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  1. language

    introduction for an essay . show me please
  2. english

    what is a simple predicate in a well-fed lion will be peaceful thank you
  3. calculus

    a graph shows the divends declared per share of stock for the colgate-palmolive company for the years 1988 through 1998. Find the slope of the line segment connecting the years 1988 and 1998
  4. statistics

    Considering that a researcher can test at the <p = .05 (95%), p = .01 (99%), or p = .001 (99.9%) level for statistical significance, how would you use these three levels in relationship to risk to patients in implementing the decisions of your research?
  5. Math Models

    The distance needed to stop a car (d) varies directly with the aquare of the speed of the car (s). If a car traveling 25 mph requires 0 feet to stop, how many feet will be required to stop a car that is traveling at 60 mph?
  6. Chemistry

    What massof iron is contained in 86.6 grams if FeSO4?
  7. Statistics

    The Arcade shack is a manufacturing plant located in San Diego where 800 factory workers are employed. The personnel department selected 36 factory employees at random for the statistical study. construct a 95% interval for the percentage of males in the 800.
  8. Look at the list. 7 is in all of the lists, so 7 is the answer. 1,1=2 1,2=3 1,3=4 1,4=5 1,5=6 1,6=7 ---------------------------------- 2,1=3 2,2=4 2,3=5 2,4=6 2,5=7 2,6=8 ---------------------------------- 3,1=4 3,2=5 3,3=6 3,4=7 3,5=8 3,6=9...
  9. business

    Lansing Auto Pats, Inc., has projected sales of $25,000 in October , $35,000 in November, and $30,000 in December of the company’s sales 20 percent are paid for by cash and 80 percent are sold on credit. The credit sales are collected one month after the sale. Determine ...
  10. im not sure
  11. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by adding 50.3 mL of concentrated hydrochloric acid and 16.6 mL of concentrated nitric acid to 300 mL of water. More water is added until the final volume is 1.00 L. Calculate [H+], [OH -], and the pH for this solution. [Hint: Concentrated HCl is 38% HCl...
  12. Finite with Calculus Applications

    The Ball Company manufactures three types of lamps, labeled A,B,and C. Each lamp is processed in two departments, I and II. Total available work-hours per day for departments I and II are 400 and 600, respectively. No additional labor is available. Time requirements and profit...
  13. Chemistry

    Consider the reaction below. 3 O2(g) --> 2 O3(g) At 175°C and a pressure of 128 torr, an equilibrium mixture of O2 and O3 has a density of 0.168 g/L. Calculate the Kp for the above reaction of 175°C
  14. Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant Kp for the reaction below at 700°C is 0.76 atm. CCl4(g) --> C(s) + 2 Cl2(g) Determine the initial pressure of carbon tetrachloride that will produce a total equilibrium pressure of 1.20 atm at 700°C
  15. Five years ago, you bought a house for $151,000, with a down payment of $30, 000, which meant you took out a loan for $121,000. Your interest rate was 5.75% fixed. You would
  16. eng 125

    How is the more direct performative aspect of drama and/or poetry reflected in these forms?
  17. eng 125

    Reflecting on this week’s literary readings, as well as your own reading experiences, identify at least one major similarity and one major difference between the forms of the short story and the poem. How do the differences between these literary forms affect how you read...
  18. physics

    Suppose that it takes 10.0 h to drain a container of 5100 m3 of water. What is the "mass flow rate," in kilograms per second, of water from the container?
  19. algebra1

  20. algebra1

  21. math

    a farmer plants a square block of trees. he plants another 25 tress and still has a square plantation. how many trees in the new plantation
  22. math

  23. 10th grade

    log (x-9) - 109x=log 19
  24. Math

  25. Math

    The side length,s, of a cube is related to its volume, v, by the formula s=v^1/3. A cube box when filled with materials has a volume of 729 cm2. What is the side lenth of the cube box used? Please help me step by step with this. I don't know where to start :(
  26. Math

    The side length,s, of a cube is related to its volume, v, by the formula s=v^1/3. A cube box when filled with materials has a volume of 729 cm2. What is the side lenth of the cube box used? Please help me step by step with this. I don't know where to start :(
  27. 4th grade science

    What sea animal you get when you unscramble the letters gsntoe
  28. many many many thanks. I can't tell you how long I've been working on figuring this one all out. Your help is very much appreciated not only because you helped answer it but because you helped me understand it.
  29. Chemistry

    Thank you for your help. I did want to clarify why you are only calculating the Molar Mass for H2 and not the molar mass for H2O (or even H2O2). I'm not sure why you did this. Please clarify. See below: The following reaction represents the decomposition of hydrogen ...
  30. Chemistry

    The following reaction represents the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide 2H2O2 -> o2 (g) + 2H2O (l) How many molecules of water are produced from the decomposition of 3.4g of Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2? Please walk me through this one, I need more then just the answer, I need ...
  31. Chemistry

    Hi I just wanted to verify a few answers to chem questions I'm working on. Was wondering if anyone could help? 1. Calculate the molar concentration of 2.34g of lithium hydroxide, LiOH disolved in water to make 750ml of solution. My answer was CLiOH = 0.133 mol/L nLiOH = 2....
  32. algebra

    2/3m + 17 = 17
  33. I don't now
  34. Physics

    A 2.1 kg particle-like object moves in a plane with velocity components vx = 30 m/s and vy = 55 m/s as it passes through the point with (x, y) coordinates of (3.0, -4.0) m. (a) What is its angular momentum relative to the origin at this moment? kg · m2/s (b) What is its...
  35. Independent does not mean mutually exclusive, thus P(EUF)=P(E)+P(F)-P(EnF) Independence allows us to write: P(EUF)=P(E)+P(F)-P(E)P(F) P(EUF)=P(E)+[1-P(E)]P(F) Therefore, P(F)= [P(EUF)-P(E)]/[1-P(E)] P(F)=[0.3-0.2]/[1-0.2] =.1/.8 =1/8
  36. 254.23
  37. 3x=6
  38. Social Studies

    How did the principles of the Enlightenment affect the production and development of European art
  39. Social Studies

    Explain how the gardens of Versailles reflect the political atmosphere of King Louis XIV's France?
  40. it will fill it in 24 hours, because 1/8-1/12= 1/24. So it will be 24 hours. We are subtracting, the two because the water is draining out at the same time.
  41. calculate the molality of a solution of 3.76g NaOH in 85.0g H2O
  42. college financial planning

    How do i prepare journal entries when they ask you to record perpetual system merchandising transactions of a company?
  43. math

    Write an equation form of each number using the digits 2, 3, 4 and 5 in each exercise. The expression should contain an exponent. Use each digit once. 1. 27= 2.5 = 3. 1 =
  44. Calculate the location and amount of force required to cause this system to be in equilibrium. Draw this force on the diagrm below showing direction, magnitude, and location. The rod weights 200 lb. 80 lb 60 lb ^ ^ --------------------------------------- 0ft 15ft 45ft 70ft
  45. Physical properties can be anything like phase, boiling point, melting point, density, or other PHYSICal things.. Whereas, chemical properties can be its electronegativity, its energy of ionization, its entalphy, pH, or anything related with chemistry (its properties when it ...
  46. a)This is probably simpler.. The approaching run is used as a medium to store kinetic energy or you can also say force (F=ma), then the force/energy stored is transfered as the kinetic energy as you jump or throwing discus. b)For this, i would say it's 30 degrees because ...
  47. I think it's 5/8 as a fraction
  48. All real number except 6/5 because if you plug-in 6/5, the denominator will be 0, and it's not valid mathematically...
  49. Just to add to the previous answer, x should be 33.91 cm
  50. For question a, y = 3x^2, so dy/dt = 6x dx/dt dy/dt = 6(2) * 3 dy/dt = 36 For question b, as t approacing infinity, x is also approaching infinity (the object is moving along the track of the function, remember(, then dy/dt is also approaching infinity in vertical sense... For...
  51. Waste products of the cells (almost any cells) are nitrogen-based. If the waste are released to the pond, the level of nitrogen (in the form of nitrate) will be spiking, creating a viable environment for algae, or some other aquatic bacteria to grow. Therefore, there will be a...
  52. Answer for a is that the path will be linear, meaning that the person will see it as a 'vertical" motion.. However, for b, the answer is that the observer will see the object motion as a parabolic or projectile motion... Hope it helps.
  53. Despite passing the twelfth grade with honors, she scored the SAT with a grade of 340 exactly it makes sense. HONORS and 340 are OPPOSITES. orderly and a lot of money = opposites. (why would u spend that much money if its orderly) terrible looking and a lot of money follow ...
  54. i mean if it was BECAUSE instead of DESPITE... then it would make sense because it looked horrible, she spent an excessive amount but since it is despite although it looked horrible, she spent a lot of money? that makes no sense to me
  55. i don't get it i thought was although the dog was (so already groomed and clean) she still spent a lot of money why is that wrong?
  56. SAT sentence completion

    DESPITE stephanie's dog's ________appearance, she spent _______________ amount on grooming i put despite stephanies dogs orderly apperance, she spent an enormous amount on grooming the answer: despite stephanies dogs disheveled apperance, she spent an inordanant amount...
  57. CalculusAB

    determine if differentiable everywhere: 3x-abs(x)-1=y i know you're supposed to find the derivative.... -- then my mind draws a blank? hahah please help me out also y=x ^ 2/5 you find the derivative and it is 2/(5x^(3/5)) now what? thanks so much
  58. physics

    suppose you fire a bullet speed 1600 m/s in a shooting gallery and hear the gong on the target ring .731s later taking the speed of sound to be 330m/s and assuming the bullet travels straight downrange at a constant speed, how far does the bullet travel before hitting the ...
  59. mba

    (Default risk) You buy a very risky bond that promises a 9.5% coupon and return of the $1,000 principal in 10 years. You pay only $500 for the bond. a. You receive the coupon payments for three years and the bond defaults. After liquidating the firm, the bondholders receive a ...
  60. physics

    An airplane pilot wishes to fly due west. A wind of 82.0 km/h is blowing toward the south. If the airspeed of the plane (its speed in still air) is 380.0 km/h, in which direction should the pilot head? This is what I did. I let theta = arcsin(82.0/380.0) theta = 12 degrees ...
  61. chemistry/physics

    i need to determine how many protons, neutrons, and electrons are in these but they arent just straight elements tehy are singly ionized hydrogen (positive) doubly ionized hydrogen(positive) and singly ionized oxygen (negative) these are my answers, respectively 1. one proton ...
  62. scientist

    Scientists do their experimental tests more than once so they can reduce the effects of chance errors this called conducting__________?
  63. sat math

    According to ETS, is 0 a positive integer? Ive heard many contradicting answer to this, and even books disagree with each other. We all know that 0 is NEITHER POSITIVE NOR NEGATIVE. but what does ETS consider 0 for the SAT??
  64. can you read my introduction please? Since the beginning of ‘United’ States of America, a division has been very apparent between the North and the South; however, compromise has always sufficed in calming the controversy, but nearing 1860, political compromise ...
  65. Sorry one more: Abraham Lincoln: basically asks many questions, im having hard time seeing the underlying point: "you may say that all of this difficulty in regard to the institution of slavery is the mere agitation of office seekers and ambitious Northern Politicians......
  66. history

    In the early nineteenth century, Americans sought to resolve their political disputes through compromise, yet by 1860 this no longer seemed possible. Analyze the reasons for this change. we have to write a DBQ for our final in AP US history: I know im supposed to talk about ...
  67. chemistry?

    why does Si-28 contain 14 neutrons?
  68. history- response to Ms. Sue's comment

    I don't understand this question: the removal of general mcclellan represents a loss of the army and the potomac and a victory for the interfering politicans in washington (validate) i know that mcclellan was replaced by grant because he was to hesitant to attack. but i ...
  69. history

    I don't understand this question: the removal of general mcclellan represents a loss of the army and the potomac and a victory for the interfering politicans in washington (validate) i know that mcclellan was replaced by grant because he was to hesitant to attack. but i ...
  70. history

    I don't understand this question: the removal of general mcclellan represents a loss of the army and the potomac and a victory for the interfering politicans in washington (validate) i know that mcclellan was replaced by grant because he was to hesitant to attack. but i ...
  71. Chemistry

    When salt and water molecules attract, of what charge is the salt, and of what charge is the water? Thanks for explaining.
  72. chemistry

    Solid Na2SO4 is added to a solution which is 0.014 M in Pb(NO3)2 and 0.041 M in AgNO3. Assume the volume remains constant. Ksp = 2.0 10-8 for PbSO4 and Ksp = 1.2 10-5 for Ag2SO4. (a) Which compound precipitates first? 1 PbSO4 (b) What is the concentration of the first ion ...
  73. Chemistry

    SO2(g) + NO2(g) SO3(g) + NO (g) At a given temperature, analysis of an equilibrium mixture found [SO2] = 4.00 M, [NO2] = 0.500 M, [SO3] = 3.00 M, and [NO] = 2.00 M. (a) What is the new equilibrium concentration of NO when 1.50 moles of NO2 are added to the equilibrium mixture...
  74. I meant to type 1/2 and not 1.2,sorry. Thank you for answering the questions. I will use the same operation to solve the first part of the problem. Thank you!
  75. 6th grade math

    Max kept records about where he spent his money. At the end of the year, he announced that he had spent 1.2 of his income on food and rent, 1/2 of his income on clothing, 1/12 on entertainment, and had saved $1400. Mike said he spent 1/2 of his income on food and rent, 1.4 of ...

    P7-2B The board of trustees of a local church is concerned about the internal accounting controls pertaining to the offering collections made at weekly services. They ask you to serve on a three-person audit team with the internal auditor of the university and a CPA who has ...
  77. History (or for people familar with the film Mulan

    Does anyone know when there are examples of Legalism and Daoism (also known as Taoism) in th emovie Mulan?
  78. Math

    What is 18,116 rounded to?
  79. english language

    which is correct - it is lateefa and I or it is lateefa and me
  80. Chemistry

    What are probes in RFLP made of? HOw do they help isolate rare DNA fragments? I can't find the answer, so can I get some help please.
  81. get the square root of A and B then follow the formula y=b/ax
  82. 1 row to 24 2 rows of 12 3 rows of 8 4 rows of 6 24 rows of 1 12 rows of 2 8 rows of 3 6 rows of 4
  83. Math

    1.5 x 1.5 =
  84. 12x3=36 3x2=6 Take that 6 and put it behind the 36 which will give the answer of 366. So 3x122=366 is your answer.
  85. Thanks Lesha. Have a nice night.
  86. Math

    Which group of decimals is ordered from least to greatest? A. 5.6,5.9,5.09,5.96,5.136 B. 0.112,1.012,1.3,1.0099,10.12 C. 2.8,2.109,2.72,2.1,2.719 D. 0.132,0.23,0.383,0.3905,0.392
  87. Math

    Which group of decimals is ordered from least to greatest? A. 5.6,5.9,5.09,5.96,5.136 B. 0.112,1.012,1.3,1.0099,10.12 C. 2.8,2.109,2.72,2.1,2.719 D. 0.132,0.23,0.383,0.3905,0.392
  88. 1 3/8 is the answer. Thank you so much.
  89. math

    I am having a hard time with fractions. Need some help with 2 1/4 - 7/8 =
  90. science

    Hare are Vaccines important in preventing viral diseases?
  91. thank you!
  92. Mathematical Studies

    A right triangle has three sides known to be (x-5) (2x+1) and 2x. By use of the pythagorean theorem show how the sides of the triangle can yield the equation: x^2-14x+24=0 this is my work below: (x-5)^2+(2x+1)^2=2x^2 which expanded is: (x^2-10x+25)+(4x^2+4x+1)=2x^2 i don't...
  93. thank you!
  94. how do u do intergers please show examples
  95. Math

    Thanks a million to Amy who answered my question earlier today. I have been struggling with this. Amy, you must be a teacher and if you are not, you should be. You are the best. Hugs, hugs, hugs and big kiss. Andre
  96. Math

    I still do not understand fractions?????? 2/3 + 1/3 + 5/6 = divide all of them first then add them up ???. I am still lost, can someone please help me. Ok. In your earlier question, there was talk of the LCM, the least common multiple. Whenever you add fractions, the ...
  97. Math

    I still do not understand Today was my first day learning how to add 3 sets of fractions with different denominators and I did not get it. I need help with the following please. 1/8 + 1/2 + 3/4 = Waht is the LCM? Answer 8. So convert all the other denominators to eights. 1/8...
  98. Math

    I have no idea, but I guessed 5 pieces won out of 15. Anyhow here is the question. During an art contest at your school, you and a classmate each won blue ribbons for 1/3 of the pieces you entered in the contest. You won 2 blue ribbons and your classmate won 3 blue ribbons. ...
  99. Research Paper

    Hi all. It seems that I've run into a problem while starting to write a research paper for my drugs and behavior class. You see we were given an outline to follow and we had to choose any drug related topic. So I'm doing mine on cocaine and the problem I'm having ...
  100. English

    I'm doing a 3000-4000 word essay on the book A clockwork Orange.Here's my topic: An Analysis of the "evil" character Alex Is this topic too broad? Should I narrow it down? Or is it just crap and I should come up with another one? Thanks for the help. First ...