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health care 220
can someone just tell me how to do this I can not get a hold of my teacher. I do not want the answer I just do not understand how to do it. A. Use the matrix below to describe each approach to organizing information about the body. Discuss how each approach can be used. ...

Hey guys! I'm thinking that B is the correct answer, but doesn't the DNA that is going to be inserted into the vector complementary to the mRNA strand? Would appreciate some help! Which one of the following is the biggest challenge that must be overcome in order to get...

Physics - please, I really need help.
I'm not sure whether to use a lens with a -15 focal length, but is that even possible? I think it's supposed to be about converging and diverging lenses; does one have a positive focal length and the other a negative one?

If you had to straighten out a refracted ray that went through a lens with a focal length of +15 cm, what could you do?

3rd grade
I was attempting to help my daughter with homework and this question really isn't clear. It should specify between adding and multiplying only. Then the answer would be yes.

Thankyou very much :] I will take a look.

I go to u32 and i forgot my reading book My Brother Sam is dead at school. If i could please have some help, it would be greatly aprreciated! ¢¾ For last nights assignment we had to read chapter 1, and make a prediction about what will happen later on in the book. ...

ok thank you

here is the assingment i do not know if he wants me to answer all of those for the four groups what dose it sound like to you guys and can you help. Assignment: Hispanic American Diversity • Resources: Racial and Ethnic Groups, the University Library, and the Internet &#...

sci 275
thank you

sci 275

sci 275
THIS IS THE ASSINGMENT CAN ANYONE HELP 4. CheckPoint: Terrestrial Resource Plan •Resources: Ch. 12-16 of Visualizing Environmental Science and Appendix F •Due Date: Day 5 [Individual forum] •Choose a terrestrial resource issue discussed ...

SCI 125
What are 3 freshwater resource issues? What are 3 ocean water resource issues? Choose one fresh or ocean water resource challenge and describe in detail why the issue has become a problem and how human activities have contributed to the problem.

ethnics 125
here is the assingment I was needing help on. a 200- to 300-word summary of a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. Identify the legislation that you think is linked to the issue, and explain why you think there is a connection. Consult the ...

why was the religious legislation of feudal governments a succes

discuss the benefits and challenges of urbanization and how the U.N. Conference gave awards for urban development projects that improved human settlements.

Science 275
discuss the benefits and challenges of urbanization and how the U.N. Conference gave awards for urban development projects that improved human settlements.

Science 275
how did the U.N conference give awards for the urban development to porjects that improved human settlements?

For my analyzing media essay I will be writing about the topic of law, as I was assigned it in class. I want to write about how society sets its own predetermined laws for everyone to follow but sometimes certain people disobey the common norms to hide something deeper within...

5x4 is?

finite math-random variables
Assume that a deck of cards contains 4 aces, 5 other face cards, and 13 non-face cards, and that you randomly draw 3 cards. A random variable Z is defined to be 3 times the number of aces plus 2 times the number of other face cards drawn. Complete the probability density ...

Assigning costs to inventory-perpetual symstem. Dec. 7 10 units @ $6 Dec. 14 20 units @ $12 Dec. 21 @ $14 Trader sells 15 units for $25 each on Dec,15 eight of the sold units are from Dec. 7 purchase and seven are from Dec. 14 purchase. Determine the costs assigned to Dec.31 ...

A company using the periodic inventory system has the following account balances: Merchandise Inventory at the beginning of the year, $4,000; Transportation-In, $450; Purchases, $12,000; Purchases Returns and Allowances, $2,300; Purchases Discounts, $220. The cost of ...

Barton County Community College
What is the proper adjusting entry at June 30, the end of the fiscal year, based on a prepaid insurance account balance before adjustment, $15,500, and unexpired amounts per analysis of policies, $4,500?

Language Arts
Is there a place on the internet where you can make sentences from letters of a word ?

Financial accounting
That is the problem, there is no examples and the instructor(he) says he can not give any examples. Here is what I have to work with a b c d Sales $60,000 $42,500 $36,000 ? Cost of goods sold Merchandise 6,000 17,050 7,500 7,000 inventory(begin) Total cost of purchase36,000...

Financial accounting
I'm lost on how to do calculate revenues, expenses, and income. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I am a student online at Axia. HELP!!!!!!

just a bunch of alphabets

Principles of Business
hello can you give me some help on the topic production.

What are adjectives in the following sentences. 1. The little electic car chugged over the steep hill and into the valley. 2. A bitter wind was blowing off the ocean the night that Keith heard the entire howling. 3. The unpublished story revealed a new side of Faulkner to the ...

i don't get it

What do you think causes certain landforms to be in same place and not others?

simplify 19.(-30)-57

Sodium intake can be controlled by A. Carefully Reading labels on processed foods Which type of exercise increase fat loss C. High duration/ low intensity

if you had 2.00 moles of solute dissolved into 1.00 of solvent.whats the molality?

what role do health care workers play in determing quality care?

Algebra 2
x1* Excuse me. k is your variable for x1 the way I set it up.

Algebra 2
Formula of a slope is (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) K is your variable for x2 Substitute: 2- -4 (or 2+4) divided by -1-k Set the equation and solve for "k": 6/(-1-k) = -1/2 6 = (1+k)/2 12 = 1+k k = 11

5.432 x 10^2 6.700008 x 10^3 The number you have in front must be between 1 and below 10. You multiply that by ten to a certain power. Ex: 10^0 = 1, 10^1 = 10. 5.0 x 10^1 = 50. Remember to retain all significant figures.

Organic Chemistry
I'm a beginner in the subject. It's a category that is overviewed in my AP Chem class. I need some help understanding the following: dimethyl-n-butylmethane diethylmethylmethane diethyldimethylmethane trimethylisobutylmethane diethylisopropylmethane ...

Ethnic Diversity
I to am taking this class at Axia, and have enjoyed some of these answers that I have found at this site.

Under 20 21-30 31-40 Male 12 12 17 Female 13 16 21 If two people are selected at random, what is the probability they are both female?

x ________________<20* |<90* y | |<70* (hypotenuse length is 12 units) I'm learning about trig ratios, and my dad was trying to compare it to a circle or something? All I know is sin = a/c cos = b/c tan = a/b you're trying to figure out the proportions of the...

drug use infomation that is rightfully private and only in expectional cases can an employer claim a right to know about such. defend

algebra ll
the slope question was a line that passes through 2,4 and -7,8

algebra ll
for the sloe question the multiple choices are either -4/9,-4/5,5/4,-9/4 which one is it

algebra ll
find f(a) if f(t) equals 2t2 -t - 2 find the slope of a line that passes through (2,4,)(-7,8)

algebra lll
that is the answer for 5 plus 8 times 2 divide by 4 - 11 -2

algebra lll

algebra lll
find the value: 5 plus 8 . 2 divide by 4 -11

My topic is "Should kids have to address teachers as Ma'am and Sir?" I am on the affermative side and i need help!!!

Hi - I have some data from a biology experiment that I need to find out if it is significant and I don't know what test to use - maybe Anova - but I am not sure which variables are which. I used 4 levels of light (from dark to bright). 30 sandflies. At 4 different times I ...


o What information about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to specific minority groups?

When the Whites came, they took away most of the Native American's land for gold rush. the Native American had few lands left and suffered starving.

need help with paraphrasing. “ The Wasichus came, and they have made little islands for us and other little islands for the four-leggeds, and always these islands are becoming smaller, for around them surges the gnawing flood of the Wasichu; and it is dirty with lies and ...

physical science
a stone is thrown horizontally at a speed of 5.o m/s from the top of a cliff 78.4 m high. How long does it take the stone to reach the bottom of the cliff?

Earth Science
(3) 20%

if you paid rent, what is debited & credited?

why did e. e. cummings write the poem Mariann Morre --M in a vicious world-to love virtue A in a craven world-to have courage R in a treacherous world-to prove loyal I in a wavering world-to stand firm A in a cruel world-to show mercy N in a biased world-to act justly N in a ...

The width of a swimming pool is 18.5 ft, and the length is 10.75 ft. Write the ratio of length to width as ratio of whole numbers. Is the right answer 5/9?

Please help me with this math problem. A woman is given a loan of $20,000. for 1 year. If the instrest charged is $800, the was was the intrest rate on the loan? To get the answer I set the problem up like this: R= 800/20,000= 25(1/100)= 25/100= 25% but I know this cant be ...

I have this application that I cant figure out how to work. Please help without giving me the answer. A tree casts a shadow that measures 5 m. At the same time, a meter stick casts a shadow that is 0.4 m long. How tall is the tree?

Physics (please check!)
I have the same exact question as BAdams did in 2008! I was wondering if anyone could explain this in further detail. A positively charged light metal ball is suspended between two oppositely charged metal plates on an insulating thread as shown below. After being charged once...

They're sub t.

Januar = January

The alternation of generations is found in all plants. What does this suggest about the origin of all plant?

critical thinking
I think I have the two arguments but I want to make sure before I go on. The first one Since it is the very nature of terrorism not only to cause immediate damage but also to strike fear in the hearts of the population under attack, one miht say that the terrorists were ...

Algebra 4th grade
Evaluate each expression for x = 3 2x x (3x) + 5 --- 6

Write the ratio of 14 to 10 in lowest terms

what shape does cyclohexane has? what shape does ethanol has? please help

physical science
A player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200 kg hockey puck by 6 m/s in 2 seconds. How much force did the puck exert on the hockey stick?

physical science
A player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200 kg hockey puck by 6 m/s in 2 seconds. how much force was exerted on the Puck?

#sons = h #daughters = d brothers = b sisters = s h = b+s d = h/2 so if you have one daughter you have two sons and so on so forth because the daughters only equal half of the sons.

confirmation of multiple choice questions biology
1. The net gain of ATP after glycolysis is .. A) two B) four C) 34 D) 36 I think it's A. 2. During photosynthesis water .. A) is made B) breaks down C) is not necessary I put B. 3. The most immediate effect of chloroplasts with non-functioning thylakoids is that .. A) ...

biology - confirmation of true / false answers
1) A product of yeast fermentation is LACTIC ACID. False 2) To begin glycolysis, FOUR ATP molecules are needed. False 3) Anaerobic respiration takes place in the CYTOSOL. True 4) Glucose enters the cell by FACILITATED DIFFUSION. True 5) If an animal cell is denied oxygen gas, ...


biology - true or false
1) The dark reaction (Calvin cycle) will not take place in the presence of light. 2) If the concentration of carbon dioxide increases, chances are photosynthesis will plateua if there is an insufficient amount of light.

Another Ion Question
ION // F- IONS OUTSIDE CELL // 19,000 IONS INSIDE CELL // 20,000 Why would this ion leave the cell? Explain please.

Ions, Ions
ION // H+ IONS OUTSIDE THE CELL // 2,000 IONS INSIDE THE CELL // 10 Will this ion enter or leave the cell? Explain why.

i got $47.34

Collage Algebra
A picture frame has a total perimeter of 2 meters. The height of the frame is 0.62 times its width. (a) Write the height in terms of the width and write an equation for the perimeter in terms of the width. I know that the height would be h=0.62w but I don't know how to set...

Federal Tax II
Perry organized Cardinal Corporation 10 years ago by contributing property worth $2 million, basis of $450,000 for 2,500 shares of stock in Cardinal, representing 100% of the stock in the corporation. Perry later gave each of his children, Brittany and Julie, 750 shares of ...

I'm writing a paper on comparing and contrasting the emotional characteristics of Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice and Jane from Jane Eyre, and need help with my thesis. My working thesis is: Elizabeth Bennett and Jane Eyre tend to let subconscious feelings rule their ...

environmental science

The height h in feet of an object after t seconds is given by the function h=-16t^2+70t+5. How long will it take the object to hit the ground? Round your answer to the nearest thousandth. If that is the function, you need to have a value for the height to find the time. I hope...

The U.S. population in 1990 was approximately 250 million, and the average growth rate for the past 30 years gives a doubling time of 66 years. The above formula for the United States then becomes P (in millions)= 250 x 2( y-1990)/66 1.What was the approximate population of ...

In a game, a player tosses a coin 4 times. If the player gets 3 or 4 heads, he/she wins. What is the theoretical probability of winning this game? I just need to know the outcomes. I don't know how to get them. Please and Thank you. Coin 1: 50% Heads Coin 2: 50% Heads Coin...

chem. Combined Gas laws
(2.3 * 17) * 350 = 13685 299 * 1.5 = 448.5 13685 / 448.5 = 30.5 v2 = 30.5L

key contributors to Christianity's impact on philosophy Here are many places within Jiskha where this question has already been addressed: =) Hi Angela! There's a lot to this. A line is hard ...

Math--- Question
if something cost $4.17 and serves 7 meals .if you round to the nearest cent what would be the cost of serving

The kinetic energy of a particle of mass m is found by taking one half of the product of the mass and the square of the velocity. Write an expression for the knetic energy of a particle. KE=.5mv^2

I have a project, how can I make a marble stay inside a shoebox for a long time ,and it has to be in movement use a machine that can keep the box moving so the marble will stay moving. whatever you do, make sure that the top is on the shoebox and that there are no holes in the...

Algebra 2
Find a real plynomial equation with real coefficients that has the given roots. 3-2i, 3+2i Should I just make it [x- (3-2i)][x + (3-2i)] then multiply it out and there's my answer? angela, thanks for your help how did you get the 56.80 from my problem. I've tried so ...

I am in this class. I found it best to start with one group and finish all the questions. For instance talk about the Mexican American's, about linguistic (which is language), political, religous. Type each one of those in, and you should be fine. I will provide what I ...

logic riddle
please figure out WHAT THE AUTHOR DID... A SIN OF OMISSION around midnight, a sly looking man slips into a luxury city building. a woman occupant, watching his actions from a fourth-floor window, grows suspicious and dials 911 for a patrol car. This lady complains, "A man...

8 m.

8 m

Protein denaturations are usually irreversible but may be reversible under a narrow range of conditions. At pH 2.0, at temperatures ranging from about 40 degrees celcius to 50 degrees celcius, there is an equilibrium between the active form P and the deactivated form D of the ...

The equilibrium constant K for the hydrolysis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and phosphate is 1.66X10^5 at 37 degrees celcius, and Standard Delta H is -20.1 kJ/mol. Calculate Standard Delta S for the hydrolysis at 37 degrees celcius. On the ...

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