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Calculate the H+ ion concentration given the following pH readings: a) 2.00 b) 9.50 c) 10.40 d)-125(is this a reasonable question neee help

Processed cheese must be at a pH of 5.5 to 5.9 to prevent growth of unwanted microorganisms. If a sample comes back with [OH-]of 7.76e-9 as a control supervisor would you send the cheese back? Justify your answer. My asnswer is no but I don't know how to justify it by ...

For the following equilibrium system, which of the changes will form more CaCO3 (more moles CaCO3)? CO2 + Ca(OH)2=CaCO3 +H2O delta H =-113kJ Write and explain if amount CaCO3 decrease, no change or increase with regards to the following situations: a) Decrease temperature at ...