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  1. math

    Ellen is playing a video game in which she captures butterflies. There are 6 butterflies onscreen, but the number of butterflies doubles every minute. After 4 minutes, she was able to capture 3 of the butterflies.
  2. math

    Stock bottle: Benadryl 50mg 720 mL. How many 4 oz bottles can be filled from this stock bottle?
  3. Geography

    My original answer for the second one was C would that not be a good choice?
  4. Geography

    What is absolute location? A. a precise measure of where a location falls in terms of longitude and latitude using units such as minutes and seconds B. a precise measure of distance around the equator C. a more precise measure of where a location falls in terms of longitude ...
  5. Math

  6. Pre calc

    Evaluate using the Pythagorean identities. Find sin? and cos? if tan? = 1/4 and sin? >0
  7. English

    Did you get the answers you picked right because I’m super confused
  8. Algebra

    Your expression is, 48/b because you are splitting 48 rolls into bags, which we do not have an exact number as of right now.
  9. History

    Where were most of the southern plantations located?
  10. chemistry

    How many moles of Pb(SO4)2 are equivalent to 157.9 g of Pb(SO4)2 (Mw. 399.34 g/mol)?
  11. Math

    A company did a quality check on all the packs of trail mix it manufactured. Each pack of trail mix is targeted to weigh 9.25 oz. A pack must weigh within 0.23 oz of the target weight to be accepted. What is the range of rejected masses, x, for the manufactured trail mixes? x...
  12. Physics

    A box is on a flat plane and has a force of 16 N applied downward to it at an angle of 55 degrees. The box has a mass of 28 kg. What is the minimum horizontal force F needed to make the box start moving in (Figure 1)? The coefficients of kinetic and static friction between the...
  13. Math

    Minta willwithdraw the moneyfrom her bank account when the interest earned is 300 euros. Find the time in years until Minta withdraws the money from her bank account.
  14. College Physics Question

    The position of a ball as a function of time is given by x=(5.3m/s)t + (?11m/s^2)t^2 What would be the acceleration of the ball, and the velocity from t=0 to t=1s ?
  15. Social Studies-Check my answers

    Karissa was 100% correct.
  16. chemistry

    sodium chloride has a molar mass of 58.4g/mole. how many grams of sodium chloride are needed to make 500.mL of a 0.0250 molar solution?
  17. math

    1.What is the 10th term of 1/2, 1, 3/2, 5/2 2. What is the 15th term of 0.3, 0.9, 0.15 3. What is the 80th term of 8, 13, 21, 29
  18. Chemistry

    Given that HSO4- is a stronger acid than HPO4^2-, what is the chemical reaction if solutions containing these ions are mixed together? (Hints: One of these must act as an acid and the other as a base. Use the Brønsted-Lowry definition) Please explain how to get the ...
  19. calc

    find an equation of the line tangent to the circle (x-1)^2+(y-1)^2=25 at the point (4,-3) Can please someone explain this to me and show all work very confused
  20. algebra

    Combine like radical terms -7\sqrt(6-5 ) \sqrt(54)
  21. Chemistry

    net ionic equation to show that sulfurous acid, H2SO3, behaves as an acid in water. I got this answer but do not know if it is correct. H2SO3 + H2O --- H3O + SO I am Not sure if its is tri/mono/diprotic
  22. story problem

    so would I do 25^2+135^2=x^2
  23. story problem

    Two wires stretch from a pole to two points on the ground which are 25 feet apart. The first wire is to the left of the pole and forms a 30° angle with the ground. The second wire is to the right of the pole and forms a 60° angle with the ground. How tall is the pole? ...
  24. Math

    This is to help the spacing x = Time (minutes) Number of Customers 0 ? x < 1………………………………….. 75 1 ? x < 2………………………………….. 58 2 ? x < 3…...
  25. Math

    To study the efficiency of its new price-scanning equipment, a local supermarket monitored the amount of time its customers had to wait in line. The frequency distribution in the following table summarizes the findings. Find the standard deviation of the amount of time spent ...
  26. Math

    write a rule to describe the translation of a point from (-3 3) to (-2 2) A)
  27. Calculus please help!

    The limit limh->0 ((sqrt1+h)-1)/h represents the derivative of some function f(x) at some number a. Find f and a. Please help!
  28. Social studies

    The Macdonald-Cartier bridge that stretches the Ottawa River and connects Ontario to Quebec is named for two Canadian politicians, one ______ and one _______. A)English, German B)Inuktitut, French C)French, Cree D)English, French
  29. Spanish

    I have to answer negatively. ¿Podemos ir a la playa o nadar en la piscina? I answered.. No, no podemos ir a la playa ni nadar en la piscina. But it says there is a word missing between podemos and ir. I tried.. No, no podemos no ir a la playa ni nadar en la piscina. and...
  30. Health and Physical Education

    Hi! I can help! Are your choices: A.circulatory B.respiratory C.nervous D.excretory I can help you just respond back on this question and Reed and I can help! :-)
  31. Algebra

    A.1 bcuz d=0 =is 1
  32. Math

    Suppose a total of 3572 seats were sold for a performance.How many seats in the theater would be empty that evening. Explain how you found your answer
  33. Algebra

    Joe and Skyler can clean an entire building in 44 hours. Joe can clean the entire building by himself in 66 fewer hours than Skyler can. How long does it take Joe to clean the building by? himself?
  34. Socials

    Make up an epitaph for a young coal miner, detailing the cause of death and the circumstance. Were suck people heroes of the Industrial Revolution? Explain your opinion
  35. Math

    Which equation can be used to find the measure of an angle that is supplementary to POS
  36. Math

    So it would be 50
  37. Math

    I meant YZX
  38. Math

    lucky drew an isosceles triangle as shown if the measures of XYZ is 25 what is the measure of XYZ
  39. Math help FAST

    Does anyone have the answers?
  40. Math help FAST

    Does anyone have the answers?
  41. Social Studies

    Answers to the Quick Check for Connexus Students: 1. A 2. B 3. C 4. A 100% Hope this helps.
  42. algebra

  43. Math

    The test that I need is math 7b unit 1: geometry
  44. Math

    Does anyone have the answers????
  45. Language arts

    Im assuming your on connections academy so literature.
  46. Language arts

    What is the name of the online textbook used in this course A) Language arts B) The big question C) Literature D) Write to learn
  47. AP ENGLish

    Many plays and novels use contrasting places (for example, two countries, two cities or towns, two houses, or the land and the sea) to represent opposed forces or ideas that are central to the meaning of the work. Explain this contrast within the play, "The Importance of ...
  48. Math

    The Walters' backyard pool is rectangular in shape and is similar to the rectangle formed by their fenced backyard. The pool measures 10 ft long and 8 ft wide. If the length of the backyard is 35 ft long, what is the width of the backyard? Math - Henry, Monday, December 5...
  49. science connexus

    D C A B A C A A
  50. Math

    the mean of x and y is 12 and the mean of y and 12 is z/2. what is the mean of x and z?
  51. Algebra

    ) An inlet pipe can fill an empty tank in 5 hours by itself, and an outlet pipe can drain the same tank when full in 7 hours by itself. If the tank is two-thirds full when the valves for both pipes are opened, how many minutes will it take to fill the tank?
  52. Calculus

    Find the derivative. y=e^8x/[e^(8x)+9] y' = The answer I have is 8e^8x/[(e^8x+9)^2] but it marked it incorrect..
  53. Calculus

    Use the function f and the given real number a to find (f^-1)'(a) f(x)=(x+9)/(x+3), x>-3, a=2 f(^-1)'(a)= ? Can someone please show me how to solve this problem?
  54. Calculus

    The answer is 1/11
  55. Calculus

    1/116 is not correct
  56. Calculus

    No it is x^3
  57. Calculus

    Use the function f and the given real number a to find (f^-1)'(a) f(x)=x^3+8x-3 a=6 (f^-1)'(6)= Thank you.
  58. Calculus

    The demand equation for a product is p=88,650/(396+3x) where p is the price (in dollars) and x is the number of units (in thousands). Find the average price p on the interval 40 <= x <= 50. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) Please show work because I know the ...
  59. Math

    7×3/2×2×2+24 is your answer. You just go backwards. For example, instead of 1/2 you would flip it and do times 2. Am I making sense or do you need me to explain more?
  60. Math

  61. Math

    It doesn't say in the question. So is it expecting us to know that a standard set has 28 dominoes?
  62. Math

    How do you know there are 28 dominoes?
  63. Math

    In a standard set of dominoes, a face of each domino has a line through the center, with 0 to 6 dots on each side of the line. Each possible combination of dots is used exactly once, one combination per domino. What is the probability that a randomly selected domino will have ...
  64. Maths

    3^36 + ? = perfect cube ? Has to equal 3^? Am I making sense? See if you can figure it out now (?^?^?)
  65. Government and politics

    Explain 2 enumerated powers of the president and 2 enumerated powers of congress
  66. Government and politics

    How does making laws to the people make it easjer? THe elastic clause
  67. Government and politics

    The executive legislative and judicial branches
  68. Government and politics

    In what way do other branches and the public influence the bureaucracy? I need 3 paragraphs
  69. Government

    I need a more specific answer
  70. Government

    How does the 3 branches of government influence the bureaucracy?
  71. chemistry

    A student conducts a reaction and measures a 19.9 g yield. The theoretical yield of the reaction under the conditions used is 31.4 grams. What percent yield did the student achieve?
  72. Math

    Well, I guess it'll do. Thanks for your help.
  73. Math

    Actually, on the sheet I have, it says 0.72%
  74. Math

    In a sponsored walk for charity, 560 students participated. Of these, 0.72% completed the 15-km walk. How many students completed the walk?
  75. Math

    Find the simple interest of $3800 at an annual rate of 3.5% for 3 years.
  76. math

    the number of trucks crossing the border fell from 3240 to 2673. What is the percent decrease?
  77. Algebra 1

    Whoops. the choices for number 4 was: A. 7.3x^2 + 0.8x + 0.7. B. 7.3x^2 - 0.8x + 1.3. C. 7.3x^2 + 0.8x + 1.3.*** D. 7.3x^2 + 0.8x - 1.3.
  78. Algebra 1

    Just checking my answers. What is the sum or difference? 1. 2x^4 - 8x^4 A. -6x^8 B. -6x^4*** C. -16x^4 D. -16x^8 What is the sum or difference 2. 10y^10 - 14y^10 A. -4y^20 B. -140y^20 C. -140y^10 D. -4y^10*** 3. Write the polynomial in standard form. Then name the polynomial ...
  79. Chemistry

    5.58g of Fe reacted with 3.0g of oxygen. How many moles of Fe were used?
  80. Math

    Which is the greater amount of money, 120% of 0.3% of $1000 or 120.3% of $1000?
  81. Math

    What unknown number makes these equation true. 447+99 =447+100-
  82. Math

    What unknown number makes these equations true 353-203 = 353-200-
  83. Aglebra, math

    Hi I really need help with this question and I don't know a thing about algebra!!! If anyone can help me understand this that would mean a lot! So here's my question. Brad says that the literal equation a = 3b + 4c - a is solved for a. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  84. Math

    put brackets into these statements to make them true: a) 20 - 2 + 2 * 2^2 + 6 = 26 b) 20 - 2 + 2 * 2^2 + 6 = 120
  85. Science

    We call zone of saturation the level to which the water fills all the interstices, or the pores, with the ground and all cracks minusclus of the rock/this fresh water supply exists in all the grounds. Why?
  86. Science

    what geographical features create natural boundaries for water to flow toward one ocean or another?
  87. Algebra

    I need help, it's a crossword puzzle. 10 letters, the last letter is T the 3rd letter is E. The question is: You can think of an opposite sign as ____ or -1 PLEASE HELP
  88. Math

    I dont understand how to DO the problem. I know this is late but I just dont get where you guys got 13 from.
  89. Physics

    A motorboat whose speed in still water is 2.91 m/s must aim upstream at an angle of 30.0 degrees (with respect to a line perpendicular to the shore) in order to travel directly across the stream. - What is the speed of the current? - What is the resultant speed of the boat ...
  90. Math Help!

    Nope is completely wrong. Here are the REAL. answers to the Unit 4: Lesson 12 Unit Test. 1. D 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. D 9. A 10. D 11. C 12. A 13. D 14. D 15. C 16. C 17. B 18. D There's also 4 short answers, do those on your own.
  91. Science

    If the earth exerts a 500 N gravitational force on an object in near space, how much force does this object exert on the earth, and by what law can this be asserted?
  92. Physics

    How would you change the following Galilean transformation equations in the case where a frame was moving both in the x and the y direction? (Use the following as necessary: x, y, z, Vx, Vy, t.) x' = y' = z' = t' =
  93. Physics

    Estimate the increase in rest energy of a copper sample [100 kg, c = 387 J/(kg · °C)] if its temperature is increased 100°C. -answer needs to be in kg please.
  94. social studies

    Summarize the ways which minnesotans contribute to WW2
  95. Math

    A rectangle has a width of 5 meters and length of 14 meters. If a similar rectangle has a width of 15 meters, what's its perimeter, in meters?
  96. Math

    If your taking the Unit 5: Lesson 10 test the answer to number 3 should be B. The reporter went to a baseball game asking people their favorite sport, obviously peoples answers are going to be baseball, they are at a baseball game. Sorry if I'm late.
  97. Algebra

    3/8x + 180=3.5g
  98. math

    Range:9 Median:5 Mode:5
  99. Art

    Thanks William :)
  100. Math

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