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Social studies
When talking about admiralty jurisdiction and the clean waters act, what is the difference between Navigable waters, adjoining shorelines, and contagious zones

4) If a person with blood type AB marries someone with type O, what would be the possible genotypes and phenotypes of their children? (show work if you can please)

3) Caucasian humans have a gene which determines the curliness of hair. Individuals with straight hair are homozygous for the straight allele while those with curly hair are homozygous for the curly allele. Heterozygotes have wavy hair. a) If two wavy haired people mate, what ...

living in xaisle

What happens when ocean waves with (a) wavelength=10m and (b) wavelength=200m encounters a small island of width 100m. Discuss the amount of shelter you will find in each case by taking your small boat to the lee side of the island.

Discuss how much the sound is blocked off if you sit behind a large pillar in a concert hall. Is the answer different for treble and for bass? Is the problem alleviated by reflections from the walls?

A partially open window presents an opening 20cm wide. What kind of sounds from outside will go across the room in a well-defined beam? What kind will spread evenly throughout the room? Roughly what frequency marks the boundary between the two cases?

If a soprano saxophone is 69 cm long, and the tenor sax plays an octave lower, how long should the tensor sax be?

Explain why placing your finiger exactly in the middle of a guitar or violin string and pressing it against the neck should give a tone about an octave higher than the open (full length) string. Explain ( in terms of the tension in the string) why you may in reality get a ...

A big plane mirror is fixed vertically on the back of bicyce. A boy standing in front of the mirror can see his image clearly in the plane mirror. The bicycle starts moving with the sepeed of 6 ms–1 and the boy also starts running with 4 ms–1 in the direction of ...

Com 155
you should be ahame looking for answer make sure i tell the teacher what site your own looking for answers.

British sterling silver is a copper-silver alloy that is 7.5% copper by weight. How many grams of pure copper and how many grams of British sterling silver should be used to prepare 170 grams of a copper-silver alloy that is 16% copper by weight?

Fluid Mechanics
it is estimated that it 90 percent of an iceberg's volume is below the surface, while only 10 percent is visible above the surface. for seawater with a density of 1025kg/m^3, estimate the density of the iceberg.


log base 5 (75)

What's a intequartile? its a term in maths!

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