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Pretty sure the equation DA∆C/L = m/t is involved...

The diffusion rate for a solute is 4.0E-11 kg/s in a solvent-filled channel that has a cross-sectional area of 0.50 cm^2 and a length of 0.220 cm. What would be the diffusion rate m/t in a channel with a cross-sectional area of 0.30 cm^2 and a length of 0.10 cm? m/t= ??E-11 kg...

OMG. That was correct. Thank you. I'll never know how you people do this. :)

Heat Q is added to a monatomic ideal gas at constant pressure. As a result, the gas does work W. Find the ratio Q/W. What in the world is this asking??

Can someone please help me.. What questions should an individual consider when deciding the direct and indirect approaches for a message??Can someone help me in it.. In my text book,there is only the definition of direct approach and indirect ..i have try to search on the net...

Arrays and Expanded Algorithm
i don't know the answer and i don't know the answer.