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  1. Physics

    One ship, sailing east with a speed of 7.5 m/s, passes a certain point at 8A.Mand a second ship sailing north at the same speed, passed the same point at 9:30 A.M. At What time are they closest together and what is the distance between them then?
  2. Mathematics

    A dealer gains a selling price of 4 watches by selling 20 watches. What is the percentage of profit?
  3. Math

    I am titally lost in this question and have absolutely no idea. Is there some rule or particular formula of solving such questions?
  4. Math

    The product of numbers 3^(1/3).3^(1/9).3^(1/27)...... To infinity is A.3 B.3^(1/3) C.3^(1/2) D.3?3
  5. Science

    A ball is dropped from a height of 20 meter and rebounded with a velocity which is 3/4 of the velocity with which it hits the ground. What is time interval between the first and second bounces?
  6. Physics

    Two trains are running on parallel tracks., train A is faster than B.There is a box on each train of identical nature. But mass of box in train A is more than that of train B. If box is changed between the trains, what happens to speed of trains? A.Same B. A faster C. B faster...
  7. algebra

    l=2w-----1 2{(l+4)+(w-1)}=198-----2
  8. Physics

    If a stone is thrown with velocity 10 m/s. How high will it reach after 10 s. Take g = 10 m/s^2 I want to know if this question is practically possible. I tried to solve this problem and ended up getting the answer in negative. Please help me!!! Afterall time of fall is ...
  9. Science - heat

    Thank you very much DrBob222
  10. Science - heat

    1-By opening the door of a refrigerator ehich is inside a room, the temperature of the room : A) decreases B) increases C) remains unchanged D) first decreases and then increases******(my ans) 2- The thermometer used to measure very low temperature is - A). Mercury thermometer...
  11. math

    please help me with this question. I just can't figure it out. A cylindrical jar of radius 6cm contains water. How many iron solid spheres each of radius 1.5cm are required to immerse into the jar to raise the level of water by 2cm?

    -5(2a+5) is the one for 3
  13. Math2

    IF (1/SinA)+(1/cosA)= (1/sinB)+(1/cosB) Prove that cot((A+B)/2)=tanA tanB Please helppppppppppp
  14. MATHS 2

    If x+y=45°, prove that {(cotx+1)(coty+1)}/{cotx×coty}=2 Please help me in this TRIGONOMETRY problem. From the topic - TRIGONOMETRY Ratios of compound angles
  15. chemistry

    True solution 1. Sucrose dissolved in water 2. Salt solution 3. Lemon juice 4. Urea in water 5. Acetic acid in water 6. Copper sulphate in water 7. All ionic compounds in water 8. Ethanol in water 9. Glucose dissolved in water 10. Air Could've googled something like this.
  16. algebra

    While checking it should've been 0.75(-800-24)+400=-182
  17. Math😕

    Am pretty sure that his auto correct is to blame for this.😞😃😞
  18. Grammar

    Is it paining? And ur choice is...? How about using brackets and commas for the options?????
  19. math

    19 Hmmmmm very similar to what I did when I was here first time
  20. computer science

    I will write a simple qbasic program (u make algorithm yourself) CLS for I =2to 20 step 2 Print I Next I End
  21. typo

    'the' not 'he'
  22. Algebra 1

    'Rather strange people' lol
  23. Math

    Ahh !😊 Now I get it. Thanks
  24. Math

    Ben buys some oranges at the rate of 10 per $. He also buys equal number of oranges at the rate of 12 per $. He mixes them together and sells them at 15 per $. Find his loss or profit percent.
  25. math2

    Find the equation of the straight line passing through the point(3,-2) and making an angle of 60° with the line√3x+y-1=0 Plzz help someone
  26. math2

    Ahh interchange of coefficients of x and y and sign change of y Now I get it
  27. math2

    I was solving a problem. In It r have been given that two lines are perpendicular to each other The equation of one line 2x-3y+4=0 Now i have to find the equation of another line We can find it by finding the slope of the abovementioned line( the other line) But we are ...
  28. Math pre algebra please help

    How about using some parentheses in posting questions
  29. Maths

    Exterior angle of a triangle of the sum of two opposite interior angles. So I see a typo in your question The way to do this is Exterior angle= two opposite interior angle s Or exterior = x+ another interior Find x And then X+ another interior+ y= 180 Solve for y coz you ...
  30. MATHS2

  31. MATHS2

    Solve (0<=©<=360). ©Represents theta tan©+tan2©+tan3©=0 Please help
  32. Math

    You took 10 as LCM for the first two terms but the second term is negative In your second step you have taken a positive sign Second step must be (3-1)/10
  33. algebra

    Assuming that you meant z=x+(y/2) Or z-x =y/2 Or 2(z-x)=y Otherwise it you meant z=(x+y)/2 Or x+y= 2z Or y= 2z-x
  34. Math

    I don't see any way to solve this one. And you have 3 boxes and all options are odd numbers and you have an even number on the RHS PROBABLY THERE IS SOME TECHNIQUE Or you need to some smartness here 3 factorial gives 6 so 1 solution that I see here is (3!)+(15)+(9)=30
  35. practise hard

    3 - wrong 4-wrong again You need some practice with this -20/-10 For your ease Eliminate the negative signs coz - divided by- is plus Now cut the two zeros The you have 2/1 And answer is 2 Try 4 yourself
  36. Math

    1-. 87-396 gives a negative value. 2-. Yes 3-. No negative value divided by another negative value gives a positive value 4-. Both your selections are wrong You can type the problems on Google or on a calculator to check them.
  37. English

    Oh did I type I answered do? I am sure I answered does and my friend s said do That was a brain fade. Typo
  38. English

    Thank you so much. Now I got some relief.
  39. English

    This was a question asked in our last test Either of her eyes --------- not work well. (Do, does, is) I answered 'do' but some of my friends say 'does' is the correct answer. Now I am really confused. Please someone help. What's the correct answer???
  40. math (opt) math 2

    Oh so u used Pythagoras theorem for the diagonal. Thank you
  41. math (opt) math 2

    A flagstaff of placed at one corner of a rectangular playground 40m long and 30m wide. If the angle of elevation of the top of flag staff from the opposite corner of 30°, find height of the flagstaff. (The question is complete and I have cross checked the question. ) I ...
  42. Math

    From 1 X-y=5 Or x= 5+y Putting value of x(ie - 5+ y) in eqn. 2 5+2y =7 Or y=(7-5)/2 Solve for y and put the value of y in equation 1
  43. umm

    I know I can't help you but Is this the nikhil-jain riddle ( like the 'Einstein's riddle') And who gives such large questions. And what about grammar and punctuation. And I don't see a question there. It seems as if it's a paragraph and there is no ...
  44. maths

    Google says 145.2
  45. social exam tomorrow

    According to my text - gaucho's are the cowboys of Argentina who look after the cattle in the pampas AM I RIGHT???
  46. social exam tomorrow

    Who are gaochos?
  47. math age problem

    Let your age(not mine) be x 4(x-6)-x=10
  48. math

    Suppose I am 20 yrs old Then 25*2=50-10=40/2=20 My age again. Don't look the solution I have broken maths there with those equal to signs
  49. Orton

    Look subject
  50. math

    Well I have no idea how I got 4 there. I meant 3
  51. math

    Let numerator be x and denominator be y Fraction is x/y 1st case x+1/y+1 = 3/4 2nd case. X-3/y-4= 1/2 Solve for x and y
  52. look below

    I think reiny already answered the same question. Look at related questions below
  53. math

    Thanks allot. that helped a lot . I hadn't even understood latter half of the question so this helped a lot
  54. math

    2 boys and 5 girls can finish a piece of work in 4 days. 4 boys and 4 girls can finish the same work in 3 days. If a girl is paid rs 750 each day, what may be the expenditure to complete the work? Tomorrow is my test and I don't know how to solve this question. Someone ...
  55. Math

  56. Math HELP

    I meant 'if a girl is paid rs 750......'
  57. Math HELP

    2 boys and 5 girls can finish a piece of work in 4 days. 4 boys and 4 girls can finish the same work in 3 days. If a girl paid rs 750 each day, what may be the expenditure to complete the work? Tomorrow is my test and I don't know how to solve this question. Someone please...
  58. math

    Na! I checked out twice. Nothing extra is given. So it is perhaps one of those types!
  59. math

    The total price of a mobile and a watch is rs8000. If 10% discount and 10% VAT IS imposed on both, their selling price becomes rs7920, find the marked price of mobile and watch separately. Well I did this question and every time I get to a point where the variable are ...
  60. math

    Thanks a lot
  61. math

    A and B play card on stake. A gains from B 1/4 of the latter's money. B gains from A 1/3 of A's original money. Each has now rs 400. How much money did each have before playing the game? Well I tried this question a lot and have no clue how to do it I made equation ...
  62. ??????

    How about cos inverse(200) Is this correct
  63. MATH

    The tip of a plant was 6cm above a lake but a sudden wind forced the plant to move 10 cm fat from its original position and then it submerged into the lake. Find the depth of the lake upto which it was sinking. Please help!!!!!!!!!!
  64. radical equation please help!!!

    But how did you get +√1.5 it's-√1.5 But still according to you the question is incomplete. However if x=0 then you would get a true equation. But how do I solve it to get even at least 0
  65. radical equation please help!!!

    sqrt(1+x) -sqrt(1-x) = sqrt (1-x-sqrt(1+x)) Please help This question is..... . . √(1+x) - √(1-x) = whole root under OR √1-x-√(1+x) Please help me
  66. algebra

    Length = 2* width Let length be l and w be the width Then 2(l+w)=126 2(3w)=126 W=126/6 Find out what you want to find. And please type the full question. That one seems to be just a statement.
  67. math

    Digits be x and y and number is 10x+y xy=24 (assuming you meant the product of the digits) And second equation is 10y+x-(10x+y) = 27 Take over
  68. Math or Maths???

    Which word is correct to use? Math or Maths?
  69. science

    Look related questions below and it is better that you Google such questions
  70. math

    3cos@=1 Cos@ = 1/3 Sec@ = 1/(1/3) Sec@ = 3
  71. maths reiny help!!

    I reckon the book has a misprint answer because, my friends said that they had the same concept and had done the solution the same way. Thanks for the help any way reiny. And anyway I am from Nepal not USA.
  72. maths reiny help!!

    You had helped me with a similar question. This one says : A whole seller supplies 90 books while he was ordered to send 80 books by a retailer. If 15%trade discount was given, what was the net discount to the retailer? I solved this one in the similar way to the one you ...
  73. Science

    Collect more sunlight
  74. algebra

    Area = l*w So let width be w and length be w+6 Noe equation is B(B+6) = 72 Solve for B and find the answer
  75. science

    SiO2 But better put such types of questions in Google than waiting around here.
  76. hello someone there


    You had helped me with a similar question. This one says : A whole seller supplies 90 books while he was ordered to send 80 books by a retailer. If 15%trade discount was given, what was the net discount to the retailer? I solved this one in the similar way to the one you ...
  78. algebra

    m=d*v. Lol
  79. math (7th) grade

    Put that in calculator -2.6-5.4
  80. Math

    Do you mean ------ (Y^12)/(Y^12)
  81. MATHS

    Thanks reiny. I got it. and I also got how u got it
  82. MATHS

    A manufacturer offers a20% rebate on the marked price of a product. The retailer offers another 30%rebate on the reduced price. Find the single equivalent reduction of the two reductions. Please help!


    When a student added Zinc granules to dilute HCI, a colorless and odorless gas was evolved, which was tested with a burning match stick, it was observed that: (a) The match stick continued to burn brilliantly. (b) The match stick burnt slowly with a blue flame. (c) The match ...
  85. Math

    Ooopsie made a little typo. It's y+y+ 28= 50 But if the question demanded an equation as I mistakenly posted then you may have to convert the value into years and months
  86. Maths

    Let gir's age be y and father's be y+28 Now equation is y+y+5=50 And solve
  87. MATHS

    Rama and Radha each had a set of marbles . rama said to radha 'if you give me 10 of your marbles then i shall have twice as many as you have' . radha said to rama ' if you give me 10 of your, i shall have thrice as many as you have' found the marbles that each ...
  88. maths

    A shopkeeper mixes two types of milk costing rs 25per litre and rs 30per litre. if he sells 60litres of mixture for rs 1600, find the quantity of each type of milk.
  89. Maths

  90. Maths

    Out of group of goats,Two times the square root of the number of goats were kept in shade, 1/4 of the number were taken for grazing and 15 were sold, find the initial no. Of goats?

    A piece of stone loses its 1/5 th of weight when it is weighted in water and a piece of iron loses 1/10th of its weight under the same condition. The total weight of the both materials in air is 280grams and in water is 240 grams. Find the weight of both the materials ...
  92. MATHS plzz help ASAP

    while paying a bill a man paid $189.80 as the amount of VAT at 13%. how much was the actual bill amount? Plzz help Should i calculate SP+VAT OR ONLY SP
  93. MATHS

    A dishonest shopkeeper has 2 false balances. One balance weighs 10 %more while buying goods and other weighs 10% less while selling the goods. Find his gain percent just by weighing. Plzz help How do I start and how to solve it

    What is the difference between a hydrogen filled balloon and an air filled balloon moving in air? please answer. THe question is from the chapter PRESSURE.

    Why is glass considered as a supercooled liquid? answer please!!!
  96. PHYSICS pressure

    What is the difference between a hydrogen filled balloon and an air filled balloon moving in air?
  97. Maths Algebra

    let mona's curent age be y and father's be x 1st case- 3y=x 2nd case-x+12=2(y+12) or x+12=2y+24 since x = 3y 3y+12=2y+24 and y = 12 x = 3*12 x = 36
  98. Statistics

    I am a part of history