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I agree with A.

3rd grade
841 the second number is the 4 so its 40

I need help calculating the partial pressure of H2 using the following information 0.028 g Mg with excess HCl which produced 31.0 mL of H2 gas. The gas was collected by water displacement in a 22 degrees Celsius water bath. The pressure was 746 mmHg.

A 20 g mass is attached to a 120 cm long string. The tension in the string is measured to be .200N. What is the angle. l\ l \ l \ l \ l o l Sorry crappy picture, but the circle is the mass and the diagonal lines represent the string the mass is attached to.

An object is being acted upon by three forces and moves with a constant velocity. One force is 60N along the x-axis, the second force is 75N along a direction making a counterclockwise angle of 150 degrees with the x-axis. What is the direction of the third force, measured ...

An athlete competing in long jump leaves the ground with a speed of 9.14 m/s at an angle of 35 degrees above the horizontal. What is the length of the athlete's jump?

3rd grade math

What does the "u" stand for? ex.... m = mass

A 120-kg crate, starting from rest, is pulled across a floor with a constant horizontal force of 400 N. For the first 17 m the floor is frictionless, and for the next 17 m the coefficient of friction is 0.34. What is the final speed of the crate?

3rd grade
She thought he said today

if heat was added at a constant rate to the solid subsance, why did the temperature remain at 16 degree C for approximately 6 minutes?

Business Communication
#5 is a.

A benzene solution of a nonvolatile solute exhibits a vapor pressure of 90.5 torr at 25 degree C. The vapor pressure of benzene at 25 degree C is 93.9 torr.. what is the mole fraction of the solute in this solution?

I got the same answer before, but it is wrong

You step onto a hot beach with your bare feet. A nerve impulse, generated in your foot, travels through your nervous system at an average speed of 113 m/s. How much time does it take for the impulse, which travels a distance of 1.50 m, to reach your brain?

Thanks, it really helped

A football player, starting from rest at the line of scrimmage, accelerates along a straight line for a time of 1.5 s. Then, during a negligible amount of time, he changes the magnitude of his acceleration to a value of 1.4 m/s2. With this acceleration, he continues in the ...

data management
For S = the set of whole numbers A = the set of numbers which are perfect squares B = the set of positive even numbers describe: a.) A' b.) AUB c.) (AUB)'

To obtain 12 g of sucrose (MM=342) from a solution labeled 8.0% C12H22O11 by mass, we would need to weigh out ______ of solution?

So i wrote a composition in french and my teacher marked that i conjugated a verb incorrectly. I can't figure out what it is supposed to be (i don't know if i'm using an incorrect idiom, etc). The original sentence is, "Quand vous allez a l'interieur, la ...

Writing to Explain: How can you use models to show and name the number 1,400in two different ways? Expalin.

Ok, so , I have the question: -5=-8+5f. I'ev figured out that I have to add 8 to both sides of the equation,but now I'm stuck because I'm left with -3+5f=? And I can't figure out what should be on the other side of the equals sign. Please help! I'm a figure...

The slopes of the tangent lines to the graph of the function f(x) increase as x increases. At what rate do the slopes of the tangent lines increase? f(x) = x2 – 6 PLZZ help

how do i solve for this question? Mr. Smith wants to save for his son's college education. If he deposits $300 each month at 10% compounded monthly, how much (to the nearest penny) will he have in the account after 14 years? Answer =

what do i have to do to solve this? Khety must save $5050 for a down payment on a car. He currently has $1925 in an account yielding 6.5% simple interest. If he saves no additional money, how long until he has enough for the down payment?

AP Language and Composition
I am writing a paper on the book The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and my thesis is "In the Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald shows us that material obsession often leads to the decay of ones soul." Does anyone know anywhere i can find sources relating to the ...

line yw bisects on angle xyz if angle xyw=10x-8 and angle wyz=3x+69 x equals to???

David has just received his income tax refund of $1438.11, and he needs $1742 to buy a new television. If his money can earn % simple interest , how long must he invest his tax refund? years what formula do i need to use?

Find how much must be deposited now (present value) at % simple interest so that in 6 years an account will contain $8958 (future value). present value = $ WHAT FORMULA DO I NEED TO USE TO HELP ME SOLVE THE PROBLEM?

3rd grade
Use compatible numbers to complete this problem. Then estimate the sum. 3,428 +432 _____

college chemitsry
calculate the calories needed at 0 C to melt 200. g of ice

(100-18)e^-.6(2) +18 24.69792538+18 = 42.6 So round up. 43%

384cm square ...what is the length and with

Home economics
You're likely to encounter formal service in all the following setting except which one? A. A gourmet restarant B. A wedding C. A church outing D. A dinner party

Calculus disaster
Uranium ore has two main isotopes, mostly U-238 with just a trace amount of U-235. In a sample of Uranium ore, 99.85% of the atoms are U-238 atoms and 0.15% are U-235 atoms. Before the Uranium can be used in a nuclear power plant, the proportion of U-235 must be increased to ...


Yes..Both first and last

Mnemonic** misspelled

Can someone please help me think of a mnumaric for my Name Amanda Pavlic

54 miles because you add 35+16+18. The 24 miles was just extra information.

What is the domain, range, zeros, symmetry, and is it even/odd of these functions? (how can you tell, i don't remember how you get all these, refresher please) y= 1/x y=[x] y=sq rt. of x^2 -4 y=sin x y=cos x y=tan x

5th grade
The answer is 9,463,200

Accounting 225
Use the information in Exercise 2-4 to prepare an August 31 trial balance for Pose-for-Pics. Open these T-accounts: Cash; Office Supplies; Prepaid Insurance; Photography Equipment; H. Paris, Capital; Photography Fees Earned; and Utilities Expense. Post the general journal ...

B is correct

With a patient lying in the supine position, the carotid vein was cut. What operative procedure was done? A. Angioplasty B. Atherectomy C. Embolectomy D. Phlebotomy I'm not positive but I think it's B. Am I wrong?

When light strikes glass perpendicularly, about 5.5% is reflected at each surface. How much light is transmitted through a pane of window glass?

A butterfly at eye level is 21 cm in front of an plane mirror. You are behind the butterfly, 53 cm from the mirror. What is the distance between your eye and the image of the butterfly in the mirror?

Solve the equation 15.3 + 15 + 15.4 + 15.7 + x /5 = 15.4 thankyou

what does it mean when it says 'write a precis of the poem.' what is a precis?

Please show how you got the answers, not just the answers. A 40.0 N force stretches a vertical spring 0.250 m. (A) What mass must be suspended from the spring so that the system will oscillate with a period of 1.0 s? (B) If the amplitude of the motion is 0.050 m and the period...

Sports Management
You are interested in purchasing a new minor league baseball franchise. The franchise will be located in your area. To reduce risk in your decision making, you have requested that a sports marketing firm submit a detailed research proposal. The following questions pertain to ...

After how many cells does the zygote start to differentiate? What is it called after the 8 cell stage? How many cells would be in the next stage of development? Are these embryonic stem cells? Many thanks Amanda x

Can you please show all your work so that I can understand how the problem is solved? In the Challenger Deep of the Marianas Trench, the depth of water is 10.9 km and the pressure is 1.16 x 10^8 Pa. a) if a cubic meter of sea water is taken from the surface to this depth, what...

When .03 mol Na is added to 100g of water, the temp. of the resulting solution rises from 25C to 37.9C. If the specific heat of the solution is 4.18 J/(g C), calculate delta H for the reaction, 2Na(s) + 2H2O(l) --> 2NaOH(aq) + H2(g)

Sodium metal and water reacts to form hydrogen and sodium hydroxide. If 5.98g of sodium react with water to form .26g of hydrogen and 10.40g of sodium hydroxide, what mass of water was consumed in the reaction?

Food Web
A food web contains green plants, rabbits, squirrels, mice, seed-eating birds, hawks, and owls. Which organisms in this food web would contain the greatest biomass? Which one would have the least? Explain I think that the greatest biomass would be plants because there are a ...

#1 where and in what form does carbon enter long term stores? It enters long-term stores in the form of Carbon dioxide, and is found in intermediate and deep ocean waters. On land, it is found in coal-deposits and in oil and gas deposits. #2 where and in what form does carbon ...

Shelled marine organisms
How do the shelled marine organisms contribute to the carbon cycle? They contribute to the carbon cycle by releasing carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere by converting carbohydrates and oxygen into carbon dioxide and water.

Products formed
what are the products formed as a result of nitrification. What about dentrificiation. Nitrification = Nitrate Dentrification = Nitrogen gas

Cycle question
Is rock cycle also known as the phosphorus cycle? They are the same thing I'm guessing.

Nitrogen cycle
explain how the phosphorus cycle differs from the nitrogen cycle. The phosphorus cycle does not exist in a gaseous state and does not enter in the atmosphere. It cycles from land to sedimants in the ocean and back to land. The nitrogen cycle exists is a form of gas which ...

Food Web
A food web contains green plants, rebbts, squirrels, mice, seed-eating birds, hawks, and owls. Which organisms in this food web would contain the greatest biomass? Explain KK. I don't know how to do this. I think that the green plants would contain the least.

Phosphorus cycle
thanks. is this a difference as well{The phosphorus is an important nutrient for plants and animals and is most commonly in the forms of ions. Unlike other bio geo chemical cycles the phosphorus cycle does not contain a gases state.}

may u look at my other questions i really need help

Phosphorus cycle
Explain how the phosphorus cycle differs from the carbon cycle. The phosphorus cycle differs from the carbon cycle by the phosphorus being an essential element in molecules which carries energy to plant and animal cells. The phosphorus helps plants with root development, stem ...

Nitrogen Cycle
The only difference I got is that it doesn't usually have a gas state.

Nitrogen Cycle
KK I know that the Nitrogen cycle is the way that nitrogen in nature is changed into many different forms that are used by living organisms, but I have to explain how the phosphorus cycle differs from that cycle, and I don't know about that. Is it possible for you to ...

Example of Carbon
I thought as well about my answer not making sense, and I thank you for giving me one such true example.

Example of Carbon
Give an example in which carbon moves from the abiotic to the biotic part of an ecosystem. An example which shows that carbon moves from the abiotic to the biotic part of an ecosystem is it being in the atmosphere and getting removed by producers which send it out to consumers...

yellow journalism, explain how the media may or may not influence American foreign policy? Basically, what affect can the media have on the government’s decisions?

the observations that led to the formation of the cell theory occured whithin a 17-year period.why do you think that more than one scientist made critical observations about cells within this period?

how do i work out 10% of £6.80

got the answer already

Under constamt-pressure conditions a sample of hydrogen gas initially at 93 degress celcius and 8.1 L is cooled until its final volume is 1.7 L. What is the final temperature?

Thank you right after i posted this question i figured it out it was so easy i felt dumb

what is the volume of 4.37 moles of an ideal gas at 26.5 degrees celsius and 1.00 atm?

A gas sample occupying a volume of 88.7 mL at a pressure of O.917 atm is allowed to expand at constant temperature until its pressure reaches 0.335 atm. what is its final volume?

Math/ Algebra
Post your responses to the following. Answer each question in a separate paragraph: Techniques that can simplify solving equations and inequalities are to clear fractions and decimals when solving linear equations and inequalities. 1. Demonstrate how fractions are cleared with...

define modernism

I figured out the products of the reactions i am just having trouble figuring out the oxidation states

write the overall, balanced molecular equation and indicate which element is oxidized and which id reduced for the following reactions. Include phase abbreviations. a) Mg(s)+Cr(C2H3O2)3(aq)--->? b) Cd(s)+AgNO3(ag)---->?

Intermediate Algebra
Express as an equivalent expression, using the individual logarithms of w, x, y, and z. log(a)(1x^2y^5)

The [H3O+] of a solution with pH = 3 is -10 M. 10 M. 1 x 10-3 M. 1 x 103 M. 1 x 10-11 M. Identify the acid(s) and base(s) in the following reaction: CH3COOH(aq) + NH3(aq) CH 3COO-(aq) + NH4+(aq) CH3COOH is the only acid, and NH3 is the only base. CH3COOH is the only base, and ...

Can a hypothesis test yield a statistically significant (say p<=0.05), yet practically meaningless result? Give an example of how this might happen.

Which solution will have the lowest freezing point? 0.25 molal aqueous solution of sucrose 0.5 molal aqueous solution of glucose solution of 180 g of glucose (MW = 180.2 g/mol) in one kg of water. pure water

What is the molality of an aqueous solution of sucrose that freezes at -3.00 °C? The freezing point lowering constant for water is -1.86 °C/molal. 0.62 molal 1.62 molal 2.37 molal 5.58 molal

You would use stoichiometry. Multiply the amps by the time (convert minutes to seconds, then you end up with Coulombs. The stoichiometry should look a little like this... (amps x time)(1 F/96,500 coulombs)(1 mol e-/1 F)(3 mol e-/1 mol Cr)(Molar Mass of Cr/1 mol Cr) ... I got ...

8th grade

8th grade
okay, heres the deal tomorrows my english exam in which i need to write a DESCRIPTIVE paragraph. i reaaaallllllly need a BROAD topic to write about, anyone got any ideas?

6th grade
LOL. i have nooooo cluue ;)

Funny story
Hey everyone, I want to write a humourous story. Have any ideas on what I can write about?

Socials 8
what does City State mean ? help. !!

This looks all good to me. goodLuck!

Socials 8
thankks alot =D i hope this helps !!

Socials 8
Its time for EXAMS!! so now i need the def. of heretics,tyrant,scurvy(??), and quadrant. can anyone help mee? im dieing here!!

I knew the answer, I don't understand how they got the answer I have tried a million times now.

Can someone please explain this to me, I know the answer but can not figure out how to get it? (15)(.8)^4(1-.8)^2+(6)(.8)^5(1-.8)^1+(1)(.8)^6(1-.8)^0

I have to create a powerpoint presentation for my science class and I am not sure if i only hav eto put cications on the slides, or it i put them in the speakers notes as well.

powerpoint presentation
When making a powerpoint presentation, do you put the citations on the slide or in the speakers notes or both? Thank you.

Communications 220
Create a thesis for your research paper. How do you plan on supporting your thesis with compelling arguments and coutner arguments? This is what I have so far. Please let me know if I need to further explain how I will support the arguments and if the thesis I have created is ...

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