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40,000. You see, 37 is closer to 40 than 30 so you round it up. The other numbers become 0's

Because 57,926 can be rounded to 60,000.

The science teacher gave each group in the science lab a pair of wires for an investigation on electrical current.Susan noticed that the wires were made of metal,but they were covered with plastic.The wires were covered in plastic because A.plastic is a good conductor and ...

Michael dropped a 1 inch cube of wood and a 1 inch cube of laed into an aquarium filled with water.The cube of wood floated and the cube of lead sunk quicklu to the bottom. The cube wood floated because it less dense than the cube of lead B.weighs more than the cube of ...

What does a penguin,whale,and a seal have in common? A.They all breath underwater B.They all eat while on land C.They are all protected from the cold by thick layer of fat D.They are all mammals C?


Which of the following best describes the relationship between a cheetah and a zebra? A.The cheetah is the predator of the zebra. B.Both the cheetah and the zebra are predators of one another C.The zebra is the predator of the cheetah. D.Both the cheetah and the zebra are ...

The internal angles of an equilateral triangle all measure how many degrees? 60 How many dimensions does a semicircle feature? Is it 2?

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