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P=F*d/t p=1750 w F=weight of the piano=9.81*285 solve for t! :D

F=m*a m=6 kg a=2 m/s^2

x-12=19 solve for x! :D

Physics science
A.)if they push in the same direction,just add the two forces Fnet=250N+100N B.)if opposite Fnet=250N-100N (the resultant force will be toward th lesser force)

woodlake hills/ science
the data is insufficient to answer the question..

%=(True-experimental)/true x100%

College algebra
another way of solcinf the problem is by deriving and setting dy/dx=0...but the above sol. is easier that but its disadv. is you may forget the formula.. :D

use the formula y=xtanθ-(g*X^2)/(2*v^2*Cos^2θ) since it is on he roof,take y=-y=-H=height of the building where x=42m θ=30 V=14m/s note: θ is not included in the exponent 2..just plug-in the value.. God Bless !!!

physical science
the unit for work should be Joule,not newton..

physical science
the unit for work should be Joule,nut newton..

physical science
use KE=0.5mv^2 where KE=1 J m=1kg substitute the values to find v.. God bless!!!