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when you are using a magnet and a paper clip to detect a magnet from inside the box. WHY is the magnet better than the paper clip to detect another magnet from inside a box?

thanks for the answers.your a life saver!

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If you had a piece of magnet and you stuck it to an iron nail, and you stuck it to a small washer. How would the washer stick to the iron nail.Please check to see if I'm write! The piece of magnet gets attracted to iron objects the iron nail.the iron nail sticks to the ...

Find the molar enthalpy of vaporization for a substance, given that 3.21 mol of the subtance absorbs 28.4 kJ of energy as heat when the substance changes from a liquid to a gas.

What is the value of a in terms of b? 3ab=6 Divide both sides of that equation by 3b to get an equation with only a on one side. Convert the 6/3 to a 2. 3ab=6 ab =2 a =2/b