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An algebra teacher drove past a farmyard that was full of chickens and pigs. The teacher happened to notice that there were a total of 70 heads and 200 legs. How many chickens and how many pigs were there?

5th grade-social studies
1-What was the result of Zheng He's voyage? 2-what did the europeans trade in Africa? 3-When did the renaissance began?

8,800ft. per second


math-i have another question
Player A and B invented a new game. The probability for Player A to win a round is 1/3 and the probability that Player B will win a round is 2/3. To make the game fair, Player A will score 3 points when he/she winds a round and Player B will score 2 points when he/she wins. ...

Thank you so much!! Nicky is a 60% free-throw shooter in a two-shot free-throw situation. Is she likely to score 0 points, 1 point, or 2 points? can you please explain to me how to get the answer. Assuming each shot is an independent event.. Pr(0)=.4*.4 Pr (1)=2*.6*.4 Pr (2...

Please Proofread my essay
you need to indent every time you finish writing a paragraph..