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What number is the square of 5 times the square root of 12? How do you get the answer? Thanks.

5 times the square root of 12 is the square root of what number? How do I find this answer? Thanks!

For civics we have to do a community service project. I have decided to do something for the Haitian earthquake. Based on what I've read, money is better than supplies. So I'm looking for ways to raise money that are fun/require little effort on part of the donor, and ...

thanks Ms Sue how did you change the neg to positive what rule applies ?

my dad and I are both unable to get the right answer to this ? -(-7/5)+1/8-2=? I keep getting 1-13/40 but the real answer is -19/40 what are we doing wrong

maybe go with the current to cross faster and upstream to make a shorter distance I'm only in gr.9 but I hope this helps

Could you list all of the metric prefixes? I consulted several online lists, and I could not find a prefix of "u." (my chart says ug/L) Thanks for clarifying this.