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The coordinates of the end-points of a line segment PQ are P(3,7) and Q(11,-6). Find the coordinates of the point R on the y-axis such that PR = QR. Please include the workings, as I would like to be able to perform these problems unassisted in the future (I just have trouble ...

Height = -4.9t^2 + 120t d(height)/dt = -9.8t +120 when t=5 velocity = -9.8(25)+120 = -120 m/s

what is the square of 65

MAth grade 8
mr kumar lives in the eastern part of spore . he visits his aged parents , who lives 36 km away , every weekend he finds that is he increases the average speed of his vehicle by 12km/h, he could save 9 minutes of his travelling time. find the speed at which he travels before ...

MAth grade 8
Meiling and meimei divide $69 to 2 shares. 3/4 meiling's share is equal to 2/5 of meimei's share. how much do they each get

if a piece of wood is 2 cm longer than a second piece, and 3/4 of the second piece is equal to 3/5 of the first, what is the length of the second piece?


How up-welling affect ocean life? How currents affect climate and weather?

MAth grade 8
y^2-4y+4/2-6y x 2y+4/3y^2-12

Maths Grade 8
m^2-m-6 m^2 _________ x ______ m^2-9 m^2+2m

In 11 years, the age of Russel will be half of the square of the age he was 13 years ago. Find his present age.

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