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why arent you answering my questions but everyone elses? im offended.

floral design
Which one of the following statements about standard foam is true? A. Once a foam brick is soaked, no additional water can be added to the container. B. A foam brick can't stand any higher than its container. C. The water it holds doesn't evaporate normally. D. The ...

floral design
Floral designers take care not to purchase flowers with A. insufficient fragance. B. unopened buds. C. excessive fragrance. D. bruised petals.

floral design
Individual leaves are usually wired by A. pierce wiring. B. line wiring. C. clutch wiring. D. insertion wiring.

floral disign
What is the most effective way for you to locate local growers to supply your design needs? A. Do an online search for local flower growers. B. Ask other flower shops. C. Visit your local farmer's market. D. Ask commercial wholesalers.

floral design
A professional floral designer should develop _______ skills.

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