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how do you find the answer for 5/16 +3/35=

A 4.0 kg box is raised from rest a distance of 6.0 m by a vertical force of 110 N. (a) Find the work done by the force. (b) Find the work done by gravity. (c) Find the final kinetic energy of the box.

A 4.0 kg box is raised from rest a distance of 6.0 m by a vertical force of 110 N.

space science


A 6.0 kg block,starting from rest, slides down a frictionless incline of length 2.0 m. When it arrives at the bottom of the incline its speed is vf. At what distance from the top of the incline is the speed of the block .5 vf

A 6.0 kg block,starting from rest, slides down a frictionless incline of length 2.0 m. When it arrives at the bottom of the incline its speed is vf. At what distance from the top of the incline is the speed of the block .5 vf

The density is 2.7g/mL. The specific gravity is 2.7


A boat that can travel at 4.0 km/hr in still water crosses a river with a current of 1.8 km/h. at what angle must the boat be pointed upstream to travel straight across the river? Confused on how to even set it up!

11th grade
The base of a pyramid is 10 cm high is the triangle shown. Find the volume of the pyramid. The hieght/leg of the traingle is 4 the base/leg is 6 and the hypothnues is 7.21

10-foot ladder leans against an 8-foot wall. How far from the wall should the foot of the ladder be placed so that the top of the ladder will be exactly at the top of the wall?

College physics
A thin glass rod is submerged in oil. What is the critical angle for light traveling inside the rod?

College physics
A student has built a 20-cm-long pinhole camera for a science fair project. She wants to photograph the Washington Monument, which is 167 m (550 ft) tall, and to have the image on the film be 5.0 cm high.

A financial institution wishes to estimate the mean balances owed by its credit card customers. The population standard deviation is estimated to be $300. If a 98 percent confidence interval is used and an interval of ±$75 is desired, how many cardholders should be ...

marketing opportunity cost

marketing opportunity cost
Maurice receives $100 as a birthday gift. In deciding how to spend the money, he narrows his options down to four choices: Option A, Option B, Option C, and Option D. Each option costs $100. Finally he decides on Option B. The opportunity cost of this decision is __________. A...

Hess, Inc. sells a single product with a contribution margin of $12 per unit and fixed costs of $74,400 and sales for the current year of $100,000. How much is Hess’s break even point?

i think i would do the same thanks

If two jobs are upon you which one do you take the more sucessful one which you do not like the actions taking place or the less sucessful one which you kinda like.

world history
thank you you're awesome

world history
Who was the Columbian Exchange named after and why?

AED 204
rayna,try something that you think is a problem in your school that can relate to this.

math 7th grade
A(-3,4) ---> A'(3,4) B(-5,2) ---> B'(5,2) im a seventh grade math teachers daughter i should know

an experiment consists of 4 tosses of a coin.denoting the outcomes HHTH,THTT,..and assuming that all 16 outcomes are equally likely, find the probability distribution for the total number of heads.

give 5 differences and 3 similarities between plays and novels

Two charged smoke particles exert a force of 4.2x10^-2 N on each other. What will be the force if they are moved so they are only one eighth as far apart? F= 4.2x10^-2 N K= 8.99x10^9 e= 1.6x10^-19 Do I solve for r even though they're asking me to find the force?

Intermediate Accounting
I had a problem with this question too, do a search for Ch6 since they won't let me post websites here. Look at the bottom of the examples and I think it will make it a little more clear.

consider the quadratic functon y=-3(x-1)(x+2)

Physics 100
A bat flying in a cave emits a sound and receives its echo 0.25 s later. How far away is the cave wall?

fc college
Suppose you took loan from a bank of amount 800£ at 8% interest compounded semi-annually for three years. Find the compound interest.

Verify the identity sin 3x cos 3x = 1/2 sin 6x can you show step by step please

Langusge Arts
Can you find 3 metaphors and 10 alliterations in this poem? THE Witch 1.She comes back night, in fearsome flight, 2. In garments black as pitch, 3.The queen of doom upon her broom, 4.The wild and wicked witch, 5.A cackling crone with brittle bones 6.And desiccated limbs, 7.Two...

Using the following letters once, what word can you make: A,E,M,R,S,S,T.

language arts/research paper topic
i myself need a third idea to do a research project on as a 7th grade advanced english student so far i have abusive teenage relationships , and anastasia romanov

A weight attached to a spring is pulled down 4 inches below the equilibrium position. Assuming that the frequency of the system is 8/pi cycles per second, determine a trigonometric model that gives the position of the weight at time t seconds.

world literature
How does world literature effect the U.s society?

There are 20 red yellow and green tiles in a bag. 1/2 of the tiles are not yellow. 1/5 of the tiles are red. What is the probability of randomly selecting a colored tile from the bag that is NOT green?

B) Membership on the budgeting committee is restricted most often to accountants because the budget involves numbers. Master budget preparation is normally supervised by a committee. The budget committee is responsible for settling disputes among various departments over ...

the answer is 11.17 or not

How many grams of iron(III) nitrate.9H2O could be formed from the reaction of 3.676 g of iron with excess HNO3? Please can u explain? i try balance the question i couldnt.

Explain why, in terms of job performance and efficiency, knowing medical billing terms is critical for working in the health care field. Respond in at least 150 words and provide specific examples.


math please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the probability of drawing a red checker from a bag of 9 black checkers and 6 red checkers, replacing it, and drawing it again?

So Hannah wakes up at 7:56 , Beth wakes up at 7:03. Hannah has breakfast at 8:36 and Beth has Breakfast at 7:50. Problem 1 : How many minutes more did Hannah wake up from Beth. 7:56 -7:03 0:53 Problem 2 : Is 8 : 36 to 7 : 56 I'm not understanding!


it is a vowel used to replace a vowel and constanant for ex. down, using a diphong d-AH-n but it still sounds the same while you are singing

look them both up and compare one to another.

Earth Science

go to google and type in babblefish it will translate it and all you do is figure out the rest and translate it back into spanish


yes i would say if gossipy is a word

check and see if gossipy is a word

no you misspelled a couple words

area or circumference?

what language is the song bonse aba in? im thinking zambian am i right?

5 hundreths

thermal energy/science
fluids transfer heat by convection

thermal energy/science
on a cold day ,closing the windows keep the room warmer . why i need scientific and i don't know any


1st grade
i need more information im thinking shelter

ancient world history
thank you

ancient world history
what are gargoyles and grotesques?

we would not have all the resources that we would need today for every day life effecencies such as natural gas and oil

what does this sign(^)mean?

you can use a 360 degree protractor.or you can use a regular protracto and do a couple more steps in math

thank you i get it now your awesome

damon i need to now where you got 1/3 from

thank you!

A box has a volume of 48 cubic cm. A similiar box has volume of 6 cubic cm. what is the scale factor between each box?

a=b*h/2 a=30*20/2 a=60/2 a=30sq ft 30*3=90 the glass will cost?

Use the Table of Integrals to evaluate the integral (x sine(6x^2)cos(7x^2)dx)


college algebrall

college algebrall

hi! how would you figure out a problem where you are given a probability of success for 12 people and you are trying to find the probability of success for 1 person?

criminal justice
why is it important information for the correctional staff to know if the subject have any marks?

Why does this happen? A=3 and b=2 A+b=c is the equation. Multiplying both sides of the equation makes the equation a^2+2ab+b^2 which is equal to a^2+ab-ac=-ab-b^2+bc Dividing by (a+b-c) we find a=-b or 3=-2 Why?

Probability again
A bag contains 5 yellow balls, 5 orange balls, 6 white balls and 6 red balls. Five balls are drawn and NOT replaced each time


how would i figure out a problem like: a^2 + b^2 = 5^2 is there a certain method to figure this out?

I dot'n know

The Measured voltage of the cell Pt H2 (1.0atm) H+ // Ag+ (1.0M) Ag ia 1.02 V at 25degrees. Gven E cell is 0.80V, calculate the pH of the solution.

(A) “Market demand for wheat is relatively stable over time but market supply of wheat is very much influenced by the weather. For example, a natural drought decreases the supply of wheat and pushes up its prices while a bumper crop can severely depress wheat prices. Acts...

Physics - HELP


A 15-kilogram block is sliding on a dry, level surface with a coefficient of dry sliding friction of 0.3. The initial speed of the block is 10/m/sec. How far does the block slide before it stops?

apply write an expression for the quantity 506,000 cm in which it is clear that all the zeros are significant.

How did you come up with this answer?

social studies
a person who is running away is a

I've thought of that but I'm not sure if I was right. Thank you so much!

What changes in diet would allow a growing human population to be supported without any further increase in farmland? Explain your answer. help me please :(

DDT is stored in body fat and remains toxic for many years. Explain why these characterestics are undersirable in a pesticide. What characteristics would you want in a pesticide to make it less harmful to non-pest organisms?

app. math
Given the following data set, which measure of central tendency is the greatest ? {2,4,6,8,10,12}

A helicopter is ascending vertically at the rate of 19.6 m/s. When it is at the height of 156.8 m above the ground a stone is dropped. how long does the stone take to reach the ground?

9th grade SCIENCE
what is the three maining of science

"A rod with length L , mass m and resistance R slides without friction down parallel conducting rail of negligible resistance . the rails are connected together at bottom, forming a conducting loop with the rod the plain of the loop makes angle Z wih horizontal , a ...

12th grade math
Below is a set of at least two related math/science "words" with their letters combined and arranged in alphabetical order. When you successfully unscramble the letters into the component words, there will be can additional word that should be in the set. That ...

11th grade math
Below is a set of at least two related math/science "words" with their letters combined and arranged in alphabetical order. When you successfully unscramble the letters into the component words, there will be can additional word that should be in the set. That ...

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