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But I'm not sure,I'm not a teacher

Language arts
I belief it's C

5th grade math
A. 16 by 20

a go-cart with a mass of 47.0kg is accelerating at a rate of 4.50m/s^2. What net external force is being applied to the go-cart?

There are both correct

1 and 48

Seven bits of information at a time this mean that you should:

What is the answer?d? Idk

A stained glass window is composed of 20 triangular sections, each with sides 6, 8, and 7inches. Find the total are of the window( to the nearest square inch).

A weight attached to a spring is pulled 4 inches below the equilibrium position. Assuming that the frenquency of the system is 8/pi cycles per second, determine a trigonometric model that gives the position of the weight at time t seconds.

American History
Thank you

American History
I don't know how to respond to this question can anyone please help me. Thanks Why do you think there were 'restrictions' or laws against inter-racial marriage, or same sex during the 18th century? And, how long did this permeate culture?

is began a linking verb in this sentence Maya began to laugh.

is began a linking verb in this sentence Maya began to laugh.

business communications 1
Is it the design of a document reflects on the writer in terms of all the following. Except: