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Physics II
Thank you so much!!!! you're a lifesaver!

Physics II
A bead with a mass of 0.085 g and a charge of 20 nC is free to slide on a vertical rod. At the base of the rod is a fixed 20 nC charge. In equilibrium, at what height above the fixed charge does the bead rest?

what's the question here?

Intermediate Algebra
no problem. good luck with that class

Intermediate Algebra
m=2 and n=-7 I solved the second equation for n and got n=-4m+1 then plugged that into the first eqn for n and got m=2. finally i put m into the first eqn and got n=-7 to check, you can see the first eqn: m-2n=16 goes to 2-2(-7)=16 which is correct.

physics (easy)
Will a 7.25 kg ball with a diamter of 22 cm float in water? I know that the radius is 11 cm and that the density of water is 1000kg/m^3 and I got that it will float but it just doesn't sound right. Could anyone help please?

A 56kg adult is climbing up a staircase of 67m. By how much would her body temp increase if her lost energy went into increasing her body temperature during this climb (in C)? I calculated the required amount of joules to reach the top to be 37x10^4J but i don't know where...

economics (game theory)
There is not an exact square that you could be sure you'd NOT get three in a row but by gaining the knowledge the first move your opponent makes, you have a higher chance of NOT getting three in a row, the closer you mark your variable to your opponents, and the further ...

3rd grade
flour- it sounds the same but is spelled differently and means something different

If I understand what you're asking, you simply add the forces together 3.0N+2.0N=5.0N.

8th grade
So you multiply 21,854,374 x .124 = 2,709,942 for the Korean Vets. Then 21,854,374 x .107 = 2,338,418 for the WWII Vets then subtract those numbers: Korean Vets-WWII Vets = 371,524 Veterans

actually bob, it's 658. You subtract freq E by one harmonic 659-1=658

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