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Chemistry 2
The mechanism for the reaction of nitrogen dioxide with carbon monoxide to form nitric oxide and carbon dioxide is thought to be the following. NO2 + NO2 NO3 + NO Slow NO3 + CO NO2 + CO2 Fast What would be the overall balanced equation to this reaction?

Math Ms. Sue
1200?????????? That's not an answer!!!!!!!!

Math Ms. Sue
Use prime factorization to find the LCM of 30 and 40. A. 90 B. 120 C. 150 D. 200 Please Help!!!

Social Studies

Social Studies
What are the cordilleras? A) mountains found in the Guyana Highlands B) tributaries of the Orinoco River C) three parallel mountain ranges found in the Andes D) lowland plains found to the east of the Andes

I think as the surface area increases, the volume does too.

How does increasing the size of an object affect its volume to surface area ratio?

TXS sooooo much emma!!!!!!! I am failing and my mom is mad and I needed this!!!

political science
All of them are apart of the lemon test. The answer is D.

Calculate the slant height for the given square pyramid. Round to the nearest tenth. Pyramid base= 6cm Height= 5cm 6.2 cm 5.8 cm 7.8 cm 7.2 cm I am usually very good at solving these kinds of problems but I cant focus on anything right now and I keep getting thrown off. I'...

if you need to find the answer but do not understand the question let me brake it down/ u need to pick a line from the poem that u chose for example- in the city is so big " like a smile full of teeth to describe of the passing train ". this line describes the train ...

bet it is 1.2*9.8 Newtons. If it were less it would sink, if it were more, it would be on the surface.

Social Studies

Social Studies
same @ms.sue

what is 3+7-1 ?

Comm Tech
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P.E....Plzzzzzzz Help me:)
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Harrisburg Area Community College
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Harrisburg Area Community College
find the equation of a rational function that passes through (0,1) and (2,1), has the x axis as a horizontal asymptote, and has two vertical asymptotes at x=3 and x=-3

There was a question on my quiz asking 5/6x=25 what is x. I got the answer 30.12 but my teacher says it is wrong because the answer is 30. I don't understand how to get just 30

social studies
I'm dying

8th grader is right

Ap European
It's about the first world war, and it is connected to the historian Sidney Bradshaw Fay

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ms. sue is right

aren't we 8th graders? who cares

Social Studies
smart one is right, it is C for number 2.

In the reaction 2A+B2 to 2AB if 0.5 moles of A and an excess of B are combined and the reaction goes to %100 completion, then how many moles of C are formed?

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Math Help
Im having trouble on this too and Im having the samee problem.

social studies
lmfao what is the answer

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Science help ASAP

educational technology
a d b is right

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Ed-tech/History question~!
Its D lmao

S.S. Check answers
1)A 2)D 3)C 4)A 5)B 6)C 7)D 8)D 9)C 10)C 100%

Smaticles is right :)

Show that the series cos(n) from n=1 to infinity is divergent.

Let T= {ti: i exists in N} and S be sets that T is denumerable and there exists a surjection f: T->S. Show that there exists an injection of S->N. I started off the problems applying the definitions. I must have made a big mistake somewhere because my teacher told me it ...

Ecell=E*cell-0.0592/2*log[xM]/[1.0] -3.378 = log[xM]/[1.0M] x=0.0000410 M pH=3.38 What did I do wrong because this is not the right answer

How am I able to solve for [H^+] when I don't have Q and can't rearrange?

The following voltaic cell registers an E cell = 0.100V. Pt|H2(g 1 atm)|H^+(x M)||H^+(1.0 M)|H2(g 1 atm) What is the pH of the unknown solution? I am completely baffled as I was not aware until I read this question that pH could be found from voltaic cells. Any help would be ...

world history
What were the goals and results when rejected Darius' peace settlement of all land west of Euphrates river


a floor is 45 inches by 30 inches what is the largest square tile possable to use

social studies
describe life on a seigneury on the St. Lawrnce River, during the Iroquois wars.

12th grade math an
6b=30 b=30/6 b=5

Tan -7PI / 4

Franz has recently had a minor accident that resulted in temporary brain impairment. Franz parks his car and as he walks away, Franz can no longer identify the car the further away from it he gets. He says the car is not his because it is too tiny to be his. What perceptual ...

67 divided by 9=