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s = 21 km/h c = 6 km/h

The normal weight (w) in pounds of a male between 60 and 70 inches tall is related to his height (h) in inches and is represented by w=11/2h-220, if a boy weight 145 pounds, how tall is he?

3 charges are arranged along the x-axis. q1 = -4.50 nC is located at x = 0.200m q2 = +2.50 nC is located at x = -0.300m q3 = is a positive character located at the origin. What is the value of q3 for the net eletric force on it to be 4*10^-6 N? I found the charge on q3 to be...

Simplify the following. 1. -27x43h+2 9x h

Why the polar form(2.83,45) is written a rectangular complex number like this: 2.83*cos45 + j*(2.83*sin45) I would like some explication please. Thanks!

Can someone help me with this? :)

Find x √2x/9.81= √(300+x)^2+60^2/150

i'am a four digit numeral between 3000 and 4000.My ones digit is 2 greater than my thousands digit. the two digits are the same. If the sum of my digit is, 20, what number am i in roman numeral?

what is the smallest and largest whole number that rounds off to 220?

i the numeral 57,850 how many times greater is the value of the digit 5 in the ten thousands place than the digit 5 in the tens place?

width=16.9981 length=22.7084

the problem dosent say it has a radius of .20 m

A cord connected at one end to a block which can slide on an inclined plane has its other end wrapped around a cylinder resting in a depression at the top of the plane as shown in the figure (Intro 1 figure) . Determine the speed of the block after it has traveled 1.80 m along...

Labor Economics
What is the effect of an increase in the price of market goods on a worker's reservation wage, probability of entering the labour force, and hours of work? THanks for the help

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