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discrebe the kugmo

Math, identities and equalities
Determine the value of a, b, and c so the following equalities become true for any value of x. x^3 - 6x^2 + 15x - 7 =(x+a)^3 + bx + c If possible, could you please show how you solved it.

Math, factoring
Two of the roots of x^4 +ax^3 +ax^2+11x+b=0 are 3 and -2. 1. Find the value of a and b 2. Find the other roots. I believe that a = -3 and b = -6. I am unsure of how to find the other roots. Please show how you found the answer.

factorise 2x^3+432


Social Studies
Then can you help me get the correct answer? Oml

Social Studies
Which of the following was one way different religions of the country agreed? A.Support of slavery~~~~ B.Support for the war of 1812 C.Support for the reigon colonies D.Support for economic stability

If my teacher grades a test of 54 questions and I get 18 wrong what will be my grade?

language arts
I recommend to read this book because it has a good message about with using teamwork, you can accomplish anything"

The triangle is acute.

The side of a triangle have lengths of x, x+4, and 20. Specify those values of x which the triangle is acute with longest side 20.

3grams of ammonium chloride has been added to 20mL of water. The initial temperature of the solutionis 18.0 degrees, and once the ammonium is added to the water, the temperature declines to 11 degrees. Given the following information, calculate the enthalpy of solution per ...

the sum of the digits of a three digit number is six. the ten digit is one less than the units digit and the number is twelve more than one hundred times the hundred digit Find the three digits x y=x-1 z=7-2x x+x-1+z=6 2x-1+z=6 z=7-2x x-1=100(7-2x)+12 what is wrong with my ...

Factor completely: X^3 (3)(x^2+1)^2 (2x)+(x^2+1)^3 (3x^2) Please help. I have tried multiple times.

Use calculus to find the volume of the following solid S: The base of S is an elliptical region with boundary curve 9x^2+4y^2=36. Cross-sections perpendicular to the x-axis are isosceles right triangles with hypotenuse in the base.

write the slope-intercept equation for the line that passes through(-14,-3) and is perpendicular to -7x-4y=-4

-9y-12(2-3y)=-25-2(y+6 show work.

p $ 40 pants and s $ 20 shirts total $ 160. ... p $ 40 pants and s $ 20 shirts total $ 160. determine three different combinations of pants and ... Math

et f(x)=5 x − 4 and g(x) = x2 − 8. Compute the following functions. 1. f(g(x)) = 2. g(f(x)) = 3. f(f(x)) = 4. g(g(x)) =

Do you think America's policy of containment was more successful in Europe or Asia? (I said Europe because the war efforts in Asia--Vietnam and Korea failed) but what do would you consider to be correct?

I have a history worksheet asking who administrated the German quadrants post WWII (It's looking for one word, not all of the countries). Was it the United Nations who administrated the quadrants??

6th grade math
1mile=5280 feet, so 2 miles=5280X2.

MEGSSS (math)

MEGSSS (math)
im confused too,but in megsss, there is no mercy! where are you guys from, and how can i connect to you too, for hw help? it would be great for a quick responce to come my way, because my hw is due tomorow. eekk! help please!

The perimeter is the sum of all of the sides added up. 6 + 8 + 10 = ?

Area = length X width 12 X 10

Algebra II
I asked this question yesterday, but I wasn't clear about the response. Could someone please explain it again? A searchlight is shaped like a paraboloid of revolution. If the light source is located 2 feet from the base along the axis of symmetry and the opening is 5 feet ...

Algebra II
Ah thanks!

Algebra II
I'm confused.. 1. The cables of a suspension bridge are in the shape of a parabola. The towers supporting the cable are 600 feet apart and 80 feet high. If the cables touch the road surface midway between the towers, what is the height of the cable at a point 150 feet from...

Two substances in a glass beaker react chemically and the glass beaker becomes too hot to touch. A. Is this an exothermic or endothermic reaction. It would be exothermic, right? Because energy is released? B. If the two substances are defined as the system, what constitutes ...

monitoring student progress
This seems like something that would have been covered in class or in a textbook. Maybe you should check your notes and look in the text. If you don't have those, you could call a friend, but it doesn't look like you attempted the work yourself.

Thanks, I will!

Well, I already went there and it seemed a little too formal for a 5th grader learning basic French. Maybe i should just begin with Bonjour! and call it good :)

Our French class was given an assignment where each student would write a letter in French to a child in the 5th grade. I have looked up letter writing in French but I can only find ways to write formal letters. How would I begin the letter when writing to a young person I do ...