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  1. Math

    Showing results for box had 6 sides,length 10 inches,width 10 inches,what is the total area needs covered by gift wrap?
  2. algebra

    The circle has a circumference of 50.24. Using 3.14 to approximate pi​, find the value of x.       A circle with a radius labeled x plus 3. x + 3
  3. math

    Thank you
  4. math

    Is it 50
  5. math

    Maria reads 40 pages of her novel in 4 hours. At that rate, how many pages would she read in 5 hours?
  6. math

  7. Math

    Clara earns an hourly rate of $20 per hour and 5% commission. Rose earns an hourly rate of $16 per hour and 10% commission. They each work a 40-hour week. In one particular week, Clara and Rose both sold the same value of goods and both received the same wage. How much did ...
  8. Math

  9. Math

    confuse I should have add the side to get my answer.sorry but math is my weak subject.
  10. Math

    My answer is 84 am I correct ?
  11. Math

    The perimeter is the distance around an object. For a triangle, add the lengths of the three sides. 2 1/2 feet = 30 inches 1/2 yard = 18 inches Help so now I Multiply (2 1/2* 30)+ (1/2*18)
  12. Math

    Thank you that's make sense.I was mixing the rectangle & triangle up. Thank you again.
  13. Math

    Find the Perimeter, sorry.
  14. Math

    SO! how do I solve this problem in inches? A triangle with sides that measures 2 1/2 ft., 20 in., and 1/2 yd. Answer in inches
  15. Math

    Yes, andThank you
  16. Math

    Yes find the perimeter , Sorry.
  17. Math

    Hello Ms. SUe I am new to Pre-Algebra. I am not sure this is why I am trying to understand the step so I can do my homework. Can you explain because that is all the instruction say so I am not sure what to do with the I suppose so. Not sure that why I am confused.
  18. Math

    Please help me to understand what it is that I need to do. A rectangle whose length is 5.3 cm and whose width is 2.5 cm
  19. Math

    SO what do I need to do?
  20. Math

    Is my answer 5ft. 8inches?
  21. Math

    A triangle with sides that measures 2 1/2 ft., 20 in., and 1/2 yd. Answer in inches.
  22. Math

    Question if I was dividing this 3 divided by 16 lb. 5 oz.= 5ld.5oz.
  23. Math

    Thank you for the help
  24. Math

    Hello Ms. Sue that would be 216
  25. Math

    A rectangular solid 9 in.x 3 ft. x 8 ft. Answer in cubic feet.
  26. Physics

    sorry it is 48/ 3=16
  27. Physics

    48/4 =16
  28. Applied Math

    When a number is divided by 5 and the quotient is increased by 8, the result is 16. Find the number. 16-8=8 8*5=40 X=(16-8) 8 X=40 am I correct?
  29. Applied Math

    How would I set this up to work? When a number is divided by 5 and the quotient is increased by 8, the result is 16. Find the number.
  30. HELP Science

    1)What do we mean by opponent processing? (2 marks) How are white and yellow produced by the opponent process? (3 marks) 2)Describe how light is produced in the atom (2 marks.) Why does each atom produce only specific colours? (3 marks) 3)How does the temperature of an object ...
  31. Science

    It's suppose to be a six letter word
  32. Science

    What are the organs that fat bodies are adjacent to in the frog? It is a six letter word.
  33. Science

    What are the organs that fat bodies are adjacent to in the frog? It is a six letter word.
  34. science

    A frog’s intestine absorbs toxins, such as venom in insects, along with nutrient s. The liver then filters these toxins out. Why is this filtering so important?
  35. science

    How do the secretions from the liver and pancreas interact with each other in the small intestine?
  36. Science

    When you feel your pulse, what type of blood vessel are you feeling? What characteristics allow you to feel this?
  37. Math

    A pears rolls across a table with a speed of 0,5 m/s and falls off the edge, if it lands 3m from the edge of the table from what height does it fall
  38. statistic

    What does deviation mean?
  39. maths

    So are you basically just guessing?
  40. maths

    What is the meaning of probability in maths
  41. maths help

    CDEF is a trapezium ABCF is a rectangle and perimeter is20cm BD=9cm AB=6cm EF=3cm What is the area of CDEF
  42. maths help

    Please could you answer my question
  43. maths

    I had to do it for maths homework and it really helped me answer the other questions
  44. maths thanks

    Thanks for answering arora
  45. maths

    A sculpture needs to lift a piece of is a cuboid with dimensions 1m by 0.6m and 0.3m.marble has a density of 2.7. work out the mass.
  46. Math

    In order for me to change this decimal to a complex Fraction, and simplify did I di it correctly? .12 1/2 = 0.06
  47. Physics

    Two gliders on an air track collide in a perfectly elastic collision. Glider A has mass 1.1 kg and is initially travelling at a velocity of 2.7 m/s [E]. It collides head-on with glider B with mass 2.4 kg, travelling at a velocity of 1.9 m/s [W]. Determine the final velocity of...
  48. Physics

    A squid can propel itself by taking water into its body and then expelling it. A 0.60 kg squid expels 0.30 kg of water with a velocity of 20 m/s [S]. What is the speed of the squid immediately after expelling the water?
  49. Physics

    A football player of mass 103 kg running with a velocity of 2.0 m/s [E] collides head-on with a 110 kg player on the opposing team travelling with a velocity of 3.2 m/s [W]. Immediately after the collision the two players move in the same direction. Calculate the final ...
  50. Physics

    A tennis ball with mass 57 g is travelling at 25 m/s [S] when it is intercepted by a tennis racquet for 4.0 ms after which the ball travels at 32 m/s [N]. What is the impulse imparted by the tennis racquet?
  51. math

    Each number cube has 6 faces numbered 1-6. John tossed 2 number cubes several times and added the numbers each time. Sum of the number of cubes total tally number of times 2 1 ? 7 4 ?
  52. english

    Fifty undergraduates participated in the selection procedures. Their average age was 21 with a standard deviation of 1.20. There were 25 males and 25 females. (Put into a single sentence, in logical sequence)
  53. Chem

    Which of the following are possible statistically significant findings from a 2 X 2 factorial design? a. two main effects but no interaction b. no main effect for either factor but an interaction c. All of the above are possible d. two main effects and an interaction my answer...
  54. Chem

    You're studying the effect of stereotype threat on test performance. You randomly assign your participants to either a control condition (in which they are given the test with simple instructions on how to complete it) and an experimental condition (in which you first ...
  55. Physics

    Spaceman Spiff orbits planet X with his spaceship. To remain in orbit at 410km from the planet's center, he should maintain a speed of 68 m/s. What is the mass of planet X?
  56. Physics

    A 15 kg block is on a ramp which is inclined at 20 degrees above the horizontal. It's connected by a string to a 19kg mass which hangs over the top edge of the ramp. With no frictional forces taken into account, what is the magnitude of the acceleration of the 19kg block?
  57. English

    I think I'll go with Calpurnia, since I'll be using this for an essay and will probably have more evidence for her than Scout. Thanks for your help!
  58. English

    Well, she does spend most of her time at the Finch house caring for Scout and Jem. It's also mentioned a couple of times in the novel that Calpurnia stayed late at the Finch house watching the children since Atticus wasn't home. Maybe she's sacrificing her time ...
  59. English

    Does she sacrifice herself by taking care of Scout and Jem?
  60. English

    In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, name three characters who have sacrificed themselves for the sake of others. (I've thought of Atticus Finch and Boo Radley, but have difficulty of thinking of the third person.)
  61. MATH

  62. history

    thank you
  63. history

    For my nhd project my topic is The Pearl Harbor Bombing how does this apply to Conflict and Compromise? P.S. I cannot use wikipedia so help!
  64. geometry

    10 y 11 rectangle is enlarged by 300%. How does the perimeter of an original rectangle compare to the new perimeter?
  65. Math

    A bike wheel has a radius of 40 inches. If Mary rides the bike 1 mile (63,360mi.), approximately how many times has the wheel rotated?
  66. Math

    A bike wheel has a radius of 40 inches. If Mary rides the bike 1 mile (63,360mi.), approximately how many times has the wheel rotated?
  67. Math

    When a group of 50 consecutive multiples of 7 is added the answer is 12 075. i) What is the smallest of these numbers? ii) What is the largest of these numbers?
  68. math

    Estimate 420,983 + 39,932
  69. science

    A chemical change produces a new substance, while physical changes don't. In the case of the alcohol evaporating, it's still alcohol in the end, but it's now a gas. With the steam rising, it's it's still water. The wood loses some water but it's still ...
  70. forensic

    __________________ appear to match in one set of lighting conditions, but not in another. Dyes Pigments Metameric colors Simultaneous contrast colors Fluorescent fibers
  71. Chem

    Which statement is true when considering color in a fiber? the color is measured using an FTIR the color depends upon the lighting source the color is always a result of a pigment in all fibers there are very few color dyes that can be used for fibers none of the above are true
  72. forensic science

    Why is the cross section of a fiber important? it is a distinctive trait of only natural fibers It is a distinctive trait of only synthetic polymer fibers it can vary significantly with the fiber it provides athe basis for the Beck line it determines the final color of the fibe
  73. MATH

    which channels is the most popular one for the evening news? WKOD 13%, WCLM 24%, WWCN 41% WANR 22% ?
  74. math

    Find the value of 8.3x 24.2x0.03. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.
  75. math

    Find the value of 8.3x 24.2x0.03. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.
  76. Chem

    Select sequence that corresponds to the following: CTCGA TTAAGG CTCGG AATTCC GAGCT GAGGAG
  77. forensic

    Which of the following is true about RFLP? (multiple answer) the repeat strands are very short it analyzes only mitochondrial DNA it involves amplifying DNA restriction enzymes are used to cut the DNA at the ends of the repeat sites length polymorphism is used to distinguish ...
  78. forensic science

    Select the correct order of the GC components Column, Recorder, Carrier Gas, Flow Controller, Detector Recorder, Carrier Gas, Column, Detector, Injector port Injector port, Carrier Gas, Detector, Recorder Carrier Gas, Column Oven, Flow Controller, Detector Carrier Gas, Flow ...
  79. Chem

    What is the difference between adsorption and partition chromatography? A. absorption is faster? B. partitioning is faster C. absorption can only be used with gaseous analytes D. partition can only be used with gaseous analytes E. one typically uses two immiscible liquids with...
  80. forensic science

  81. forensic science

    What type of substance is the mobile phase in gas chromatography? a polar liquid a nonpolar liquid a mixture of two liquids to create the correct polarity a polar gas an inert gas like nitrogen my answer is an insert gas like nitrogen
  82. forensic science

    Quantization is Interaction of electromagnetic radiation and matter at discrete energy levels The ion separator in a mass spectrometer Chemical ionization The bombardment of an analyte by a stream of energetic electrons Inelastic scattering My answer is the bombardment 3 amswer
  83. Forensic science

    The_____________spectrum is so complex it is considered to be unique: Visible Ultraviolet Infrared Microwave Fluorescence
  84. forensic science

    "In fluorescence microscopy, the wavelength of the emitted light is __________that of the exciting radiation." Longer than Shorter than Equal to Either longer or shorter than Impossible to determine My answer is Longer than am I correct
  85. Chem

    The objective lens of a compound microscope has a numerical aperture of 0.4. The maximum useful magnification of the microscope is: 400x 1,000x 10x There is not enough information given to calculate this the correct answer is not given
  86. forensic

    Select the proper order of examination "Fingerprints, trace evidence, DNA" "Disease diagnosis, DNA, fingerprints" "Ink analysis, content analysis, DNA" "Handwriting, ink analysis, DNA" None of the above my answer is the first one
  87. forensic science

    Colored chips found on the road are determined to be red car paint
  88. forensic science

    Identification is the examination of chemical and physical properties of an object and using the results to categorize the object as a member of a group. Which of the following are examples of identification? Determination that hairs found on a bag are from a cat Determination...
  89. forensic science

    What is a trier of facts? Only a trial by a jury the party or parties determining guilt or innocence only a trial by a US Superior Court magistrate the determination of guilt or innocence by an elected official the complete summary of all evidence in a case
  90. microbes and society

    Sterilization refers to the: a. complete destruction or removal of all forms of life. b. elimination of pathogens only. c. destruction of microbial spores only. d. killing of bacteria only. e. killing of all microbes except for viruses. i believe it is C

    Which of the following applies to the adenoviruses a. cause high fever, sore throat, and severe cough. b. The viruses are involved in liver diseases. c. Most adenoviruses are transmitted by contaminated arthropods. d. The viruses have a close association with Reye's ...
  92. Math

    If you flip three fair coins, what is the probability that you'll get a head on the first flip, a tail on the second flip, and another head on the third flip?
  93. Psychology

    which of the following is a possible statistically significant outcome from a 2x2 factorial design. A. The other three choices are all possible outcomes . B. Two main effects and an interaction . C. no main effect for either factor but an interaction D. two main effects and ...
  94. Research 1

    which of the following is a possible statistically significant outcome from a 2x2 factorial design. A. The other three choices are all possible outcomes . B. Two main effects and an interaction . C. no main effect for either factor but an interaction D. two main effects and ...
  95. Statistics

    The admissions counselors at rainy University believe that the freshman class they have just recruited is the brightest yet. If they want to test this belief (that the freshmen are brighter than the other classes), what are the null and alternative hypotheses? Is this a one- ...
  96. Business Math

    split level for 200,000 put down 30% assuming rate of 11 1/2% on 30-year mortgage, determine monthly payment.
  97. math

    the trip from town A to town B was travel at 5 km/h, and the trip back at 4 km/h. What was the average speed?
  98. math

    write triangular formulas to find numbers between 10 and 30
  99. Math

    A play has two roles for men and four roles for women if five men and 12 women tryout for these parts,in how many different ways can the director choose people for the roles
  100. Math

    I'm having trouble with this question At the movies, it costs $5.00 to rent each movie. If you do not return the rentals on time, it costs you $3.00per movie rental per day. You recently rented movies from the business and returned them 2 days late. The total cost of the ...
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