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Which of the following statements about isotopes is/are true? a. Because isotopes have different numbers of neutrons, they have different mass numbers. b. because neutrons determine an atom's chemical properties, isotopes of the same element are very different. C. isotopes...

college english
my professor want's us to write an abstract proposal on our reserch topic " Is our food safe to eat?" BUT we did not write our papers yet,so can someone help me how to set it up

We have six digits and we know that ten digit is his favorite and also that (hundred thousand digit + thousand digit) is also his favorite number, so: 2 3 4 5 6 7 would work because 2(100,000 digit)+ 4(thousand digit)=6 and we know that this sum is his favorite number; and 6(...

world hhistory
the expansion of agriculture can be traced across sub saharan africa through the spread of the language group

world history
why was the ice age a time of abundance

Math/3rd grade
Chelsea sells flower bulbs to gardeners. She has 48 bulbs that can be packed in boxes of 8 or 4. How many ways can she pack the bulbs?

world history
why was the ice age a time of abundance