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CERT IV in allied health
Yes, what change could one suggest?

CERT IV in allied health
Make one suggestin to change workpractice in allied health facility How would you encourage team members to have positive attitude to the change you are suggesting?

Get you English up to the mark first before you attempt any tests.


Data Management
Expectation is that you'll be left with 0.8 cents, use a proability distribution chart to help you.

World History
What is the connection between Czar Nicholas II, mobilization, and WWI?

Algebra 2
Trying to help my daughter with her homework and im not sure how to do quadratic equations... Her question is X2(squared)+6=0 Im so lost!

The answer is 1425 mL....because science is only measured using the metric system...

"You have been asked to help build a rectangular play area at the new Tracy elementary school. You arrive at the site eager to begin! Much to your surprise, the only things available to work with are two pieces of rope. Explain how you can use the rope to find the ...

4. Are women getting taller? In one state, the average height of a woman aged 20 years or older is 63.7 inches in 1990. A random sample of 100 women is taken to test if women’s mean height today is different from 1990. The mean height of the 100 surveyed women is 63.9 ...

Thanks, I also got them all right, your to kind and have a blessed day.

How would you solve this one 40x^5-56x^4+24x^3 divided by -8x^2

What denotes the main relationship between protists and prokaryotes? do they both undergo transcription and translation? do they have different genetic codes?

Suppose a baseball player had 211 hits in a season. In the given probability distribution, the random variable X represents the number of hits the player obtained in the game. x P(x) 0 0.1879 1 0.4106 2 0.2157 3 0.1174 4 0.0624 5 0.0060 a.) Compute and interpret the mean of ...

Math help, anyone?
11. would seem to me to be 9. It is fairly simply one to trick you. 12. x/4=6/7 multiply 6/7*4/x= 24/4 then simplify to get your answer. 15. 4 of 12 is 4/12 simplify


Evolution and Biological Classifications 1.) what does a cladogram show? Answer: B = EVolutionary relationships between organisms 2.) Which pair below has the most shared derived characteristics? Answer: C = Cow, Horse 3.)Study the image below. Which pair of organisms is most ...

Remove the parentheses from the following expression, and combine like terms: (2x + 3y – 4z) – (x – y – z) A. 3x + 4y + 5z B. 3x + 4y – 3z C. x + 4y – 3z D. x + 2y – 5z

–2x(–3x ^2y)(2y) = ? A. 12x^3y^2 B. –3xy^2 C. 3xy^2 D. –12x^3y^2

really need help in math
–2x(–3x 2y)(2y) = ? A. 12x3y2 B. –3xy2 C. 3xy2 D. –12x3y2 sorry that was the problem. i need help with this one. thanks xo

really need help in math
24x^2y^2 ?

i am currently doing an iodine value lab an error occured in my results and i do not know how to write up the conclusion and the discussion

Circular motion Problem - moon completing an orbit
Given that sidereal month, the amount of time it takes the moon to complete one orbit, is 27.332 days. How far is the moon from the earth?

Circular motion Problem -Motorcycle HELP!!!?
A motorcycle is traveling about a circle with radius of 15meters. If the coefficient of friction between the tires and the track is 0.76, how many laps can the motorcycle complete in one minute? (N o t e: Friction between the tires and the road enables a vehicle to turn)

Circular motion Problem - Please! need HELP!!!fast
An asteroid in space is attracted to the planet XYZ such that it accelerates at 0.0085 m/s^2 towards it. Given that planet XYZ has a mass of 4.7*10^24 kg. How far out from the planet is the asteroid?

Fly Ball Lab - Projectile Motion Please HELP FAST!
In this lab, you will perform graphical and mathematical analysis on a tennis ball that is struck by a bat. The data required for this lab is the horizontal displacement of the ball from the location where it was hit to the point where it first strikes the ground and the time ...

This lesson is : Evidence of Evolution 1.) Which of the following explains why the a bone in a bird's wing is homologous to a bone in a lizard's front leg? ANSWER: D = the two species have a common ancestor 2.) A portion of the amino acid sequence of an enzyme taken ...

physics-Gravitational Attraction(please help)
1. The centers of two 11.80 kg spheres are separated by 0.09 m. What is their gravitational attraction? 2. What is the ratio of this attraction to the weight of one of the spheres (at the surface of the Earth)? Please answer both Thank you

Radius of Curvature A bicyclist traveling at 8 m/s rides around an unbanked curve. The coefficient of friction (is this static or kinetic friction?) between the tires and the road is 0.36. What is the radius of the shortest turn that the bicyclist can safely make? Please, ...

Gravitational Attraction 1. The centers of two 11.80 kg spheres are separated by 0.09 m. What is their gravitational attraction? 2. What is the ratio of this attraction to the weight of one of the spheres (at the surface of the Earth)? Please answer both, I'd be greatful. ...

What is the vertex of y=[-2x]?

When a person is given intravenous fluid, the bag containing the fluid is typically held about 1.2 m above the person's body. If the pressure in this fluid is just barely able to push the fluid into the person, what is the pressure in the person's blood? (The density ...

science help plzzz
Megan's answers are totally incorrect. Everyone else is 100% correct.

Which sentence is correct: They are planning a persons' party. or They are planning a people's party. I don't think either sounds correct, but these are the only choices!

12) Allergic reactions to poison ivy can be miserable. Plant oils cause the reaction. Researchers at the Allergy Institute did a study to determine the effects of washing the oil off within 5 minutes of exposure. A random sample of 1000 people with known allergies to poison ...

12) Allergic reactions to poison ivy can be miserable. Plant oils cause the reaction. Researchers at the Allergy Institute did a study to determine the effects of washing the oil off within 5 minutes of exposure. A random sample of 1000 people with known allergies to poison ...

6)You are given the information that P(A) =0.30 and P(B) =0.40 (a) Do you have enough information to compute P(A or B)? Explain.(events A and B are mutually b) If you know that events A and B are mutually exclusive , do you have enough information to compute P(A or B)? Explain...

a. Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Suppose you and a friend each take different random samples of data pairs (x,y) from the sample population. Assume the samples are the same size. Based on your samples, you compute r= 0.83. Based on her sample, your friend computes r = 0....

A sociologist is interested in the relations between x=number of job changes and y=annual salary (in thousands of dollars) for people living in the Nashville area. A random sample of 10 people employed in Nashville provided the following information: X(Number of job changes)4 ...

Can someone check these answer for me?
EVERYBODY ANSWERS ARE TOTALLY WRONG! OR SHOULD I SAY EXTREMELY WRONG! Just heads up dont trust anyone answers at all. I just took the quick check and I can honestly say everybody answers are completely wrong. Again don't trust anyone else's answers.

You wish to produce a human enzyme, protein A, by introducing its gene into bacteria. The genetically engineered bacteria make large amounts of protein A, but it is in the form of an insoluble aggregate with no enzymatic activity. Which of the following procedures might help ...

no, D is wrong

Consider the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen gases to form water: 2H2(g) + O2(g) ¨ 2H2O(l) Which of the following is not conserved in this reaction?

intermediate algebra
A local electronics store will sell seven AC adapters and two rechargeable flashlights for $86, or three AC adapters and four rechargeable flashlights for $84. What is the price of a single AC adapter and a single rechargeable flashlight?

what is nonfiction? it means that it is real so it is a "which a is an accurate statement."

An object with a mass of 70g and a volume of 100ml is most likely what substance

Thank you!

We will need 0.5L extraction buffer with 25 mM HEPES, 1 mM EDTA, and 1 mM DTT. Please calculate how many grams of each solute are needed. (HEPES 238.3; EDTA 292.2; DTT 154.2)

small engane
FIGURE A-9—This photo should be used to answer Question 15. 15. Two small engine technicians are disassembling the engine shown in Figure A-9. After observing the engine components, both technicians say that this engine has a splash-type lubrication system. Technician A ...

Identical point charges of +2.9 µC are fixed to three of the four corners of a square. What is the magnitude of the negative point charge that must be fixed to the fourth corner, so that the charge at the diagonally opposite corner experiences a net force of zero?

A hydrogen atom has a diameter of about 10.1 nm. Express this diameter in meters.

Introduction to Physical Science
thank you getting the hang of this

Introduction to Physical Science
How do you calculate the wavelength of the radio waves that are produced is 561 m, when electrons on a radio broadcasting tower are forced to oscillate up and down an antenna 535,000 times each second.

the south african government is not providing enough welfare or subsidies to poor and underpriviledge?

Algebra 1-Math
There's a table that says Company A charges $0.36 plus 0.03. And Company B charges $0.06 per minute. The question Im having problems with are: How long is a call that costs the same amount no matter which company is used? Be sure to show your thinking?

___________definitions are subject to individual interpretation.

algebra for business
As an entrepreneur, there are going to be many decisions that you need to make, such as the price to charge your customers for your goods and services. You have just graduated from college and recently opened a specialty pizza restaurant. Based on surveys conducted in your ...

A cross country race course on flat ground has runners heading from point A for 3.5 km on a bearing of 047degT to point B. From point B they turn and run for 2.8 km on a bearing of 342degT to point C. They then run back to point A. Determine the Distance from C back to A.

If 1000 raffle tickets were sold for a TV prize that is worth $275 and a ticket number is drawn to determine the winner, what is the expected value of the raffle?

solve for all possible x in [0,2pi): (cscx+2)(cscx-√(2))=0

P(7<x<9) when mu=7

If P(F)=0.3, P(E or F) =.65 and P(E and F)=.15, find P(E)

Applied Geometry maths
How would I find out how far away from the base of the tower she was when she made her first measurement of 15deg20'

40. Find the surface area of a conical grain storage tank that has a height of 42 meters and a diameter of 20 meters. Round the answer to the nearest square meter. (1 point) 3,028 m2 3,971 m2 1,357 m2 1,671 m2


Writing help!
1.In the bitter cold, (he, him) and Dad struggled to save the orange crop. My answer:he 2. (Her and me, She and I) have joined the Shutter and Lens. My answer:she and I 3. Phil showed Danny and (I, me) his butterfly collection. My answer:me 4. Bert warned Hank and (I, me) ...

Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. You want to be the person responsible for putting the book on the shelf. You should convince the publisher that the book is well...

Explain the difference in prices for each of the following pairs of goods in terms of the laws of supply and demand: (a) natural diamonds and zircons (human-made diamonds), (b) a loaf of bread baked today compared with day-old bread, (c) roses in January and roses in June. ...

Persuasive Writing Assignment: Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. You want to be the person responsible for putting the book on the shelf. You should convince the ...

Human or environmental problem under substance abuse. The impacts


oh yeah it says to simplify but I have no clue at all as to how to do this it is a complex number problem I think does anyone know how to do this?(im the one that posted the question)


im not really sure but maybe itslike a month because the way I put it in my calculator Is 1200/0.07=17142.85714 but im not good at math so idk. I tried at least

what may happen to an ecosystem if nonliving factors change or if one more populations are removed from or added to the ecosystem?

Solve. 10/(3x) + 4/3 = (7 + x)/2x A) x = 1/3 B) x = 17/5x C) x = 1/5 D) x = 1/6 help??

a football team gained 12 yards on one play, lost 40 yards on another and gained 34 yards on the last play of the first half. they had already gained 345 yards during the half. what was the total yardage gain for the first half?

solve the equation step by step list each step along with the property you used during that step -5*1*11*4

what is a verbal rule in math?

me to

Life science, business,maths literacy
if you can change maths lit 2pure you can becm social workr

Life science, business and maths literacy
my name is amanda and am doing grade 12 at school am doing business,life sciences,geography and maths lit so what i want to know is the career that is suitable for these subjects


What mass of sodium oxide is produced from 4.23 grams of sodium and 20 liters of oxygen gas?

How would you know how to do this problem without knowing Slater's rule? we've yet been taught that rule so I'm not sure how else I would figure it out.

7th Grade Social Studies

7th Grade Social Studies
mudda answer for u is right i swear i just took the test and got 100%

Do your own work please

can you describe the process of cellular respiration.include the words:sugar,energy,carbon dioxide,and water

and what would 0.1875 be as a fraction?

can someone tell me what would 0.0625 be as a fraction?

Why wouldn't it be KBr? Why are the twos added? How come its not just K + Br ==> KBr since their charges cancel out? Help!

AP chemistry
1). In a titration 20 mL of 0.100 M of HCl is added to 50.0 mL of 0.150 M of ammonia. A). What is the pH of NH3? B). What is the pH of the resulting solution? HELP :(

So its geometric sequence.

His answer is totally wrong. each term is is being multiplied by 2.

4th grade math
there are 12 inches in a foot so 14x12=168

socials please check
i believe 5

D the Keq expression of the 2nd one is = to (1/the first Keq expression)^(1/2) so take the answer of the first Keq, 5.4x10^13 and put it in that equation (1/(5.4x10^13))^(1/2)=1.36x10^-7=1.4x10^-7

hydronium is [OH-] ions, so you looking for the Ph that is most basic, which is your highest number 12.6

Socials please check my answers
that's correct

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