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  1. math

    I don't care about math I just need fricken help!!!!
  2. Financial management

    Need definition and scenario in healthcare for these words Term Definition Scenario Capital expenditure budget Direct cost Flexible budget Operating budget Responsibility center
  3. math

    ms. fuller has 2 2/6 pies left over from her party. write the number of pies left over as a fraction greater than 1.
  4. Science

    1. Do you think there is very much practical chemistry in today's world? Can you give any examples? 2. When you use different materials, what are they most likely to be made from: Elements, compounds, or mixtures? Which of the three is most rare. please help... I don't...
  5. english

    3. What role does freedom play in the poems you read in this unit? Write about at least three of the poems, describing how the poet uses imagery to depict freedom, the lack of it, or the desire for it.
  6. english

    2. Think about the two specific stanzas that the blues singer sings in “The Weary Blues.” What happens in each of the stanzas? How does the contrast between the two songs reinforce the overall theme of the poem?
  7. English

    1. Consider the events of the poem “Life Is Fine.” Based on what happens, what is the overall mood of the poem? How does the poet use rhythm to convey that mood? Support your answer with specific examples from the poem.
  8. English

    1. Consider the poems, short stories, and autobiographical pieces you read from the first half of the twentieth century during this semester. How did historical events and realities affect writers who were working during this time? What common threads did you observe in the ...
  9. English

    2. Consider the poems of the Harlem Renaissance that you read this semester. Why does the theme of freedom play such an important role in these works? How do different poems address this theme? Cite examples and images from three Harlem Renaissance poems in your response.
  10. English

    4. What do the pieces you read by Richard Rodriguez, Amy Tan, and Julia Alvarez illustrate about the immigrant experience in twentieth-century America? How are the children in these works different from their parents? Use specific examples from the text in your response
  11. English

    3.What internal conflicts do the characters face in The Glass Menagerie? How do these conflicts result in the overall tension that exists in the Wingfield family? Describe how Tom, Laura, and Amanda cope with their conflicts and how their conflicts connect to the play’s ...
  12. physics

    A soccer ball is kicked from the ground with an initial speed of 20.4 m/s at an upward angle of 41.0˚. A player 42.2 m away in the direction of the kick starts running to meet the ball at that instant. What must be his average speed if he is to meet the ball just before ...
  13. physics

    A purse at radius 1.70 m and a wallet at radius 2.50 m travel in uniform circular motion on the floor of a merry-go-round as the ride turns. They are on the same radial line. At one instant, the acceleration of the purse is (1.90 m/s2) + (3.00 m/s2). At that instant and in ...
  14. algebra

    what? On another site I got told to subtract six from both sides leaving -3x = -37, then divid by -3 and get x = 37/3...sooo
  15. algebra

    Solve the indicated set 6 - 3x = - 31; (reals)
  16. math

    5x = 3x +4 -3x -3x 2x= 4 /2 /2 x =2 so Ab is 5 *2 which is 10 and BC is 10 and ac is 20
  17. algebra 11

    a normal distribution has a mean of 22 and a standard deviation of 3. Find the probablility that a randomly selected x-value is in the given interval. Between 19 and 25.
  18. physics

    A child holds a sled on a frictionless, snow- covered hill, inclined at an angle of 29◦. If the sled weighs 61 N, find the force ex- erted on the rope by the child. Answer in units of N.
  19. physics

    A child holds a sled on a frictionless, snow- covered hill, inclined at an angle of 29◦. If the sled weighs 61 N, find the force ex- erted on the rope by the child. Answer in units of N.
  20. MATH

    Compliment angles add up to 90 degrees so: 90-65=25 25 degrees is your final answer.
  21. math-4th grade

    a worker is usin boards to divide a rectangular animal pen into a row of 12 smaller goat pens. uhow many boards does the worker need?
  22. science

    How long are hummingbirds tounges? a have a test about hummingbirds.
  23. MATH!!!!!!

    yep it does was an easy problem i just didn't feel like solving it so thnx =]
  24. MATH!!!!!!

    the sum of two numbers is 99, the difference of those two numbers is 9. what are the two numbers???
  25. 3rd grader needs help with grammar

    my classmates and I
  26. Lang Arts Debate..PLZ HELP!!!

    ok there seems to be a lil confusion. the question was not fer my own personal...needs i quess. We r doing a debate in lang arts about wether a dam should be built or not. my character is marta kanu so i need info about how dams would affect whitewater rafting, canoeing, ect. ...
  27. Lang. Arts PLZ HELP!!D:

    I need some info about how the building of dams effect whitewater activities such as kyaking and conoeing..!!!plz help