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Compared to yesterday you did 3 times the work in one third the time. To so so your power output must have been: a) the same as yesterday's power output b)one third of yesterday's power output c)3 times yesterday's power output d)9 times yesterday's power ...

A force of 20 N is applied horizontally to a 1 kg mass on a level surface. The coefficient of friction is .2. if the mass is moved a distance of 5m what is the change in KE? W= change in Ke Fd= Change in KE (20)(5)=Change in Ke 200 J =change in Ke But the thing is how would I ...

A 1000kg car accelerates from 0 to 25m/s in 8s. What is the average power delivered by the engine? (1hp=746W) P=W/t p=Fd/t P=Fv p=mav =1000(25/8)(25) =78125W which is about 104.725 hp Is this correct?

A ball falls from the top of a building . through the air(air resistance is present) to the ground below. How does the KE just before hitting the ground compare to the PE at the top of the building? Isn't KE and PE equal to each other in this situation? Since I believe ...

What work is required to stretch a spring of spring constant 500N/m from x1=.2m to x2=.25m? Assume the unstreched position is at x=0. W=Fd so w=(500)(.25-.2) =500(.05) =25J is this correct? Calculate the work required to compress an initially uncompressed spring with a spring ...

If your last electric bill for sept. was $105. If the average price is 6.5 cents per kw, how many kw did your household use in September? 1kw/.065 = x/$105 .065x=105 x=1615.38 kw is this correct? How many Joules is that? I know that 1W =1Joule/second 1kw=1000W so 1615.38kw /...

A 15 N force is needed to move an object with constant velocity of 5 m/s. What power must be delivered to the object by the force? I konw that P=W/t and W=Fd But other than that I am confused . I am not sure how i would solve this problem.

A wooden block is moving on a rough level surface. It originally has 25J of kinetic energy. If the friction force acting on it is a constant 1N how far will it slide before comming to a stop? KE=F_f 1/2mv^2=F_n (meu) but the problem i run into is that meu and the mass isn'...

A 50kg skier pushes off the top of a hill with an initial speed of 5m/s. Neglect friction. How fast will he be moving after dropping 20m in elevation? I was wondering if i did this problem correct. PE + KE_f = KE_i mgh +1/2mv_f^2 =1/2mv_i^2 50(10)(20) + 1/2 (50)v_f^2 = 1/2(50...

A 50kg skier starts from rest from the top of a 100m slope. What is the speed of the skier on reaching the bottom of the slope? Neglect friction. would i do this: =PE + KE =mgh +1/2mv^2 =50(10)(100) + 1/2 (50)v^2 =50000 +25v^2 =2000 =v^2 44.7m/s =v Is this correct? Thank in ...

what is cultural blindness

HElp me !!!!!!! Malia told Lucia that she had figured out a pattern for computing the number of 3-letter names for any plane if she knew how many letters were named on the plane. For example, if there were four points, there were 4x 3x 2x 1 names possible. lucia said this ...

Algebra 1

In An American Childhood how does Annie Dillard reference life or death through the waterfall scene on page 150

Line L contains the points given in the table below. If the slope of line m is 1/3 the slope of line L what are three points that could be on line m? x 1 2 3 y -7 5 17 A.(1,-2),(2,10),(3,22) B.(1,-7),(2,3),(3,1) C.(1,-7),(2,2),(3,6) D.(1,-7),(2,2),(3,22)

: if the quotient 3m^2 +15m / m^2 divided by 30/ m^2 + 5m is simplified to lowest terms, which of the following is the denominator of the resulting expression? the options are 10 30m^2 m^2 +5m or m^2( m+5) 10, with the restriction that m cannot be zero.

algebra 1 I NEED HELP!!
the bottom of a 25-foot ladder is placed 7 feet from a wall. How far will the ladder reach up? Since the ladder, wall, and ground form a right triangle, you can use this formula: A squared + B squared = C squared A = 7 feet C = 25 feet B = distance the ladder will reach 49 + B...

You work in the Human Resources department of your organization. You have been charged with recruiting a manager for a department within the Services division. The Vice-President of the Services division stresses to you that "This department hasn’t had a good manager...

Chemistry- acids and bases
Given the following neutralization raction: HCO3^- + OH^- <=> CO2[over]3^- + H2O a. label the conjugate acid-base pairs in this system b. is the forward or reverse reaction favored? Explain. Write net ionic equations that represent the following ractions: a. the ...

Okay, so apparently ASA and FeCl3 form a violet complex and FeCl3 forms with phenol groups to make purple. Looking at the structures of ASA and salicylic acid, only salicylic acid has the phenol group. The thing is, salicylic acid is supposed to be an impurity in the ...

culteral diversity
The creation of minority group status for Mexican Americans reflected the dynamics of

graph y=4

Calculus, antiderivatives
A student accelerates from rest at a rate of 3 miles/min^2. How far will the car have traveled at the moment it reaches a velocity of 65 miles/60 min? a(t) = 3 miles/min^2 so v(t) = 3t + k miles/min but when t=0, v=0 so k=0 then v(t)=3t d(t) = 3/2 t^2 + c but when t=0 d, the ...

Whilwind, breeze: Downpour is to ?? The answer starts with scr,spr,str,and thr Sprinkle? Spray? Stream? You could try the on-line Rogets Thesaurus, type thesaurus into google. rain, mist, drizzle

World History
What are some modern examples of cultural blending in art? Consider music, literature, painting etc.. I can't find any info for this topic and I have to write a 1 page report. Possibly one of these artists would make a good topic: Frieda Kahlo

algebra PLZ HELP!!!
y= 9/11x-17 9x-10y=179 You need to use parentheses to tell us what the problem is. Is equation 1, y = 9/(11x-17) or is it y = (9/11)x - 17? y= 9/11x-17 9x-10y=179 Rewrite them as 11 y - 9 x = -187 and -10 y + 9x = 179 Add the last two and you get y = -8 Substitute in any ...

I am putting < for the square root abbreviation. I don't know how to use it on my comp. 3<99-2<44-6<11=? For Further Reading On a graphing calculator, the carrot symbol is used to show exponents. that’s what I used here. Solve your exponents first: 3^99, ...

I am putting < for the square root abbreviation. I don't know how to use it on my comp. 3<99-2<44-6<11=? On a graphing calculator, the carrot symbol is used to show exponents. that’s what I used here. Solve your exponents first: 3^99, then 2^44, then 6^11 ...

PLEASE!!!! HELP!!!! ME!!!!
solve the system using substitution {x+2y=11 {3x+2y=13 i just told u this one

HELP!!!!!!!! please!!!!!
solve the system using substitution {x+2y=11 {3x+2y=13 i just told you how to do the other one; it's the same exact method. solve for x and y. you get: x=-2y+11 and y=(-1/2x)+(11/2). then plug them both back into the original equation (either one, it doesn't matter); ...

i really, really, really need help
what coordinate point is the solution to the system? {3x+2y=8 {x-y=1 (2,1) please don't think i just made that up, it's correct. you have to use substitution, when you do solve for x and y, you get: x= y+1 and y=x-1, plug in y for 3x+2y=8 and you get: y=1, then plug in...

algebra 1
what coordinate point is the solution to the system? {3x+2y=8 {x-y=1 y=x-1 so 3x+2(x-1)=8 3x+2x-2=8 5x-2=8 5x=10 - - 5 5 x=2 Then 2-y=1 -2 -2 -y=-1 y=1 Well, to cut the crap the answer is (2,1)

egypt mummification
um guys i just wanna know what the plugged eye sockets with

What is boil soil :: goat?

Maths test
A store gives a staff discount of one fifth. How much would a member of staff pay for: a) a camera with a retail price of £215? just do 215 divided by 1/5 (0.20) and you'll have the amount in "pounds" (i think that's what that sign stands for)....if you...

Inter. Algebra
square root sign 2x+3 - square root sign x-2 =2 In my head, I worked it as x=3. I did that because only sqr roots that are rational integers can be subtracted to give a whole number. Now, analytic method. I have no idea, I don't see a simple method in ordinary algebra. how...

Inter. Algebra
Count Iblis how do you simplify 3square root sign with this underneath (3x squared y) to the third power? "3 square root sign" probably means "cube root", in which case [(3 x^2y)^3]^(1/3) = 3 x^2 y The cube root of any quantity x can be written x^(1/3)

Inter. Algebra
Count Iblis what is the answer to 2 square root sign 18x? The instructions say to simplify or reduce. 2*(18x)1/2= 2*(9*2)1/2= 2*3(2)1/2= 6*(2)1/2 If you can leave it in this form, the above is the way to end. If you are to continue to a final answer, then, finish by 6*1.414 =8...

Inter. Algebra
Another problem plz help Count Iblis. How do you solve 5/x+2 + 2x/x squared - 4= 3/x-2? 5/x+2 + 2x/x squared - 4= 3/x-2 You write the term: 2x/x squared as 2/x the equation becomes: 5/x+2 + 2/x - 4= 3/x-2 4/x = 0 This equation has no solutions. It is only satisfied in the ...

Inter. Algebra
Simplify 2i to the 5th power? (2i)^5 = 2^5 * i^4 * i = 32 (-1)^2 * i = 32 i

Inter. Algebra
what is the answer to 2i to the 5th power? i^2 = -1 --> i^4 = 1 ---> i^5 = i (2i)^5 = 32 i thanks for the info!

Inter. Algebra
can you simplify 12x squared y cubed?

Inter. Algebra
what is the answer to 2 square root of 18x? Do you mean 2*(18x)1/2? What does it equal. What are we to do with the problem? DrBob222, My problem states 2 square root sign & 18x underneth it. If you could help me with this problem I'd really appreciate it. It must be equal ...

Inter. Algebra
what is the answer to 12x squared y cubed /2xy squared +6xy * y squared +6y+9 /3y cubed +9y squared? You have not written an equation, only an algebraic function, with two variables. You need to add parentheses to clarify the order of operations. There is no "answer"...

Inter. Algebra
how do you foil 12x squared y cubed?

story board???
okay, so what exactly is a story board? I used to assign these. Here were the directions: 1. Divide a page into six sections (like the little frames in a cartoon series in the newspaper). Students usually had two rows or three sections. 2. Decide on the six main actions in a ...

World History
What was the reason for the downfall of the Han Dynasty and The Roman Empire? Was is partially invasion from barbarians? Han Dynasty: Roman Empire: http://www....

social studies
person whogives to a business or project hopeing to make a profit investor

Financial Management
Year Cash Flow(A) Cash Flow (B) 0 -307,206 -27,651 1 14,950 8,726 2 32,391 13,901 3 29,232 9,222 4 390,590 13,140 15% rate of return. what is the payback period for Period A and B.

I'm having some troubles with these. Thanks in advance. If a>0 find the minimum value. If a<0 find the maximum value. 1. y=-x²+2x+5 2. y=-2x²-3x+4 These are functions for parabolas, so f(x)=ax²+bx+c when a does not equal 0 In both your examples, the &...

the settlers of jamestown saved their colony by planting?

word unscramble
louvcarese (2 words) funceelni dearpilshe stiche gametannem thanimoreolans (2 words) ginlapnn

At a construction site, a brick fell and hit the ground at 24m/s a) from what height did the brick fall? b) how long was it falling? for a) i got 29.387m and for b) I got 2.448s I got a) by using v^2=v0^2 +2a(x-x0) for b) I used v=v0+at Did I do this problem correctly? If we ...

Can someone please help me with an algebra problem? -|4-8b|=12 I really get confused with the absolute value symbols and a negative sign outside of them. Don't worry about it; it does tend to be a bit confusing. I'll explain the difference between inside and outside ...

bay and penninsula
What is the difference between a bay and a penninsula? A bay is a body of water -- smaller than a sea or ocean or gulf -- that is not completely surrounded by land. San Francisco Bay is one good example. A peninsula is a land formation that is surrounded on all but one side by...

unscrambling word

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