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  1. Science

    Which system contains divisions such as peripheral, central and autonomic? digestive nervous endocrine reproductive Other:
  2. math HELP PLEASE

    Ravi is putting up a fence in his backyard. He builds 3 units the first day, 7 units the second day and 11 units the third day. If he continues this pattern, how many days will it take him to finish the 55 unit fence?
  3. Math

    Thank you ^^
  4. Math

    Term # Term Value 1 6 2 11 3 16 4 21 5 26 6 31 7 36 8 41 Write a pattern rule that tells us how the value of each term can be calculated from the term number.
  5. history

    wait whats the answer
  6. Science

    thxs cupcake:)
  7. physics

    A glass window with a mass of 20kg is heated to a temperature of 32C by the sun. How much thermal energy is released by the window to the surroundings as it cools to 5C at night? The answer is 4.5x10^5 J but I don't know how to get there. Thank you!
  8. physics

    How much heat is required to convert 3kg of ice at -5 degees C into steam at 125 degrees C?
  9. Math

    What do you mean?
  10. Math

    Determine whether the number is rational, irrational, or not a real number. 1. 3.316624. . . 2. 3.16227. . . 3. 0 4. square root of 14 5. square root of 10/3 6. -4 7. square root of 9/16 8. 3/0 9. 6.283185. . . 10. 8.432467. . . 11. 0.25
  11. Biology

    I wasn't guessing I actualy didn't know if I was right and I wanted u to tell me y I was wrong
  12. Biology

    No is it a type of rock
  13. Biology

    During the Late Carboniferous, Indiana lay close to the equator, making the climate humid and warm. Swamps and wetlands were prominent in much of the state. Dominant fossil plants from this time include lycopods, conifers, and seed ferns (extinct gymnosperms). Plant material ...
  14. Chemistry

    for any solute what important condition must be stated in order to report the solubility answer
  15. biology

    All of the cells are in the very early stages of embryonic development and have not begun to differentiate into specialized types of cells. What type of cells would these be? A) gametes B) stem cells C) somatic cells D) epidermal cells
  16. Biology

    All of the cells are in the very early stages of embryonic development and have not begun to differentiate into specialized types of cells. What type of cells would these be?
  17. math

    to rent a van a moving company charges $40.00 plus $7.50 per mile. the table shows the total cost for the number of miles driven. enter an equation in slope- intercept in this represents this situation
  18. Math

    What Is the Unit Rate of 130 miles in 5 hours
  19. biology help

    no help but ok
  20. biology help

    Unicellular Has a cell wall May have flagella Single chromosome Ribosomes for protein synthesis
  21. biology help

    The features listed above describe what type of cell? Unicellular Has a cell wall May have flagella Single chromosome Ribosomes for protein synthesis
  22. English

    I think you should omit the the card. It makes more sense without it
  23. biology

    How many possible genotypes and phenotypes are there for a single gene trait that shows dominance in any given population?
  24. Biology

    Mutations can occur in the chromosomes of all types of cells. Mutations that are passed on to offspring must occur in
  25. Social Studies

    Thank You so much!!!!!!!
  26. Math

    Jonah and his friends go apple-picking Jonah fills 5 baskets each basket holds 15 apples if 4 of Jonah's friends same amount as Jonah how many apples did Jonah his friends pick in all draw a diagram to solve the problem
  27. Language Arts

    Thxs guys got a 100%
  28. Language Arts

    Omg thank you guys I dont think this is cheating its using your resources wisely:)
  29. Social Studies

    yeah shy is right thx you so much
  30. Math

    write each rational number in the form ab where a and b are integers
  31. Algebra 1

    Thanks so much
  32. Algebra 1

    11n+23=3n-13+84 Solving multistep linear equations If someone could show me step by step how to do this it would mean alot god bless!
  33. Social Studies (check my answers)

    thxs 100%
  34. math

    Could someone please help me answer this question i am stuck! A Marketing company provides the following formulas to the owner of an amusement park to help him make decisions about the park. -The number , N, of people who attend the park is a function of price, p, in dollars: ...
  35. Math

    thank you for answering the question! but I am still not understanding it properly. If you don't mind solving it step by step so I understand how its done. Thank you
  36. Math

    Could someone please help me to solve this equation using exact values. 9^(2x)+4(9^x)=21 and also check for extraneous roots. thank you
  37. Math

    Could someone please help me with this!
  38. Math

    Sorry me and my friends were working together so everyone was asking question with their names.
  39. Math

    Two software companies are developing new android apps. The average profit per x hundred downloads earned by each company can be modelled by the rational functions below, where x > or equal to 0. Trance Media: G(x)=80x+150/x Ellen's incorporated: B(x)=35x+600/x How many...
  40. Math

    please could someone answer this question!
  41. Math

    could you please help in finding the second value of t. thank you
  42. Chemistry

    What is the unit for molality? The unit for molality is moles per kg Or M/kg
  43. life orientatio

  44. Maths

    Find the equation of the parabola with its axis parallel to x-axis and passing through the points (-2,1),(1,2),(-1,3)
  45. Maths

    Find the equation of the parabola with latus rectum joining the points (3,5) and (3,-3)
  46. science

    The momentum of a tennis ball and football is the same.Do they have the same kinetic energy? Justify your answer
  47. Physical science

    Describe how to determine the ideal machanical advantage of each type of simple machine How are the lever and the wheel and axle related?
  48. Algebra 1

    find the explicit formula. 1. 0.5, -1, 2, -4 ... 2. 5, -5/3, 5/9, -5/27 ... 3. 1.25, 5, 20, 80 .... 4. -4, -24, -144, -864 ... 5. 4, 12, 36, 108 ... 6. 3, -15, 75, -375 ... 7. 2, 4, 8, 16 ... 8. 3/2, 3/4, 3/8, 3/16 ... 9. -1, -6, -36, -216 ... 10. 3, 12, 48, 192 ...
  49. English

    1. Odysseus makes a sacrifice to sovereign death and pale Persephone what does this background tell you about Hades? 2. the painting illustrates the descent of Ulysses (Odysseus)into the underworld. how has the artist distinguished between Ulysses and the dead? 3. do you think...
  50. Math

    11.111111 hours
  51. Algebra 1

    1.the number of bacteria present in a colony is 180 at 12 noon and the bacteria grows at a rate of 22% per hour. how many will be present at 8pm? 2.A 1970 comic book has appreciated 10% per year and originally sold for $0.35. What will it be worth on 2010? 3.The cost of a high...
  52. Math

  53. math

    There is one coach for every 12 players. How many coaches will be needed for 48 volleyball players? Use a bar diagram to solve. (I know the answer is 4 coaches, but I don't know how to draw the diagram for the problem)
  54. Math

    on the weekend, the county pool has one open-lap lane session for 45 minutes each day of the weekend. weekday open-lap sessions are for 30 minutes. the number of weekday open-lap sessions vary. last week there were a total of 6 hours of open-lap sessions. how many weekday open...
  55. math

    Instead of using the distributive property to expand 0.25 x ( 16.60a + 12.20y), could you have first found the sum 16.60a +12.20y? Explain.
  56. math

    (3x+1.5)+(7x-4.5) 10x-4
  57. Math Pre-Algebra

    Maria has baked a cake for Cathy's birthday. The dimensions of the cake are 13/1/2 inches by 6/3/4 inches. The cake is going to be cut into squares with each piece being approximately 5.55% of the cake, which should give a total of _______ pieces of cake with each piece ...
  58. Math

    If x is a nonzero real number,is x-2 always positive,always negative,or positive or negative depending on whether x is possible or negative explain
  59. Math Pre-Algebra

    How would you solve this problem? (s-4/9)(-2/3)=-4/5
  60. Math

    How would you solve this problem? (s-4/9)(-2/3)=-4/5
  61. math

    ok, so you would make 6 a fraction which is 6/1 and for 2/7 find the recipricol of it which is 7/2. then, multiply 6/1 and 7/2. You will result in 21.
  62. Pre-algebra

    How would you solve this problem? (s-4/9)(-2/3)=-4/5
  63. Pre-algebra

    never mind i checked and my answer is correct, but what do you mean by expanding the parenthesis?
  64. Pre-algebra

    -14 is the answer right?
  65. Pre-algebra

    How would you solve this equation? (t+8)(-2)= 12
  66. Algebra

    1.Is the line contains the points P1(-1,2)and P2(3,4) perpendicular to the line that contains the points Q1(-1,3)and Q2(-4,1)? 2.a line given two points P1(4,5),P2(-4,3)
  67. Algebra

    Explain how you can determine from the graph of a system of two linear equation in two variables whether is an inconsistent system of equation. 2. When you solve a system of equation by the substitution method how do you determine whether the system of equation is inconsistent?
  68. linux networking

    What are two ways you can execute a shell script when you do not have execute permission for the file containing the script? Can you execute a shell script if you do not have read permission for the file containing the script?
  69. LA

    thx u dah best
  70. Language Art

    cool thx u 100%
  71. Algebra

    tony and his sister maria have the same birthday but tony is five years older than maria let the varible x represent tonys age and y represent maris age. which graph represents the relationship between tons age and marias age?
  72. bayside hs

    One genetic disease was tested positive in both parents of one family. It has been known that any child in this family has a 25% risk of inheriting this disease. A family has three children. The probability of this family having at least two children who inherited this genetic...
  73. Algebra

    you have a rack that can fit 30 cds you can fit 7 more cds on the rack before the rack is fulll which equation models this situation appropiratly where x represents the number of cds?

    1. A 2. C those are correct answers
  75. Algebra

    the table shows the heights in inches of trees after they have been planted. determine the equation which relates x and y
  76. civics

    going global unit exam
  77. Math

  78. Math

    kk thxs
  79. Math

  80. Math

    A line passes through the points (4,-1) and (2,3. what is the slope of this line? A. -1/2 B. -2 C. 1/2 d. 2
  81. Language

    An appositive is a small section of extra information which is inserted into a sentence for clarification. Commas are usually used to offset the appositive, but if the appositive contains one or more commas, that would get confusing for the reader. When using an appositive ...
  82. Language

    charles lutwidge dodgson
  83. Language

    the second one Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
  84. Language

    yes you are correct
  85. Language

    yeah i agree
  86. Language

    what's the full sentence?
  87. Language

    the answer is c. a prepositional phrase always starts with a preposition
  88. math

    plz help me
  89. math

    The range for company a is 7 and company b is 11. compare the range of each company's sales.
  90. civics

    thank you for the info it helped sooo much :)
  91. civics

    for the countries in north america each import and export different products the united states exports to other countries on every continent why is this possible
  92. studio art

    how is a interior designer in a modern kitchen most different from interior design found in nineteenth century kitchen
  93. science

    A new organism is introduced into a ecosystem. it gets its nutrients from a dead tree. can this organism be described as a scavenger or decomposer
  94. LA

    oh ok. thanks so much:)
  95. LA

    Computers make calculations incredibly quickly. intransitive or *transitive verb*? They perform many tasks that people often find boring and difficult. transitive or *intransitive*?
  96. geometry

    25times 25= 3.14times25times25
  97. social studies

    what are some examples where societies influence each other?
  98. ss

    where do our alphabet come from? is it from the phoenicians
  99. social studies

    What are some examples when world history gives you the understanding of the world and how societies have impact on each other.
  100. please answer my question (math)

    the price of a 3- pack spinner is one third the price of the of a dozen flyboys. write and solve a division equation to find the price of a dozen fly-boys. there are $3 for each 3-pack spinner . is the equation supposed to be n/12=27?
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