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physical science
im sorry but im notiing others are gettin help before me with math, algebra, and i honestly think its being done on purpose..just because i keep justy worried about my test that is coming up..i honestly need help

Phys Sci
a marble is launched off of a 1.3m high horizontal table with a velocity of 7.2m/sec how far away from the table will the marble land? how long does it takes to hit the floor?

Phys Science
ok i posted it twice and no one has yet to help me about my physics

Phys Science
Good afternoon tutors..I need help on a few problems.Im really stuck.. 1) the space shuttle orbits at an altitude of approximately 200km above the surface of the earth. If the radius of the earth itself is 6380km, whats the acceleration de to gravity at the altitude of the ...

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