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Find the ratio of the volume of two cubes whose sides are 2.6 cm and 3.4cm

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Consider a planet in space whose mass is twice that of earth and radius is thrice that of earth what will be the weight of a body on this planet if its weight on the earth is 900N ??

The liquid bromoethane has a density of 1.46 g/mL at 20 °C. If a sample of this liquid at 20 °C has a volume of 59.9 mL, how many grams of liquid are there in the sample

How far would a car of 126 horse power have gone when it attains a speed of 70 km/hour going up the hill with 15 degrees incline. Total weight of the car is 1338 kg

calculate the de broglie wavelength of He atom at 27 degree celsius & v=2.4*1000

Lines L1 and L2 intersect at O. A and C are points on L1 such that OA=11,OC=9. B and D are points on L2 such that OB=3,OD=22. What is the ratio [OCD]/[OAB]?

Let f(n)=1/√1+√2+1/√2+√3+1/√3+√4…1/√n+√n+1. For how many positive integers n, in the range 1≤n≤1000, is f(n) an integer?

What is the sum of all 2-digit positive numbers whose digits are either 1, 2, 3 or 4?

What is the sum of all possible positive integer values of n, such that n^2+19n+130 is a perfect square?

How many positive integers less than 1000000 have the sum of their digits equal to 7?

the displacement-time graph of two bodies P and Q are straight lines making angles 30° and 60° respectively with time axis .Calculate the ratio of velocities P and Q

Jose was playing a game with marbles.In the first round ,he lost 1/4 of his marbles.In the Second round,he lost 1/3 of his remaining marbles.In the third round,he lost 1/2 of his remaining marbles.He gave 1 marbles to his friend shavana.He had 1 marble left. How many marbles ...

Well it goes like this : sinA/1-cosA + 1-cosA/sinA = sin^2A + (1-cosA)^2/(1-cosA)sinA (cross multiplying) = sin^2A + cos^2A + 1 - 2cosA/(1-cosA)sinA = 1 + 1 - 2cosA/(1-cosA)sinA (sin^2A + cos^2A =1) = 2 - 2cosA/(1-cosA)sinA = 2 (1-cosA)/(1-cosA)sinA = 2/sinA

This question is wrong

Suppose That A Scientific Breakthrough Leads To The Discovery Of A New Cheap Source Of Energy. What Would Be The Effect Of This Invention In The Short-Run And In The Long-Run?

Algebra (factoring)
Factor Completely: 1000p^3 - 1 help please

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