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3 gulps

A denominator of a fraction exceeds the numerator by 1 if 2 is taken from each the sum of the reciprocal of the new fraction and 4 times the original fraction is 5. Find the original fraction

Points in favour: 1.Diffusion helps reduce the pollution of toxic gases. Points against: 1. old stains of ink, tea/coffee, cooked food are hard to remove through diffusion, or just hard to remove ... HELP PLS....V.V.IMPORTANT

A 445 g sample of ice at -58CENTIGRADE iS HEated until its temparature reaches -29 centigrade.find the change in heat contend of the system.

whats the catchy title for aluminum which can be used for poster making??

what is the truth of the sky and ocean being blue?

English Literature
what is the difference between allegory and eligy?

English Literature
what is the difference between a prose and a poem?

analytical chemistry
its because of addition of ammonia and dehydrogenation occurs

for effective production the soil must be fertile,provide water.fertility of soil depends on the amount of minerals and dead matter or humus present.the most fertile soil is alluvial soil which is rich in minerals and humus.effective growth also needs sunlight

English literature
Give me information on the evolution of sentimental comedy

English Literature
An assignment on sentimental comedy

during night,the sun goes out na? and the atmosphere is cold and when ac works it is made cooler.but during day,the sun shines and the atmosphere is hoter so when the ac works,its less colder than at night

Communicative English
Keeping piece over all the countries of the world...

a sexual reflex

carrying capacity is your capacity of eating,eat knowing amount of food which is available to you in your house or somewhere

social studies
can you please tell me about brihadeeshwara temple and the ways to protect it? I can't find much in terms of protecting it. I assume it's protected under some law citing it as a historic masterpiece, but I did not see anything in what I was searching through that gave ...