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  1. Algebra

    I think A
  2. Algebra

    the time t required to drive a certain distance varies inversely with the speed, r. If it takes 4 hours to drive the distance at 35 miles per hour, how long will it take to drive the same distance at 45 miles per hour? about 3.11 hours 140 hours about 5.14 hours 393.75 hours
  3. Physics

    A converging lens forms a virtual image 2.61 times the size of the objecT. The object distance is 11cm. Find the distance of the focal point from the center of the lens.
  4. Math

    Suppose you buy a home and finance $255,000 at $2,293.17 per month for 30 years. What is the amount of interest paid? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)
  5. Calculus

    Consider the functions A(x, y) = x^(2)y + xy - 3xy^(2), and B(x, y) = xe^(xy) - y (a) Calculate the x derivative of A, or Ax. (b) Calculate the y derivative of A, or Ay. (c) Calculate the x derivative of B, or Bx. (d) Calculate the y derivative of B, or By.
  6. chemistry

    Use Ksp for PbCl2 and Kf for [PbCl3]? to determine the molar solubility of PbCl2 in 0.10 M HCl(aq). [Hint: What is the total concentration of lead species in solution?]
  7. Math

    A function has f’’(x) = 10 and has f’(4) = 0 and f(2) = 4. Find f(x)
  8. Chemistry

    List the most i mportant (strongest) intermolecular force(s) that must be overcome to (a) vaporize liquid CH 3 OH (b) remove water of hydration from NiSO 4 • 7H 2 O (c) melt solid KBr so for a Isaid H bonding, for b I said ion-dipole (not sure about this one), and c I ...
  9. Geography

    Assess the extent to which the ethical consumption trends may have reduced the negative consequences of globalisation. Thank you.
  10. history

    What did Simón Bolívar promise Alexandre Pétion in exchange for weapons and Haitian troops? promote international trade with Haiti end slavery in Venezuela support Pétion’s bid for reelection in Haiti invade the Dominican ...
  11. History

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  12. English

    The user asked for the answer, not for a hint. Maria is going to take extra courses at the university in math, her favourite subject. One tip for you, if you are hesitating about the punctuation, read the sentence aloud.
  13. Language Arts

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  14. Algebra HELP

    Give an example of a data set for which you can ONLY find the mode but not the mean or median. How can I find a data set with only the mode??
  15. Algebra HELP

    Thank you Ms.Sue!!! :)
  16. Algebra HELP

    So The graph is asking turn the table below into a frequency table: 0,5 1,4 2,8 3,7 4,2 5,1 6,1 In my opinion it already is a frequency table.. What is it asking me to do??
  17. Math

    So it is 390 white tiles Thank you
  18. Math

    Ron is tiling a countertop he needs to place 54 square tiles in each of eight rows to cover the counter he wants to randomly place eight groups of four blue tiles each and have the rest of the tiles be white how many white tiles will Rod need? First I did 54 x 8= 422 Then I ...
  19. History

    the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC). What are the objectives of this agreement
  20. An introduction to the Middle East

    Is civil society allowed in Saudi Arabia?
  21. An introduction to the Middle East

    Saudi Arabian political system. What are some of the sources of political influence? What are some of the political reforms demanded
  22. An introduction to the Middle East

    What happened when Faisal took over? What are some of the challenges that Khalid had to face during his reign?
  23. Physics

    An archer fires an arrow, which produces a muffled "thwok" sound after it hits a target. The archer hears the "thwok" exactly 2.6 s after firing the arrow and the average speed of the arrow is 36 m/s. Find the distance sepa­rating the archer and the ...
  24. History/English

    Could some one tell me what effects an atomic bomb could have on human rights?
  25. Physics0

    A) What area of a black body kept at 300°C radiates 100W? B) If a 25m2 roof has a U-value of 0.4Wm^-2 °C^-1, how much heat, expressed in MJ, would escape through it over a day if the temperature inside the building was maintained at 7°C above the outside ...
  26. Physics0

    how to estimate the root mean square speed of hydrogen molecules in the earth's atmosphere in km h^-1? thanks for your help, I'm actually teaching myself physics and that why sometimes I get stuck even with simple questions
  27. Physics0

    Thanks Scott, I really appreciate your help
  28. Physics0

    A)In your body the following reaction takes place: C6H12O6 + nO2 ! mCO2 + 6H2O What are the numbers n and m? and my answer was: n=6 and m=6, but I don't know what formula shall I use to workout question B B) How many protons are present in 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide? Is it...
  29. Physics0

    The currently accepted maximum depth limit for safe scuba diving while breathing air is 50 metres. What is the absolute partial pressure of oxygen at this depth? my solution was as the following, please correct me if I'm wrong: P=F/A Thus the pressure exerted by the liquid...
  30. Physics

    thank you bobpursley
  31. Physics

    From the expression E = mgh for potential energy, how can I express the unit of energy, the joule, in terms of kilograms, metres and seconds? could anyone explain to me what this question is asking me for cuz I don't understand it, to be honest? thanks
  32. Physics

    Light is shone from a liquid onto the air. The angle of incidence in the liquid is 45?. The angle of refraction is measured to be 60? to the nearest degree. What is the refractive index of the liquid can anyone help please, I'm really stoked with this question and I'm ...
  33. Math

    for part B I have got that the maximum value of £10 is 4700, by using the formula p=m/v is that right? please help
  34. Math

    my answer for question A was: 1*10^11 seconds which is 3000 years to 1 SF is that correct? and I'm trying to solve question B
  35. Math

    In this estimation, question gives your answers to one significant figure. A) If a cash point dispenses a £10 note every second, how long would it take to dispense a trillion pounds? B) An aircraft carries 47 tonnes of cargo. If each banknote has a mass of 1g, what is ...
  36. Physics

  37. Physics

    Thanks, Mr Sue & Scott
  38. Physics

    Sorry, this's the first time that I use this website. Can you help me, please?
  39. Physics

    A circular metal wire, with a radius of 0.5 mm, has a force of 2 kN applied along it. If the wire has an unstressed length of 3 m and stretches by 8 mm, what is Young’s Modulus for the metal? Give your answer in GPa. Any help would be very appreciated
  40. Physics0

    I have used and got the following: -Thermal expansion of steel= 1.1*10^-5 -the length= 5m which's 0.005k - the Temp change= -50 my answer was: -2.75*10^-6 is that correct? thanks for your help & time?
  41. Physics

    sorry, what do you mean by the heat of vaporization? Cheers
  42. physics

    Suppose that a spring is attached to a wall. On the other end of the spring, it is attached to an object of 0.263kg. When the spring is compressed at a distance of 15cm, it holds an elastic potential energy of 20.0J. The horizontal surface has no friction; frictionless. a) If ...
  43. Chemistry

    Determine the oxidation number of V in the V_4O_12^4? ion given that the oxidation number of oxygen is ?2
  44. physics

    Suppose that a body of an object is experiencing SHM ( simple harmonic motion) and it oscillates with position x(t)=(0.55m)Cos(35s^-1t + pi) a)What is the period, frequency, and angular frequency b) calculate its initial velocity and the maximum speed it can have C) calculate ...
  45. physics

    On planet Mars, A pendulum has a length of 4L and period of 5T.what is the acceleration due to gravity ?
  46. physics

    A rotating platform is on a table and an object is on the platform. The platform has a diameter of 30.0cm and it has a string wrapped around it. The string is threaded over a pulley ( which is right next to the platform and attached to the edge of the table ) . The pulley also...
  47. physics

    A circular round disc that has a radius of 5cm and a mass of 32g is rotating with an angular velocity of w. A second disc with the same radius but with half of the mass is dropped onto the rotating disc . The two discs slide against eachother till they both have the same final...
  48. physics

    A pitcher can throw a ball towards the home plate at 120km per hour. When thrown, the ball curves. The curveball has a spin of 1250rpm. The ball has a mass of 100g and a radius of 2.5cm Calculate the percentage of total KE that is in rotational KE
  49. physics

    A car wheel has a moment of inertia of 0.35kg m^2. It takes 50 seconds to come to rest from the initial angular velocity of 45 rpm. Calculate the magnitude of the average friction torque
  50. physics

    A wheel has an initial speed of 100 radians/s. It is then slowed down with a magnitude of the constant angular acceleration of 6.0s^-2. To make it come to rest, how many revolutions does it need to make?
  51. physics

    A plane is in a steep downward plunge. To not crash, Captain Q pulls as much as he can. When the plane is at the lowest point of the plane's path the plane is in a circular arc of radius 450m. Captain Q experiences an acceleration of 5.0g ( so her weight feels like six ...
  52. Physics

    Two blocks lie on a triangle as shown in the figure. Block m has a mass of 5 kg and block P has a mass of 14 kg. Assume the inclines and pulleys are frictionless find the tension in the string. They lie with the string resting on the peak of a 110 degree obtuse triangle, each ...
  53. Physics

    A crate of mass 106 kg is pulled by a rope on a frictionless surface. The rope makes an angle of 40 0 above the horizontal. If the tension on the string is 1183 N, what is the acceleration of the crate?
  54. Physics

    A basketball player who is 2.00 m tall is standing on the floor 8 m from the basket. If he shoots the ball at a 390 angle with the horizontal, what initial speed must he shoot the ball so that it goes through the hoop without striking the blackboard. The basket height is 3.05 m.
  55. Physics

    incorrect, i found the correct answer to be 9.78
  56. Physics

    A basketball player who is 2.00 m tall is standing on the floor 8 m from the basket. If he shoots the ball at a 390 angle with the horizontal, what initial speed must he shoot the ball so that it goes through the hoop without striking the blackboard. The basket height is 3.05 m.
  57. Physics

    Scott you're a legend among men. anyone who reads this, be sure you double angle theta in sine, it took me a second to figure that out, but no worries Scott thank you so much!!!!
  58. Physics

    Juan throws a baseball with an initial speed of 40 m/s at an angle of 56 0 above the horizontal. Richard catches the ball at the same height that Juan threw it. How far did Juan throw the ball?
  59. Physics

    this isnt giving me the proper answer, although its only off by a miniscule amount, the answer is supposed to be 4.4776, im getting 4.3636363
  60. Physics

    A ball rolls without slipping at 5 m/s off an incline of 15 degrees. The ball falls off the incline and enters a hole 4 meters below the incline. What is the horizontal distance between the bottom of the incline and the the hole. I havent the foggiest how to start.
  61. Physics

    That did the trick! I see now, we're rolling in trig functions! math is not my strong point, thank you again Scott.
  62. Physics

    For safety reasons, park rangers decide to start an avalanche on a mountain slope. They fire an artillery shell at an angle of 430 above the horizontal with an initial speed of 284 m/s. Thirty seconds later they see the explosion. What is the x coordinates of the shell where ...
  63. Physics

    also, i have gotten this far, assuming that my teacher wants us to pursue this route, then what i have done is multiplie 2.3(t)*9.8(g) which would give me an initial velocity of JUST enough to travel for 2.3s before beginning the return is it really this simple??
  64. Physics

    A marble is flicked straight up. It takes 2.3 seconds to reach its maximum height. How long does it take it to return to its original height. Assume there is no air resistance totally lost. if i had velocity, or some other variable i would know what to do. all i know is travel...
  65. Physics

    to anyone who reads this post, my above formula did solve the problem correctly
  66. Physics

    so here is what i tried and it seems logical, i set my initial velocity to 14m/s, final velocity to 0m/s, and gravity as well, gravity lol, 9.8m/s! so doing so, am i able to square my velocity, and then divide it by 2*9.8? or vi^2/2(g)? and then i added the value i found to my...
  67. Physics

    and we havent studied energy either
  68. Physics

    what are you referring to as far as m? i just started classes a few days ago im sorry, this is a cram semester so we are moving fast. we havent discussed mass, i have studied average velocity, instantaneous velocity, acceleration, distance, and time
  69. Physics

    A baseball traveling upward passes a window 29.0 m above the street with a vertical speed of 14.0 m/s. If the ball was thrown from street level, what is the maximum height that the baseball reaches? Im stumped, please tell me what equations to use as well as what each variable...
  70. physics

    A baseball traveling upward passes a window 29.0 m above the street with a vertical speed of 14.0 m/s. If the ball was thrown from street level, what is the maximum height that the baseball reaches? im completely stumped, this is a cram semester and my professor is breifly ...
  71. math

    china population is 1.33 billion and continues to grow at the same rate,how many years until the population reaches 1.5 billion people?
  72. Math

    During a recent survey of two middle school classrooms, 1/3 of the students reported that they bring their lunch to school. Another 1/4 reported that they buy their lunch in the cafeteria and 1/6 reported going home for lunch. The remaining 18 students reported that they don&#...
  73. Math - calc

    Given that the graph of f(x) passes through the point (6,3) and that the slope of its tangent line at (x,f(x)) is 2x+6, what is f(5)?
  74. Math

    Okay so for weekly and daily, im not getting an answer
  75. Math

    A bank account was opened with a deposit of $2750 at an APR of 3.5% compounded one of the following ways. Find the amount in this account after 6 years with compounding of: (round answers to nearest 100th) annually: $ semi-annually: $ quarterly: $ monthly: $ weekly: $ daily...
  76. math

    okay so what do i do?
  77. math

    Zeb is going to deposit $3370 into an account that earns 14% APR compounded annually for 37 weeks. What is the "n" in the compound interest formula? n= What is the "t" in the compound interest formula? Enter as a fraction. years What is the "nt" ...
  78. Math

    Mark put $3290 into a bank that offered 3% interest rate compounded monthly. Mark kept the money in this account for 9 years and then moved all this money to a new account that offered 6% interest rate compounded weekly. Do not round any numbers until you get to an answer. How...
  79. Writing

    As an option, you could go to Prime-Writings service and ask them to proofread your paper or edit. In the result, you could be sure about its high quality. Lots of friends do that and I think that you would need also to check it out.
  80. math

    A car today costs $32000. Assume that the average annual rate of growth per year was 5.83% over the last 45 years to answer the following question. Round all answers to the nearest whole dollar. How much would the same value of car have cost 45 years ago in 1969? $ 1969's ...
  81. Math

    okay so when i put P= 1(1.00008.22)^365 in calculator it comes up as an error
  82. Math

    So is this the formula or the answer?
  83. Math

    A bank advertises a savings account that earns 3% APR compounded daily. What is the "n" become for the compound interest formula? What is the APY rate for this loan? Round answer to nearest 100th
  84. Math -- Calculus

    Some years from now you are working for a book publisher. Your boss asks you to give him a formula that will tell him the length and width of a book page that contains A square inches of printed text, a left margin of L inches, a right margin of R inches, a top margin of T ...
  85. physics

    Two Small sphere are given positive electrical change. When they are 40cm apart the repulsion force between them has magnitude 0.25N what the charge on each sphere if two changes are equal
  86. Math

    For traffic that flows on a highway, the headway is the average time between vehicles. On four-lane highways, the probability P (as a decimal) that the headway is at least t seconds when there are 500 vehicles per hour traveling one way is given is P = 0.87t Under these ...
  87. Math

    8x + 14y = 24 6x + 7y = 10 We are suppose to solve for x and y but I don't get the right answer
  88. Chemistry

    Assuming I have the following reaction: LiO2 + C +2 Mg -> LiC + 2MgO I'll be using 0.1 g of LiO2 to react with 1.2 mol C and 2.2 mol Mg in excess. How much C and Mg in grams do I need?
  89. Calc

    This summer Borice decides to put a rectangular swimming pool in his back yard. The material he uses for the border of the length of the pool costs $10 per foot and the material he uses for the width costs $5 per foot. He would like spend $1,000 on the perimeter of the pool. ...
  90. math

    F(x,y) represents a velocity field of a fluid over a surface z=6-3x-2y.If the magnitude of the velocity in the direction of the unit normal vector,n on S is 3z/(surds14), compute the flux of F(x,y) over the surface S in the first octant oriented upward using the projection of ...
  91. math

    F(x,y) represents a velocity field of a fluid over a surface z=6-3x-2y.If the magnitude of the velocity in the direction of the unit normal vector,n on S is 3z/(surds14), compute the flux of F(x,y) over the surface S in the first octant oriented upward using the projection of ...
  92. soil mechanic

    In order to determine the average permeability of a bed of sand 12.5 m thick overlying an impermeable stratum, a well was sunk through the sand and a pumping test carried out. After some time the discharge was 850kg/min and the drawdowns in observation wells 15.2m and 30.4m ...
  93. physics

    A wooden box, with a mass of 22 kg, is pulled at a constant speed with a rope that makes an angle of 25° with the wooden floor. What is the tension in the rope?
  94. pre calculus

    Use the information to solve the triangle. If two solutions exist find both. 1.A=36°, B=98°, c=16 2.a=4, b=8, c=10 3.A=35°, b=8, c=12
  95. Chemistry

    h2po4(aq) + co34(aq) hco3 (aq) + hpo42 (aq)
  96. homework

    There are 13 fewer pigs than goats on the farm. There are 8 pigs. How many goats are there?
  97. Calculus - fundamental theorems

    d/dx integral e^t^2 dt from 1 to x^3 Please help. I think I'm supposed to use substitution for the x^3 and then apply the chain rule but I'm not sure how to do that.
  98. English

    I like the previous answer. By the way, if you do not mind, I copy for myself the structure of the essay . So, I will be sure what do to step by step. In case, it still will not work for you, you may actually go and get some help from the experts I like. Check Marvelous essay ...
  99. Fluid Mechanic

    3) Air at standard conditions enters the compressor shown in Fig. Q3 at a rate of 0.3m3/s. It leaves the tank through a 3 cm diameter pipe with a density of 1.8 kg/m3 and the uniform speed of 210 m/s. (a) Determine the rate (kg/s) at which the mass of air in the tank is ...
  100. Math

    What is the first common number among: palindromic numbers, Triangular numbers and Fibonacci numbers?
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