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Social Studies

Does anyone know any specific poems or a website with poems that may relate to any of these themes...? - loss of innocence/youth - taking a chance - being yourself - imagination vs. reality any poems relating to these will do! even a poem that is opposite of the theme will be ...

2 questions: 1. what is the one poetic device called that's an extended metaphor and can last for mostly all of the entire poem? 2. what is the conceit that the tv shows 'rugrats' and 'family guy' share with regards to biabies and speech????? thanks!

Does anyone know how to find the derivative of 3x^ln(2x)?

This is stupid, but can anyone find the derivative of f(x)=8^(1-2x^2)?

Are these answers correct 4.0171 Answer: 4 171/10,000 Arrange in order from smallest to largest 2.05, 25/10, 2.0513, 2.059, 251/100, 20515, 2.052, 2.051. Answer: 2.05, 2.051, 2.0513, 2.0515, 2.052, 2.059, 251/100, 25/10 45.6 – 8.75 Answer: 36.85 Add thirty-eight and nine ...

In the U.S. 42% of the population has type A blood. Consider taking a sample size 4. Let y denote the number of persons in the sample with type A blood. a)Pr(y=O) b)Pr(y=1) C)Pr(y=2)

Social Studies
Did Bismarck form any tax LAWS that were not approved by the Reichstag?

what happens when a hot empty coke can is put in a icy cold water ? what is the reaction?

assuming that the calorimeter contains 5.00 * 100 g of water and that the initial temperature is 30.0 degree celcius. what will the final temperature be? (use the proper formula and units, and show your work below)

the value of this quantity for water is ?

the unit in which the quantity of heat energy is usually expressed is called the ?

Legal and Ethical
why might legal rules be insufficient for fulfilling one's ethical responsibilities?

I need to come up with an idea of an experiment using only baking soda, sodium chloride,a test tube, soapy water, a scale to measure the mass, and a stop watch..... any ideas...of the procedures to use..? help would be nice thank you soo much!!! =p

[Proton]+1 [neutron] 0 [electron] -1

anatomy and physiology II
why does air move into the lungs? Bob Pursley answered this question for you earlier. See you previous post of the same question

anatomy and physiology II
Any compound that can stimulate the body to produce antibodies is call what? You will find the answer at

anatomy and physiology II
air moves into the lungs bacause? Pressure difference between the lungs and the atmosphere. THe diaphram movement causes this.

anatomy and physiology II
The respiratory menbrane lining the air sacs consist of what? The actual site of gas exchange within the lungs are? the actual site of gas exchange in the lungs are at the capillaries (smallest blood vessels) You are talking about the alveoli. Since this is not my area of ...

I'm doing a project on Medieval nights- please help! How did chivalry reflect medieval culture especially religon? Its due on Monday and i still have HEAPS to do!!!!! Please help me! You mean Medieval knights, right? If you spell it wrong during a search on Google or any ...

take the amount of grams (.548) and multiply it by .628 You then get .37373 (this is the concentration of ASA that the problem is focusing on) So you divide .37373 by 180.16 to figure out the amount of moles= .002075, divide this number by .250L to get your Molarity, your ...

I would like to know if my answers to the following questions are correct: ¿Qué es lo importante para tí en un trabajo? Opino que un trabajo debe ser interesante. Me gustaría un trabajo que es un desafío y pienso que es bueno si paga bien, ...

I want to know the enthalpy change for this reaction which occurs in a blast furnace: Fe2O3(s) + 3C(s) --> 2Fe(l) + 3CO(g) You will need the heat of formation for CO, and ironIIIoxide, and the heatofmelting for iron. I suspect you have some temperature in mind also which ...

14.what value of n will result in a mean if 31 15.what value of n will result in a median of 23 15.what value of a will result in a range of 84 14,46,19,10,39,22,24,77,n Refresh your memory about the defnition of median, mode and range of a set of numbers. Then pick a value of...

I'm trying to figure out how you would say "he is being" in French. I know it has something to do with the present participle "étant," but we haven't really gotten very far into this yet in class. Would you say "il est étant"...

home economics
what are the different names of equipment used for cooking? Please post the names of the equipment that you know. Then, we'll be glad to help you find more names, if necessary.

HOW MANY VERTEXS DOES A HEXAGON HAVE? Draw a hexagon, a six sided figure, and count the vertices. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The following site may help you to see this: seee

what are 3 disadvantages of firms merging? Sometimes when firms merge, the company is simply too large or diverse for the management to handle. Sometimes the profits from one of the businesses don't increase as fast as was originally expected. Also -- there's a ...

THe sume of 2 positive numbers is 20. Find the two numbers such that 1) the sum of the square is minimum b) the product of one and the square is maximum. c) the product of the square and one and the cube of the other is maximum I will be happy to critique your work on this.

trig question
A Ferris wheel has a deameter of 50m. The platform at the bottom, where you load the ferris wheel, is 3 m above the ground. The Ferris wheel rotates three times every two minutes. A stopwatch is started and you notice you are even with the center of the ferris wheel, going ...

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