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  1. chemistry

    The natural acidity of milk is 0.16% - 0.18% by mass. Predict how many mL of .1M NaOH will be required to neutralize a 50.0g sample of milk.
  2. Chemistry

    What parts of Dalton’s atomic theory no longer agree with the current picture of the current picture of the atom? Provide an answer using at least 3 to 4 complete content related sentences in your own words.
  3. Physics

    A horizontal uniform bar of mass 2.6kg and length 3.0m is hung horizontally on two vertical strings. String 1 is attached to the end of the bar, and string 2 is attached a distance 0.65m from the other end. A monkey of mass 1.3kg walks from one end of the bar to the other. ...
  4. environmental engineering computations

    A propane gas (C3H8) heater burns propane at a rate of 500 grams per hour. a) What is the oxygen consumption rate? (in g O2/hr.) b) If the heater uses a blower to provide outside air (0°C, 1 atm) for combustion, what is the minimum air flow rate the blower must provide? (...
  5. Math & science

    Clear glass is to be recovered from a stream of mixed glass materials using a binary separator. The mixed glass stream contains 65% clear glass and will have a feed rate of 100 kg/hour. One manufacturer A has a separator that is has an overall efficiency of 80% and a recovery ...
  6. Math

    Does the table represent an exponential function? x 1 2 3 4 y –1 –8 –27 –64, I think it does.
  7. language arts

    in “concrete mixers “ what seems to be the speakers feelings about the concrete mixers ?
  8. english

    In the poem "I will pronounce your name" the speaker uses sensory details to appeal to all of the following senses except: A. hearing B. sight C. smell D. touch Please help thank you!
  9. Algebra

    nvm I figured it out, so on the x axis write 1, 2, 3 and on the y write 150, 250, 350. Then the dots match so if you sold 1 bike how much money do you make? 150. I hope this boy is right about discrete cause I have no idea what that means
  10. Algebra

    I need help with this too, what will the graph look like?? Where will the dots be?? At 150, 250, etc? Idk please help
  11. Algebra

    Jessie is right
  12. science

    Which of the following would increase the effect of tides on Earth (high tides get higher, low tides get lower) - slowing the rate of rotation of the Moon. - increasing the rate of rotation of the Moon. *** - decreasing the distance between the Earth around the Sun - ...
  13. science

    Which of the following would increase the effect of tides on Earth (high tides get higher, low tides get lower) - slowing the rate of rotation of the Moon. - increasing the rate of rotation of the Moon. *** - decreasing the distance between the Earth around the Sun - ...
  14. Chemistry - van't Hoff factor

    The freezing point of a salt and water mixture is -0.58 C. The freezing point of an unknown ionic solution (0.100 m) is -1.04 C. 1. Determine the freezing point depression for the ionic solution. 2. How do you determine the van't Hoff factor for the ionic solution? Please ...
  15. Science

    A researcher determined the amount of electrical energy was entering a lamp and the amount of light energy given off my the lamp. The amount of light energy was less than the amount of electrical energy. How can this be explained?
  16. Chemistry

    A 99.99% pure, 0.4903 g sample containing only carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen is subjected to combustion analysis, resulting in the formation of 1.373 g CO2, 0.2791 g H2O, and 0.1860 g NO. What is the empirical formula of the sample?
  17. Social studies 7

    Number 1 is A
  18. Algebra

    was choice A correct?
  19. Math

    Wait so the answer is 10?
  20. chemistry

    name an invention or event (related to science or technology) from the past 100 years that you think has helped shape the roles of women today.
  21. Chem

    Determine the boiling point of a sol'n containing 96.8 g MgBr2 in 2014 g of water.
  22. math

    1.B 2.A 3.C 4.A 5.B 6.A 7.C 8.A 9.B 10.A They are right i promise
  23. Geometry

    Two unit squares share the same center. The overlapping region of the two squares is an octagon with perimeter 3.5. What is the area of the octagon? I don't know how to do this. Could you please help me?
  24. eng

    Thanks just wanted to cheek it.
  25. eng

    In Ray Bradbury’s short story “A Sound of Thunder,” which of Mr. Eckels’s character traits leads to drastic consequences for the rest of the world? (1 point) his lack of curiosity his carelessness his fearfulness*** his greed
  26. Social Studies

    Number 2 is C
  27. Physics

    Nvm I figured it out but I'm gonna answer it anyway in case someone else has the same question. Create the free body diagrams for A and B, when you do and solve for Ft on B you find they're the same numbers (so Ft on both is 98). Solve for Fg of A, so 9.8•5=49. Fg...
  28. Physics

    the coefficient of kinetic friction between both blocks and the table is .200. determine the accelerations of blocks A and B each of which has a mass of 5.0kg The diagram shows a table with two blocks labeled A and B on them. A is connected to a rope that goes over a pulley ...
  29. Social Studies Lesson 1 Unit 7

    thx Xerano
  30. Social studies

    Ty helping you 100%
  31. History

    Why did Adams increase the size of the American navy? A)He wanted to prepare for all-out war on Britain. B He hoped it would deter more attacks by French ships.*** C)He needed to use tax money to fund an increase in military spending. D)Congress passed a law that required him ...
  32. Math

    450 children take part in an art competition if there are 25% more boys than girls how many more boys than girls are there
  33. Language

    which of the following words from the poem has a negative connotation? splendor vibrate murky fringed**
  34. Math

    On a California map 1/4 of an inch represents 20 miles how many miles does 3 1/4 inches represent
  35. Language

    okay thx :)
  36. Language

    which sentence has proper subject-verb agreement? even my cousin steve feel sad today. even my cousin steve look sad today. even my cousin steve feels sad today.*** even my cousin steve looking sad today.
  37. La

    thank you :)
  38. La

    oh okay so would it be B?
  39. La

    which of the following sentences includes a predicate pronoun? justin and meg are the winners of the contest. the winners of the contest are they. the winners of the contest are justin and meg. the winners of the contest are excited.***
  40. SS

    A C D D is 100% correct :)

    thx Kara
  42. Algebra 1

    Work pad question. 13+ w/7 = -18 Ok so I know w= -217 but I need to know the steps. It would be very helpful.
  43. history

    how did washington gain control of boston? he sent 16,000 troops to launch a surprise attack on the british fort protecting boston. he surrounded the harbor giving them no option other than to surrender. he strategically placed cannons overlooking the harbor which forced out ...
  44. Social Studies!

    What policy did President Washington follow during the period of war in Europe following the French Revolution? A. He remained neutral toward all European powers to avoid conflict*** B. He acted to promote democracy across Europe C. He promised to fight European powers who ...
  45. Social Studies

    the answers are 1 B 2 C and D 3 A Legit_VIPer was correct 100% thanks :)
  46. Social studies NEED HELP

    I think its B finding wealth but im not entirely sure im on the same test :/
  47. history

    Some scientists believe that paleo-americans migrating to the america sailed along the coast of north america.They sailed close to shore so that they could do which of the following? avoid warring groups that sailed in the open sea easily hunt whale make contact with ...
  48. Social Studies

    im pretty sure B isnt one of the answers
  49. Social Studies

    it only lets me pick two though?
  50. Social Studies

    What were some influences on self-government? Select all that apply. Commentaries on the laws of England** The Columbian exchange English bill of rights Poor Richard's almanac**
  51. Social Studies

    thank you :)
  52. Social Studies

    it doesnt say when but that's the time period so would it be mercantilism?
  53. Social Studies

    In the colonies time
  54. Social Studies

    What was the basic economic structure established by England? import/export economy? mercantilism? market economy? capitalism?*** Am I wrong?
  55. history

    Actually it wasn't its legislature

    1.B 2.A and D 3.B Hope this helps :)
  57. English

    I want to make sentences about Donald Trump using the following words: counterfeit, kindle, remuneration, and talisman. I am no way bashing him. This is just for an English assignment.
  58. English: Orwell 1984

    Is this a right explanation to this quote and what else can be added in terms of explaining this quote when referring to IRONY? Thanks for any help! •Irony used upon Winston during his torture in the Ministry of Love (pg. 199) ◦“Their real weapon was the ...
  59. AP English

    I'm having trouble finding IRONIES in George Orwell's "1984" book in PART 3 where it starts off from page 186 till the end. The beginning of part 3 goes " He did not know where he was... and so on". Some books are numbered differently so I wanted to...
  60. Physics

  61. physical science

    A pure gold bar is made up of 19.55mol of gold. What is the mass of the bar in grams?
  62. math

    alex is cutting 45 streamers into parts that are 5 2/3 feet long. if they are laid end to end how far will they stretch?
  63. Social Studies

    Emeliah somebody did answer the question if you'd actually look instead of scolding people for being thankful as they should be -_-
  64. Math

    Angelina goes to the library every 7 days.She goes to the market every 4 days.Today August 1, Angelina goes to both the library and the market.How many more time will she go to both places on the same day for the reminder of the year?
  65. LA

    thx Jayce 100%
  66. lierature

    Over the course of The Screwtape Letters , the state of patient’s soul fluctuates as he experiences a conversion, doubt, dangerous friendships, war, love, and finally, in death, oneness with God. What major strategies does Screwtape use to tempt the patient into the Devil...
  67. Social Studies (check my answers)

    1 is C :)
  68. Science

    Thanks, but I did that and it gave me umbilical cord, which is not one of the options for the homework I'm doing.
  69. Science

    What develops from the Allantois? (*note the umbilical cord is not an option for this question)
  70. English

    D. Personification. You are correct. :)
  71. English

    B. Metaphor is correct! Good job! :D
  72. English

    It looks to me like there are two kinds of figurative languages in that part of a sentence. I think that the main one is the judge without a courtroom is being compared to speaking a language formally. The reason that the answer isn't B. smilie, is because "you spoke ...
  73. Music help

    8 sixteenth notes equal four eighth notes, because 8 times 2 equals sixteen. (Also I have taken piano for 6 years XD)
  74. Chemistry

    A buffer system contains 0.30 M NH4+ and 0.15 M NH3. pKa of NH4+ is 9.25. How many moles of NaOH must be added to 1.00 L of this solution to increase the pH to 9.25? Hint: What is the (NH3) / (NH4+) when the pH=pKa?
  75. math,science

    A car traveling at 22 m/s starts to decelerate steadily. It comes to a complete stop in 13 seconds. What is its acceleration?
  76. Educational Technology

    You can trust TennisPro. I just took the test and got 3/3 :)
  77. Alegebra

    The smallest regulation golf ball has a surface area of 8.86 square inches. If the diameter of the ball were increased by 10%, what will the surface area of the golf ball be?
  78. Algerba

    Simply these expressions: 8n^2 - 6n + 7n^2 - 4n +5 and 6x^2y + 5y - x^2 + 3y - 6y
  79. PHYSICS!!

    what is most likely explanation for why the shang had little interaction with non-chinese cultures
  80. Algerba

    I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks once again.
  81. Algerba

    Thank you very much! :)
  82. Algerba

    Could you explain how you got rid of the other numbers?
  83. Algerba

    I believe it is for both, since it says two of them on my paper. It could be that I just add a number to substitute the variable.
  84. Algerba

    Oh, I forget to close a bracket. It's (9+3r)+2-3s
  85. Algerba

    Solve: 2(4-4)+3r-4/2+4r-12+13s+5r+5(9-r)-6r+2(-4)-5(2s)+2(9+3r+2-3s = 57
  86. Math

    So now the question is, "Which number is it?, 193 or 913?" Think it said it was greater than 300.....
  87. Math

    And you also know that it is greater than 300. So so far its like this: 003.
  88. Math

    Well you already know that the 3 is in the ones place, right?
  89. Math

    Two and four hundred eight ten-thousandths
  90. Social Studies CHECK MY ANSWERS

    Which criticism did Tillman direct at Conservatives? A.They controlled the office of governor. B.They didn't think blacks should vote. C.They believed in white supremacy. D.They didn't care about common people. Is it C
  91. Social Studies CHECK MY ANSWERS

    Ia it A
  92. Social Studies CHECK MY ANSWERS

    What did Benjamin Tillman believe would most benefit the farmers? A.a cheaper labor supply B.more agricultural education C.more money to spend on seed and equipment D.lower fees on railroads, warehouses, and mills Is it
  93. Social Studies CHECK MY ANSWERS

    OK thanks i have one more question What did Benjamin Tillman believe would most benefit the farmers? A.a cheaper labor supply more agricultural education B.more money to spend on seed and equipment C.lower fees on railroads, warehouses, and mills Is it
  94. Social Studies CHECK MY ANSWERS

    How did the economy of South Carolina change after the Civil War? A. Several industries developed in the state. B. Most freedmen became landowners. C. Cotton was no longer the chief crop. D. Former slaves did not provide farm labor. Is it D
  95. Language plz help | Essay Help

    lol thank you
  96. Language plz help | Essay Help

    So I was told to write/type a 300 word "oneshot" story but I don't know what that is. What is a oneshot story? Thank you! Ally
  97. MATH

    A contractor purchases gravel one cubic yard at a time. (a) A gravel driveway L yards long and 6 yards wide is to be poured to a depth of 1 foot. Find a formula for n(L), the number of cubic yards of gravel the contractor buys, assuming that he buys 12 more cubic yards of ...
  98. Art

    Thanks, ":')"! 100%!
  99. MATH.

    how do u find the inverse of this function: x^9*5+6
  100. social studies

    which event contributed most to the settlement of Muslim people in Islam? exodus diaspora>>> holocaust world war 2
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