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May has 36 bones and gave away 8 how many more bones dose she have for her dog?

Scores on the SAT form a normal distribution with u=500 and o=100. a. You are trying to qualify for a scholarship and find out that you need to have a higher score than at least 75% of the students. What score will you need? b. What is the minimum score necessary to be in the ...

there are boxes of tangerines each box has 93 tangerines the Tangerines will be divided equally among 9 classrooms how many tangerines will each classroom get

9 wways

evaluate V if V=5and w=4

Omg I have the same thing but I'm using a calculator

One Trigonometry Question Please Help!
Thank You :)

One Trigonometry Question Please Help!
apparently you can't type square root, I'm really sorry those a symbols are supposed to be square root symbols so 9 inches 9 sqrt 3 inches 18 sqrt 2 inches 9 sqrt 2 inches I'm sorry and thank you in advance!

One Trigonometry Question Please Help!
Quilt squares are cut on the diagonal to form triangular quilt pieces. The hypotenuse of the resulting triangles is 18 inches long. What is the side length of each piece? 9 inches 9ã3 inches 18ã2 inches 9ã2 inches Thank You I Really ...

Physical Science Two Questions Please help!
If no friction acts on a diver during a dive, then which of the following statements is true? A) The total mechanical energy of the system increases. B) Potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy but not vice versa. C) (KE + PE)beginning = (KE + PE)end D) all of the...

Trigonometry One Quick Question! Please help!
Triangle ABC has side lengths 7, 24, and 25. Do the side lengths form a Pythagorean triple? Explain. Thank You so much! :) I'm having a hard time understanding this so it means alot!

Explain how you could show five less than a number using an expression.

Write a real word problem where you would have to multiply 120 and 75?

i am realy lost as to how to do this alg 2 problem: find the two real-number solutions of each equation: x^2=100 Can you please explain how to do it? Thanks!:)

Check this please
the waiting time to ride a roller coaster is 20 minutes when 150 people are in a line how long is the waiting time when 240 people are in line