...
  94. Dymanics

    10tan theta= .5+1/2costheta + 2sintheta How do I simplify the right side of the equation.
  95. Technology in the Classroom

    A software package that you would like to run on your classroom computer lists a 486 computer as a minimum requirement. On which of the following computers would you expect the software to be able to run?
  96. Instructional Materials :Their preparation and use

    which machine would you use to project a color picture from a book? A.Bioscope B.Slide projector C.overhead projector D.Opaque projector
  97. Instructional Maferials: Their Preperation and Use

    Why would you mount an overhead transparency in a cardboard frame? A. to make copies of it B. To color it C. To add overlays D. To project it onto a screen
  98. Technology in the Classroom

    Which of the following scenarios most likely describes the future of technology in education?
  99. Technology in the Classroom

    What is the ideal computer arrangement to use when you want to integrate computers directly into the classroom curriculum?
  100. Technology in the Classroom

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