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2nd grade
i know kangaroo is joey

Ethnic Diversity
I agree Axia needs to do some updating. The only thing that I was really able to find that took place in recent times were the Congresstional hearings dealing with the civil rights of Muslim Americans.

PRE calculus
Find the area between each curve and the x-axis for the given interval. y=6x^2+5 from x=0 to x=5 I'm just starting to learn about this and am very confused. Can someone show me how to do this. Thanks. I need help.

Language art
i need help

can you tell me information about deoxygenation of hydrogen peroxide and organic catalyst

2nd grade math
what is mental math and how does it work. the question is use mental math to find the missing numbers. look for the pattern in each chart.the chart ooks like eight boxes two rows of four, the filled in is 0,1,2,3,4the second row is empty, the second queston is make 6 two rows ...

how do you take the fourth root? Please refer to the example below? Using Amount = Present Value(1+i)^n we do not know i. 249=183(1+i)^4 1.3606557=(1+i)^4 take the fourth root 1.0800331=1+i giving you i=0.0080031 so the annual rate is 8%

1. Well, with five gallons of gas in your Alfa, we might make it to the state line and escape them! 2. She said, "The goose bit the mailman on the leg!" Now, that is silly; geese don't bite. 3. Oh dear! Because the store is closed, Mom will be in trouble since ...

is there a formula for finding factors of a number ?

You are an economic consultant to the International Monetary Fund, engaged to report on macroeconomic policy in various countries. You are working on the following case. Two countries, Maynardia and Pigovia, are concerned about their current levels of unemployment. In both ...

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