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    thank you

    jade ran 6 times around her block to complete a total of 1 mile. how many times will she need to run to complete 5/6 of a mile?
  3. world history

    A list of Nelson Mandela's legacy(ies)
  4. English

    I need help with 2 questions for this poem: Hear, nature, hear; dear goddess, hear! Suspend thy purpose, if thou didst intend To make this creature fruitful! Into her womb convey sterility! Dry up in her the organs of increase; [5] And from her derogate body never spring A ...
  5. Biology

    What is the name of the protein that breaks the hydrogen bonds in the double helix causing the DNA strands to separate during DNA replication? I have a test tomorrow so please help!
  6. Biology

    If P1 - virgin grey body, long wings female cross with P2 - ebony body vestigial wings male.... how do I figure out what the genotype is? I think it is like this... EVg for female and evg for male... but I honestly have no idea...
  7. Math

    x =11 dresses
  8. math

    I am confused but you game me the answer so thanks
  9. psychology

    states rights
  10. social studies

    a description on Guyana national flag
  11. Physics

    Elephants communicate via infrasound, at frequencies as low as 11 Hz that can travel up to 9 km. The intensity of these sounds can reach 106 dB, measured a distance of 4 m from the source. a) Determine the intensity level in W/m2 of the infrasound at 4 m from the source. b) ...
  12. physics

    An airplane traveling at v = 152 m/s emits a sound of frequency 1850 Hz. At what frequency does a stationary listener hear the sound as the plane approaches? Use 340 m/s for the speed of the sound and answer in Hz.
  13. English

    Which of the following is the repetition of consonants as in hip and hop? A. assonance B. consonance C. alliteration D. onomatopoeia I am putting B, Do you agree with my answer?
  14. English

    In “Summer,” the line “Bugs buzzin from cousin to cousin” illustrates which sound device? A. alliteration B. assonance C. onomatopoeia D. all of the above I believe it is D, Do you agree?
  15. English

    In the following sentence, which word is a preposition? I am going to the store. A. I B. am C. to D. the I believe the answer is C, do you agree?
  16. Math

    chris cuts half a rectangular lawn, 40m by 30m, by mowing strips of equal width around the perimeter. Jerri cuts the small rectangle left. How wide a stripe does Chris cut so they share the work equally
  17. Algebra

    Solve the inequality 1. m - 7 < 6 2. x + 4.5 more than or equal to 5.5 3.p + 12 > 9 4. Translate the following statement into an inequality: Five less than a number is at least nine. x - 5 more than or equal to 9 Show me how you did the work please?
  18. language arts

    Thanks Helping Hand
  19. chemistry (AP)

    The heat of neutralization of HCl (aq) by NaOH is -55.9Kj/mol H2) produced. If 50ml of 1.6M NaOH at 25.15 celsius is added to 25ml of 1.79M HCl at 26.34 celsius in a plastic foam cup calorimeter, what will be solution temperature be immediately after the neutralization ...
  20. Chemistry

    How many electrons can be described by the quantum numbers n = 2, l = 1, ml = -1? a.) 2 b.) 14 c.) 6 d.) 10 e.) 0 I thought it was 6 but here's my reasoning n = 2 energy levels l = 1 (p orbital) ml = -1 (I don't think this is relevant to the question?)
  21. Science Help!

    Since the arrows are pointing to the tree, the tree is taking in the Carbon for photosynthesis, so I think yes.
  22. Calculus

    Can I ask why you are using 0.692 in the exponent?
  23. Calculus

    Suppose an E. coli culture is growing exponentially at 37 ◦C. After 20 minutes at that temperature, there are 1.28×10^7 E. coli cells. After 60 minutes, there are 2.4×10^7 cells. How long does it take for the culture to have double the amount of cells that it...
  24. math problem solving

    leslie has 17 tomato plants that she wants to plant in rows. she will put 2 plants in some rows and 1 plant in others. how many different ways can she plant the tomato plants?
  25. math

    Start from 110 feet away, a person on a bicycle rides towards a checkpoint and then passes it. The rider is travelling at a constant rate of 30 feet per second. The distance between the bicycle and he checkpoint is given by the equation d = |110 - 30t|. At what time is the ...
  26. Science

    yeah is correct today I took the test and got a 100%
  27. Chemistry

    I was doing a lab and stared off with 10mL of HNO3 and the mass of copper which was 1.5120g. The question now is: With initial mass of copper wire being 1.5120g, calculate the volume of (16M) nitric acid that is required to fully react with the copper. Cu(s)+2HNO3(aq) --> ...
  28. Math

  29. model multiplication

    48 thanks just wanted to confirm my answer
  30. model multiplication

    jillian's garden, there are 3 rows of carrots, 2 rows of beans and 1 row of peas. there are 8 plants in each row. how many plants are there in all?
  31. math 4

  32. math 4

    please help
  33. math 4

    yson talked with 150 customers on his shift yesterday. Of those, 20% resulted in a successful upsell of additional purchases. If Tyson makes a $6 commission on top of his regular salary for each successful upsell that he makes, how much commission did he make yesterday? $ 30...
  34. math 3

    275 so it woulbb be the 230 plus the 45
  35. math 3

    A customer sent in a $230 check to pay off an overdue bill but failed to pay the interest that accrued over the 45 days after the posted due date. The original balance owed was $230, and the account accrues interest at $0.42 per day. What amount of money should the customer ...
  36. 2 math

    Denise spoke with a total of 80 customers on her shift at work today. Of those customers, 55% resulted in a sale, 15% said they would "come back another time", and 10% were sent to speak with the supervisor on shift. What is the total number of customer sales that ...
  37. 2math

    n January, a company named ACME had 100 employees. In February they lost 15 employees, and in March the company hired 25 new employees. How many employees were working for ACME at the beginning of April? 100 105 110 115
  38. Math

    I forgot how to do inequalities with a rational function. The question I have is: ((3x-2)/(x-1))<1
  39. Math

    So she saw 461 dolphins that are 5 year so we don't need to estimate on this problem. So I did 461/5 is 92 is the answer. Then the said how many did he spot per summer in the 5 summers he worked so I think we need to divide the answer which is 92 and the 5. 92/5 18 is your...
  40. math

    You estimate 547= 540 and 92= 90.So now divide 540/90 and there you got your answer. 60 is your answer
  41. physics

    The speed of all electromagnetic waves in empty space is 3.00 × 108 m/s. What isthe wavelengthofradio waves emit- ted at 97.9 MHz? Answer in units of m
  42. Physics Grade 12

    Heather is sitting on her car at a spotlight. At the instant light turns green, she starts accelerating at 2.2 m/s/s. At the same moment a truck rumbles past her car going a constant speed of 12.2 m/s. Heather is infuriated at being passed by a truck and she keeps accelerating...
  43. Grade 12 Physics

    Bredan is driving through town at 25m/s and begins to accelerate at a constant rate of -1.0m/s/s. Eventually Brendan comes to a complete stop. A) Represent Brendan's accelerated motion by sketching a velocity-time graph. B) Use the velocity-time graph to determine his ...
  44. math

    Don't know
  45. science

    A vehicle starts from rest and accelerates with a constant acceleration, covering 200m in 5s. it then continues at a constant velocity for 300m before decelerating with a constant 2m/s^2 deceleration to a stop. what is the maximum speed attained, total time traveled, total ...
  46. statistics

    Assign your numbers for mean μ and standard deviation σ. Then select one number "a" bellow μ and one number "b" above μ. Choose these numbers not far from μ so we can use z. Find probability that x is between a and b: P(a < x <...
  47. Math

    No it's 12 because you convert the 720 to get 120 then get 16-4=12 ok? I done this problem in math class (I am a kid by the way)
  48. chemistry

    1. What is the binding energy per nucleon? Why is the binding energy per nucleon, rather than per nuclide, used to compare nuclide stability? 2. When a nucleus forms from nucleons, is energy absorbed or released? Why? 3. Many scientists reacted skeptically to Einstein's ...
  49. Chemistry Please Help!!!

    Airbags contain a mixture of sodium azide, potassium nitrate, and silicon dioxide. A sensor detects a head on collision that cause the sodium azide to be ignited and to decompose forming sodium and nitrogen gas. This gas fills a nylon or polyamide bag such that the front face ...
  50. Science

    What are the affects when posting warning signs where there is a history of wildlife collisions. Please explain using jot dots please .
  51. Science

    I need some additional help. Can you help me?
  52. Science

    You are a scientist hired by the ministry to investigate its anti-collision strategies. Choose one of the five strategies above. Outline a procedure to test how well the strategy works. I've chosen adding highway lighting to improve night visibility. But how do I start it ...
  53. Science

    Thanks so much :)
  54. Science

    Thanks, by the way why is d a better answer ?
  55. Science

    Which of the government strategies for reducing collisions listed below might be the most effective? Explain your answer. a. Installing fencing along major highways b. Draining salty ponds near highways c. Posting warning signs d. Adding highway lighting to improve night ...
  56. Math

    Find three consecutive integers that have a sum of -402. Describe your strategy.
  57. Math

    What power of 7 is 40 353 607?
  58. algebra

    A lab assistant wants to make 5 liters of 27.2% acid solution. If solutions of 30% and 16% are in stock, how many liters of each must be mixed to prepare the solution?
  59. math

    A car costs $45000. The cost of the car depreciates by 30% each year. How muck will the car be worth in five years?
  60. science

    Why can we see ourselves in a mirror but not a wall
  61. science

    How do you calculate field of view
  62. Math

    The class with the greatest mean sales in a spring fundraiser will win a prize. The mean for Eric's class is $148. The mean for Natalia's class is $152. Natalia's sales total $150. If Natalia moves to Eric's class, the mean for each class increases. Explain why?
  63. algebra

    let the numbers be x, y, z 2x=y+z+11 2x-y-z=11 2x+3z=y+1 2x-y+3z=1 y=x+z -x+y-z=0 2x-y-z=11-------------- 1 2x-y+3z =1--------------2 -x+y-z= 0-------------- 3 consider equation 1 &2 Multiply 1 by -1 Multiply 2 by 1 we get -2x+y+z =-11 2x-y+3z =1 Add the two 4z=-10...
  64. English

    aside from any grammar or spelling mistakes how is this essay! Can the perfect ideal of loyalty ever be achieved? With no guidelines how can you match a book definition of loyalty. Loyalty is essential in human life, but what is it. The dictionary will describe loyalty as ...
  65. SP180.1.2 Principles of Public Speaking

    SP180.1.2 Principles of Public Speaking i need help with my outline. not sure where to go from here. I. TITLE: Bullying in schools A. General Purpose: To persuade B. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that bullying in schools need to be stopped C. Central idea: The ...
  66. Math

    A circular swimming pool has a diameter of 7.4m, and a height of 2.4m. What is the volume of the pool?
  67. Math

    will it be 824.25
  68. Math

    I went on that website but I don't understand it
  69. Math

    How do you calculate the surface area of a cylinder when the diameter is 15cm and the height it 10cm
  70. Math

    b) The median of 15,17,13,19,20,33,22,18 and __ is 18.5 . Is it possible the determine the missing value?
  71. Chemistry

  72. Chemistry

    how would you do this question when i did it i did -log(1.0) but that is just 0 so what it the procedure to do this question Calculate the pH of a 1.0 mol/L aqueous solution of sodium benzoate. Note: Only the benzoate ion affects the pH of the solution.
  73. Lone Peak High

    How much of a stock (18.5 M) HCl solution would be required to make 100mL of 0.025 M HCl?
  74. Science

    That's what I'm thinking..
  75. Science

    So 35 x 9.8 = 343 N 343 x 3.0 = 1029 J Is that the answer to A or B, I'm a bit confused
  76. Science

    a)How much work is required to lift a 35-kg object from the ground 3.0 m into the air? b) How much gravitational potential energy did this object gain?
  77. Science

    Calculate the work done in each of the following situations. a) A horse pulls a wagon with a force of 1200 N and moves it 15 m. b) A cable lifts an elevator 16 m by using a cable with a tension force of 2500 N.
  78. science

    When you do work to lift an object, what form of energy does the object gain
  79. Science

    An object has a mass of 5.0 kg on the surface of the Moon. What would be the object's: a) mass on Earth b) force of gravity on Earth
  80. Health

  81. Health

    What is Marijuana ? Can you get cancer from Marijuana ? Is it good or bad for you? I need h
  82. Language

    I need help answering this question.. How did you or your family deal or cope with these issues? These are the social justice issues i came up with : Poverty, Alcohol & drinking, violence, racism, and lack of human rights.. I know it's my own opinion but I don't know ...
  83. Math

    A) temperature readings taken over five years
  84. Math

    State the types of graphs that you could use to present each set of data below.Which type of graph do you think is most appropriate? Data
  85. History

    Ontario,Quebec,Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
  86. History

    Explain why some british politicians thought it would be good for Great Britain to keep the colonies?
  87. History

    in which ways did the colonies of British north america benefit from the intercolonial railways
  88. English

    No just an essay not a life story
  89. English

    What's a good title for a mother Teresa essay?
  90. Science

    The meter per second squared is the unit of Acceleration. My answer is a, acceleration.
  91. English

    Thank you.
  92. English

    What does this sentence mean? It was a rainy season which caused the river to be swollen.
  93. Math

    Jane has a set of green, black and yellow pens. The green pens make up 1/3 of the set, the set has 5 black pens, the yellow pens is twice the number of black pens. How many pens are in Jane set?
  94. Science

    i don't understand
  95. chemistry

    if 21.54 grams of caco3 is added to an ecxess of HCl in the equation Cacl3+2Hcl produces Cacl3+co2+H20, what mass does co2 produce?
  96. math

    The deck of a swimming pool had the same width all the way around. The perimeter of the pool is 50m. The outside perimeter of the deck is 74m. What is the width of the deck?
  97. math

    How do I find the number of millimeters long a beak is?
  98. English

    He wasn't hungry because he had a late lunch.
  99. physics grade 10 icse

    two balls of masses in ratio 1:2 are dropped from the same height find : a. the ratio between their velocities when they strike the ground and b. the ratio of the forces acting on them during motion
  100. 3 questions~~~

    These are the answers for NC Connections Academy.Trust me I got a 100% on the test. Lesson 14: Fair Use Connections Education 96102Y0 Educational Technology & Online Learning 8 Unit 6: Internet Safety 1)B 2)A 3)C
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