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Starting with an initial speed v0, a mass m slides down a curved frictionless track (a shown in the figure below), arriving at the bottom with a speed v. From what vertical elevation h did it start?

Explain with the aid of a diagram and Bernoulli’s equation how a siphon operates?

Show how Bernoulli’s energy equation for a fluid can be derived by considering how the work done by the fluid moving from point 1 to point 2 is equal to the energy gained or lost by the fluid. You can assume the potential energy PE=mgh and the kinetic energy KE=0.5mv 2 , ...

Water fills and flows through an expanding pipeline that is inclined upwards. On the centreline of the pipe, Point 1 is 0.3 m below point 2. The velocities are V1 = 3.4 m/s and V2 = 1.7 m/s. The pressure at point 1 is 9300 N/m 2 . What is the pressure at point 2 assuming no ...

Yeah I had dis homework 1) granite. 8) lithosphere 2) trench. 9) seismic 3) convection current. 10) core 4) volcanoes. 11) ring of fire 5) magma. 12) tsunami 6) richter. 13) seismograph 7) earthquake. 14) basalt Good luck guys xoxo

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